BREAKING NEWS: "CYBER INFO SHARING & PROTECTION ACT DEAD FOR NOW." Why A Power Grid Attack Is A Nightmare Scenario May 30, 2016  5 min read  original Getty Images By Katie Bo Williams and Cory Bennett – 05/30/16 02:15 PM EDT Stores are closed. Cell service is failing. Broadband Internet is gone. Hospitals are operating on generators, but rapidly running out of fuel. Garbage is rotting in the […]

In their report on the 2017 Intelligence Authorization bill that the House passed overwhelmingly by a 371-35 vote Tuesday night, members fenced off $20 million in next year’s spending bill until the Department of Defense (DoD) certifies it is “in compliance with intelligence notification requirements as established” by law. The committee (referred to informally as […]

Why The Stock Market Won’t Crash Yet; Fed Rate Hike, Non-Farm Payrolls; Brexit Loom Large; June Historically Is Worst Month Of Year For Stocks; These Potential Black Swan Events May Threaten World Economy Says Societe Generale        The headline article in this weekend’s Barron’s is “Why The Stock Market Won’t Crash Yet,” […]

N. Korea’s Missile Launch Appears To Have Failed 2016/05/31 09:39 kr/national/2016/05/31/16/ 0301000000AEN20160531003200315 F.html SEOUL, May 31 (Yonhap) — North Korea launched a missile from its east coast in the early morning of Tuesday, but the launch appears to have failed, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said. “North Korea attempted to launch an […]  Read Later How South Korea Thwarted Kim Il-sung’s Shadow War – War Is Boring by War Is Boring  May 30, 2016  7 min read  original by ADAM RAWNSLEY This is the third story in a series. Read parts one and two. In the late spring of 1969, a 75-ton North Korean speed boat hurtled through the Yellow Sea […]  Read Later To Win The Civil War, Lincoln Had Ho Change His Leadership May 30, 2016  3 min read  original FROM THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY In our work with leaders, we see that great ones grow themselves and their organizations by deliberately working on three areas: They wisely manage the present, anchoring in purpose and values. […]

Stolen Data Of 117 Million LinkedIn Users Being Sold On The Dark Web A hacker who calls himself “Peace” is offering to sell the emails and password details of about 117 million LinkedIn users on the dark web. The data is being sold on a dark web site called The Real Deal. The stolen data […] Chinese Navy Logistics Base In Djibouti Will Drive Other Investment, Says Adviser But arrival of PLA will mark the fourth foreign military presence in tiny but strategic Horn of Africa nation WENDY WU WENDY.WU@SCMP.COM PUBLISHED : Monday, 30 May, 2016, 5:59pm UPDATED : Monday, 30 May, 2016, 6:03pm The Chinese heavy-lift ship Zhen Hua […]

  The National Interest May 27, 2016 Russia’s Pacific Pivot: The Moscow-Beijing Shadow Boxing Continues By Miles Maochun Yu Miles Maochun Yu is a professor of East Asia and military and naval history at the United States Naval Academy (USNA). Squeezed in Europe by U.S-led sanctions and robust NATO reactions in the aftermath of the […]

Conclusion:   To be successful in the long term against the threat of the Islamic State, the United States should focus its power on undermining the organization’s core appeal. The United States must recognize the sectarian nature of the Syrian conflict, which enhances the attraction to the Islamic State as the best Sunni Army in […]