During Cold War: U.S. Intelligence Employed 1,000 Nazis; Operation Paperclip Ultimately Enabled America To Defeat Soviet Union http://www.fortunascorner.wordpress.com In addition the blog, http://www.fortunascorner.wordpress.com, which you might expect takes a lot of time and effort, I am also a private investigator and have been working several background investigation type cases — and thus, have not been […]

A Newly Discovered Chinese Intelligence Unit Has Been Hacking US Targets For Six Years http://www.businessinsider.com/bill-gertz-chinese-intelligence-hacking-us-for-six-years-2014-10 BILL GERTZ, THE WASHINGTON FREE BEACON OCT. 31, 2014, 10:09 AM A Chinese intelligence unit carried out a massive cyber espionage program that stole vast quantities of data from governments, businesses and other organizations, security analysts who uncovered the operation […]

FINANCIAL TIMES October 31, 2014 Polish Spies Return Amid East-West Tensions Henry Foy in Warsaw The winter snow has not yet started falling in Warsaw, but there is a distinct chill in the air around Poland’s intelligence agencies. A high-ranking military officer stands accused of espionage after his arrest in the country’s defense ministry. A […]

Halloween prank? Or, real? Possible Islamic State Leaflets Found Near Marine Corps Base Quantico http://www.marinecorpstimes. com/article/20141031/NEWS/ 310310057/Possible-Islamic- State-leaflets-found-near- Marine-Corps-Base-Quantico Oct. 31, 2014 – 01:50PM | By Jeff Schogol Staff Writer Islamic State threat prompts new security warnings across U.S. military Officials have launched an investigation into leaflets found near Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., which […]

Foreign Jihadists Flocking To Iraq And Syria On ‘Unprecedented Scale’ – Says United Nations http://www.fortunascorner.wordpress.com London newspaper, The Guardian is reporting this morning that “foreign jihadists are swarming into to Iraq and Syria on an ‘unprecedented scale,’” to join with the Islamic State to establish an Islamic caliphate on NATO’s doorstep. Spencer Ackerman reports that […]

Is America’s Defense Budget Too Small? http://nationalinterest.org/ feature/americas-defense- budget-too-small-11581 A TNI video interview with James Jay Carafano. James Jay Carafano October 31, 2014 The National Interest’s Managing Editor, Harry J. Kazianis, spoke with James Jay Carafano, a vice president of the Heritage Foundation. Editor’s Note: Please see below an excerpt from Mr. Carafano’s recent piece […]

Doing Way More with Much Less: Intelligence by the Numbers Marshall Erwin ON OCTOBER 31 | IN INTELLIGENCE REFORM HTTP://WWW.OVERTACTION.ORG/ 2014/10/DOING-WAY-MORE-WITH- MUCH-LESS-INTELLIGENCE-BY-THE- NUMBERS/ The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) yesterday released national intelligence spending totals for fiscal year 2014. At $50.5 billion, spending is now way down from recent highs. But it […]


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