Cyber Attack Warning:  Could Hackers Bring Down A Plane?  Hacker Demonstrates How Easy It Was To Purchase Original Parts From Aviation Suppliers — And, Then — Conducted A Successful Search For Software ‘Backdoors’      Just what we want to hear, as millions of Americans are boarding commercial airliners as they seek refuge over the […]

Conclusion The United States cannot count on continuing the level of military dominance that it has enjoyed since the end of the Cold War. The growth of China and India, along with a resurgence of hostility with Russia, mean that the United States can only hope to stay ahead of its great power competitors, not […]

Pentagon Kills $475M Cyber Contract By Aliya Sternstein May 22, 2015 cybersecurity/2015/05/ pentagon-kills-475m-cyber- contract/113572/ Cyber Command has called off a sweeping solicitation that would have outsourced support for cyberspying and network attacks against foreigners, as well as the defense of military networks. As of Friday afternoon, there were few details on why the five-year-old command, […]

  FINANCIAL TIMES May 22, 2015 Iranian Cargo Ship Mystery Deepens Sam Jones in London and Simeon Kerr in Dubai Over the past week, Saudi Arabian and US warships have closely tracked the Iran Shahed, a 3,000-tonne Iranian cargo vessel, as it steamed towards Yemen, escorted by two Revolutionary Guard destroyers, in a maritime standoff […]

Islamic State Makes Sensational Claim That It Is ‘Infinitely; Closer To Buying A Nuclear Weapon From Pakistan; And, Smuggling It Into The United States — ‘The Scorpion And The Frog’      Jenny Stanton writing on the  May 22, 2015 DailyMailOnline website, notes that “the Islamic State claims that it is ‘infinitely’ closer to buying a […]

12:55 pm KST May 22, 2015 NORTH KOREA New Challenge For North Korea’s Information Controls: Live-Streamed Video korearealtime/2015/05/22/new- challenge-for-north-koreas- propaganda-facade-live- streamed-video/ By JEYUP S. KWAAK Gloria Steinem, second left, and other peace activists pose for a group photo during their visit to Mangyongdae, the birthplace of North Korea’s late leader Kim Il Sung, in […]

Excerpts: Private sector experts also have divergent opinions. Bruce Bechtol, a North Korea expert at the Center for Security Studies at Angelo State University in Texas, says there’s enough anecdotal evidence to indicate the nation can put a nuclear weapon on a medium-range missile that could hit Japan. But he adds there’s not enough evidence […]