Excerpt: The expert stressed, however, that beefing up defenses could lead only to accelerating arms races. “South Korea has every right to defend itself against ballistic missile attack, both through THAAD and indigenous missile defenses. I don’t understand the public opposition to THAAD in South Korea,” he said. “But even so, I don’t think we […]

China: The New Space Superpower For years, its space programme was shrouded in secrecy. Now, with plans for lunar and Mars missions, and crowds at its launch sites, China is ready for liftoff The Long March 7 carrier rocket blasts off on 25 June 2016 at the Wenchang launch site in the Hainan province of […]

David Maxwell:  Kim Jong-un gives new meaning to toxic leadership. The source said Kim would fly into a rage even when touring facilities without any connection to Jang, accusing his late uncle of making it impossible to follow the legacy of his father, former leader Kim Jong-il. Kim is also said to complain frequently of […]

Defense Science Board Recommends “Immediate Action” To Counter Enemy Artificial Intelligence; AI & The Future Of War      In the August 25, 2016 edition of, Patrick Tucker summarized the findings of a recently completed Defense Science Board (DSB) Study on the state of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with respect to our adversaries and near-peers.  Mr. […]

The Sources of Russian Conduct feature/the-sources-russian- conduct-17462?page=show By: Thomas E. Graham // August 24, 2016 In February 1946, George Kennan sent back from Moscow the “Long Telegram,” an analysis of the sources of Soviet foreign policy, which came to serve as the intellectual foundation of the containment policy the United States pursued during the […]

Russian “New Generation” Warfare: Theory, Practice, and Lessons for U.S. Strategists by Nicholas Fedyk // Journal Article | August 25, 2016 – 8:45am jrnl/art/russian-%E2%80%9Cnew- generation%E2%80%9D-warfare- theory-practice-and-lessons- for-us-strategists Russian unconventional warfare—dubbed by analysts as “new generation” warfare—elevates the psychological and popular aspects of conflict more so than any of its geopolitical partners and rivals. In an era […]

Svet-KU – Another Novel Russian EW System in Luhansk Svet-KU – Another Novel Russian EW System In Luhansk By vasgri | on 08/27/2016 | 0 Comment | Donbas | News Our vigilant readers gave us photo evidence of a modern Russian mobile electronic (EW) station spotted on August 19, 2016 in Luhansk at the intersection of 50-letia SSSR and Kurchatov streets. The station was identified […]

Another Potential Earth-Like Planet Discovered In Our Galaxy — A Mere 25 Trillion Miles Away       Astronomers announced yesterday (Wednesday), that they have discovered another Earth-Like planet — this time in our own neighborhood — in our Milky Way galaxy; but, still some 4.2 light-years, or about 25 trillion miles away.  Kenneth Chang, writing […]

Excerpts (but the entire essay is worth the 5 or 6 minutes to read): He began the show with the words, “One aim of the physical sciences has been to give an actual picture of the material world. One achievement of physics in the 20th century has been to show that such an aim is […] MIGRATION The Risk Of Open Borders A year ago Germany showed itself as a country offering help. Security wasn’t an issue, but today it’s clear that terrorists have misused refugee routes and extremists are recruiting members amongst refugees. The terrorist attacks in Würzburg and Ansbach in July were not related to the arrival of […]