Subject: NextGov: Obama Resurrects Intel Advisory Panel Obama Resurrects Intel Advisory Panel By Aliya Sternstein August 29, 2014 The Obama administration is resuscitating a small intelligence council after membership dwindled to four people a year ago. The President’s Intelligence Advisory Board — not to be confused with the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board — […]

FINANCIAL TIMES September 2, 2014 Saudi Arrests 88 Over ‘Imminent Attack’ By Simeon Kerr in Dubai and Anjli Raval in London Saudi Arabia has arrested 88 people suspected of planning what the interior ministry says was an “imminent attack” amid rising concerns over the threat from Sunni jihadis in Syria and neighboring Iraq. The arrests […]

Online Drug Market ‘Agora’ Replaces The Silk Road As King Of The Dark Net Andy Greenberg has an article this morning (September 2, 20140 on the website, with the title above. He begins by noting that, “the Dread Pirate Roberts and his Silk Road [digital] black market ruled the Dark Web. But, last […]

Excerpt: But in today’s world, Gen Zinni acknowledges, not only are the issues not as simple as WW II, but the American people need to be convinced the war, or military action, is worth supporting for its entirety. While the “CNN-effect” of bleeding women and gassed children always results in a call for American military, […] Lessons Learned: What Did We Learn About the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Israeli Military and Intelligence Services During Latest Invasion of the Gaza Strip September 2, 2014 The Grim Lessons of “Protective Edge” Raphael Cohen and Gabriel Scheinmann The American Interest August 31, 2014 After nearly two months of fighting, Israel and Gaza […]

North Korea Using Foreign Bases To Launch Cyber Attacks Hewitt Packard Says’ “Profiling An Enigma: The Mystery Of North Korea’s Cyber Landscape” HP report at link below: northkoreacyber John Dunn, writing on the September 1, 2014 website,, writes that although “North Korea is a country with almost no Internet presence, it is among […]

How Tor’s Dark Web Is Getting Darker, Thanks To Spies Natalie Shoemaker has an August 31. 2014 article in the online publication, Tech Cheat Sheet, with the title above. “It’s no secret,” she writes, “that U.S. and British security agencies are trying to crack the Tor network, which has been one of the beacons […]


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