Rebeccah Heinrichs: China Patiently Challenges U.S. Military Superiority While the U.S. reacts to the scourges of Ebola and ISIS, China continues to patiently and steadily exploit weaknesses in U.S. military capabilities. The bipartisan U.S. China Commission is poised to release its annual report to Congress that details some of the specifics. The big lesson to […]

Senior U.S. Military Officials, Defense Firms Targeted In Sophisticated Cyber Espionage Campaign — Operation Pawn Storm’ Kelly Higgins-Clark, writing in the October 23, 2014 edition of the cyber security blog,, reveals that “yet another cyber espionage campaign that serves as a chilling reminder that China isn’t the only game in town…when it comes […]

Which Pyongyang — one has to assume — has shared with Tehran, among others. RCP Pentagon Believes North Korea Has Made Advance in Nuclear Weapons articles/pentagon-believes- north-korea-has-made-advance- in-nuclear-weapons-1414173033? mod=djemalertNEWS This undated photo released from North Korea’s official news agency shows North Korean leader Kim Jong Un smiling as he inspects a newly-built housing complex […]

Knife Fights: John Nagl’s Reflections on the Practice of Modern War by Octavian Manea Journal Article | October 24, 2014 – 11:00am jrnl/art/knife-fights-john- nagl%E2%80%99s-reflections-on- the-practice-of-modern-war Knife Fights: John Nagl’s Reflections on the Practice of Modern War Interview with Dr. John Nagl on his just released book Knife Fights: A Memoir of Modern War in […]

10/15/2014 Roskosmos Conceals Mobile Sea-Based Telemetry Devices in Shipping Containers Moscow Izvestiya Online in Russian 15 Oct 14 [Ivan Cheberko report: "Roskosmos Will Hide Space Communications Stations in Shipping Containers; State-of-the-Art Sea-Based Telemetry System Being Created for Vostochnyy Cosmodrome"] The Russian defense industry has decided to replicate the original experience with concealing devices in shipping […]

We need a strategy and a vision and forceful leadership to articulate that vision and bring the doubtful along with them — otherwise, a healthy debate is meaningless. RCP Experts Call For National Debate On U.S. Military Priorities Oct. 23, 2014 – 06:36PM | 0 Comments article/20141023/NEWS05/ 310230060 US-ARCHITECHTURE-PENTAGON The Pentagon building in Washington, […]

Syrian Rebels Oppose New U.S. War Strategy BY JOHN HUDSON OCTOBER 23, 2014 – 03:57 PM http://thecable.foreignpolicy. com/posts/2014/10/23/syrian_ rebels_oppose_new_us_war_ strategy The Obama administration’s strategy to train Syrian rebels to defend, but not seize, territory from Islamic State militants is facing stiff resistance from America’s partners in the Syrian opposition. On Wednesday, the Washington Post reported […]


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