The White House Office of the Press Secretary Presidential Policy Directive — United States Cyber Incident Coordination the-press-office/2016/07/26/ presidential-policy-directive- united-states-cyber-incident July 26, 2016 PRESIDENTIAL POLICY DIRECTIVE/PPD-41 SUBJECT: United States Cyber Incident Coordination The advent of networked technology has spurred innovation, cultivated knowledge, encouraged free expression, and increased the Nation’s economic prosperity. However, the same […] Russia Not The First To Mess With Our Politics by Tim Naftali, Cnn Presidential Historian  July 25, 2016  4 min read  original Historian Tim Naftali: Previous interventions in U.S. politics have all been by close allies Russia’s adversarial stance could be new and troubling, Naftali says If Mook is onto something, and our democracy has […] ‘DNC Hacker’ Unmasked: He Really Works for Russia, Researchers Say by Shane Harris,Nancy A. Youssef  July 26, 2016  3 min read  original The hacker who claimed to compromise the DNC swore he was Romanian. But new research shows he worked directly for the Vladimir Putin government in Moscow. The hacker who claims to have stolen emails […]

Secretary Carter Names Additional Members of Defense Innovation Advisory Board 07/26/2016 12:00 PM CDT IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. NR-277-16 July 26, 2016 Secretary Carter Names Additional Members of Defense Innovation Advisory Board Secretary of Defense Ash Carter today announced nine additional members selected to join the Defense Innovation Advisory Board, which he established in March, 2016 […]

How Jihadists Operate Online & Under The Radar; ‘Best Cyber Hygiene Practices;’ Greater Use Of Encryption & The Dark Web; Constant Adaptation Of Tools, Techniques, & Procedures To Stay Hidden       Jai Vijayan wrote on the July 22, 2016 online edition of TheHackerNews, about how hackers and terrorists, others, are evading our intelligence and […]

July 26, 2016 Facing North Korea’s Nuclear Reality By Rodger Baker http://www.realcleardefense. com/articles/2016/07/26/ facing_north_koreas_nuclear_ reality_109627.html After announcing that it would cut communications with the United States, North Korea launched three missiles (two Scuds and a No Dong) last week. In some ways, there is little unexpected in North Korea’s actions. Since the early 1990s, the North […]

LOCKHEED MARTIN WILL BUILD NEW SHALLOW SUBMARINE FOR NAVY SEALS SO THEY DON’T HAVE TO GET WET HTTP://WWW.POPSCI.COM/ LOCKHEED-MARTIN-WILL-BUILD- NEW-SHALLOW-SUBMARINE-FOR- NAVY-SEALS By Kelsey D. Atherton Yesterday at 4:47pm Lockheed Martin A Dry Manned Submersible A submarine similar to this one will someday carry Navy SEALs on secret missions. Traveling underwater offers Navy SEALs a lot of advantages. […]

The concept of hybrid warfare was soon expanded to the realm of strategy. As explained by Frank Hoffman, perhaps the best scholar on the subject: The most distinctive change in the character of modern war is the blurred or blended nature of combat. We do not face a widening number of distinct challenges but their convergence […] China And Asean Reach Deal On Uninhabited South China Sea Islands Southeast Asian bloc expresses concerns about land reclamation but steers clear of challenging Beijing and international tribunal’s ruling CATHERINE WONG IN VIENTIANE, LAOS CATHERINE.WONG@SCMP.COM PUBLISHED : Monday, 25 July, 2016, 11:40pm UPDATED : Tuesday, 26 July, 2016, 1:49am US Secretary of State John Kerry shakes […]

Choose Your Battles Wisely https://www.thecipherbrief. com/article/tech/choose-your- battles-wisely-1092 JULY 24, 2016  |  RHEA CHEESE RHEA SIERS FORMER DEPUTY ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR FOR POLICY, NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY Social media is a potentially powerful source of information for the Intelligence Community, but the tensions between the government and the tech industry have made it more difficult for the IC […]