Finally, A New Clue To Solve The CIA’s Mysterious Kryptos Sculpture — ‘The Everest Of Codes’ Kim Zetter, writing on the Nov. 20, 2014, website, begins by noting that, “in 1989, the year the Berlin Wall began to fall, American artist Jim Sanborn was busy working on his Kryptos sculpture, a cryptographic puzzle […]

Conclusion: The rebellion will not end in Syria as long as Assad remains in power. Hence the administration could try promising to work with members of Assad’s entourage-including working with them against IS-if Assad were to be pushed out. The Iranians could also be enticed to join a solution that didn’t include Assad but maintained […]

Conclusion: Each of these political catalysts for rebellion have deep roots within Iraqi political culture. It is not enough to merely compromise to meet the needs of the current battle against ISIS. The Iraqi central government must embrace political inclusion and compromise as an enduring strategy, rather than a temporary tactic. Georgetown Security Studies Review […]

Conclusion: What all of these requests make clear is that this defense drawdown is coming at the wrong time in history. The force is getting too small while staying just as busy and doing so with increasingly geriatric fleets. The emerging bipartisan consensus that Congress must overturn the entire Budget Control Act – and not […]

Former CIA/NSA Director Gen. (ret.) Mike Hayden: U.S. Intelligence Probably Couldn’t Detect Iran’s Development Of A Nuclear Weapon — Beforehand Daniel Wisner, writing in the November 21, 2014 edition of the Washington Free Beacon, writes that Gen. (ret.) Mike Hayden, former CIA and NSA Director said last Thursday that “unless Iran provides the West […]

North Korea Conducts Ejection Launcher Test For Submarine Missile: report php?ud=20141122000051 Published: 2014-11-22 10:53 WASHINGTON– North Korea has conducted a test of an ejection launcher that helps fire missiles from submarines in a sign that the communist nation is making progress in its efforts to develop a submarine-based ballistic missile, a news report said […]

Excerpt: Political scientist Edward Luttwak once noted that strategy always involves opponents that are thinking, scheming and adjusting. Nothing stays the same forever; what works today often won’t tomorrow. Hopefully the coalition planners understand this and are working hard to get into the mind of IS strategists to understand what they might do when faced […]


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