BREAKING NEWS: "CYBER INFO SHARING & PROTECTION ACT DEAD FOR NOW." Growing Terrorist Threat Requires New U.S. Investments in Counter-IED Capabilities By Daniel Gouré Nov. 30, 2015  3 min read  original Once upon a time, the U.S. military thought it was pretty much through having to deal with large scale, protracted counterinsurgency operations. That is what it was told by the Pentagon in the 2010 Defense […]

Note that was an email warning attempting to save American lives. A senior Navy Department official decided Monday to force a Marine Corps officer out of the service for his handling of classified information, three years after he was first investigated after sending a warning to deployed colleagues about an Afghan police chief whose servant later […]

New Russian Surface-To-Air Missiles In Syria, DoD confirms By Andrew Tilghman, Staff writer 2:47 p.m. EST November 30, 2015 (Photo: Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP) 3489 CONNECTTWEET 3 LINKEDIN 3 COMMENTEMAILMORE Tension in the skies over Syria intensified Monday as the Pentagon confirmed that Russia is moving advanced surface-to-air missile systems onto its […]

DARPA Scraps Plan To Launch Small Sats from F-15 Fighter Jet by Mike Gruss — November 30, 2015 DARPA is hoping it can take elements of its ALASA program, shown in the rendering above, to industry to improve how quickly the military can launch small satellites into low earth orbit. Credit: DARPA WASHINGTON – The […]

NATIONAL REVIEW   ‘Degrading’ ISIS Is Not a Serious Strategyby Douglas J. Feith and Mario Loyola Over a year ago, President Barack Obama ordered a military campaign against the Islamic State (a.k.a. ISIS) in Iraq. He expanded it to Syria. Yet ISIS remains strong and wealthy. Its following and capabilities appear to be growing.   […]

Russian Roulette December 2015 By John A. Tirpak Editorial Director Click to view in PDF format   Print this page Russia’s air force launched a dangerous, uncoordinated campaign in a complicated battlefield where USAF is already operating. ​ Russia deployed dozens of combat aircraft to Syria in late September, promptly launching an air campaign not […]

Excerpt: “If the Americans are going to send us equipment, don’t send us secondhand stuff,” said one Ukrainian special forces commander, who like other soldiers spoke on condition of anonymity to criticize the condition of his unit’s gear. The obsolete equipment was identified on a tour near the front lines in eastern Ukraine with help […]

Excerpt: The KN-11 saw its first flight test in January 2015 and has been of keen interest to North Korea watchers. The primary worry for the United States, China, and certainly South Korea is that North Korea successfully mates a nuclear warhead onto an SLBM, giving it a highly survivable nuclear strike capability. Though its […] Pentagon May Send More U.S. Troops To Syria by Tom Vanden Brook, Usa Today  Nov. 30, 2015  2 min read  original Defense Secretary Ash Carter(Photo: AP) WASHINGTON – The Pentagon will consider deploying more special operations troops to fight Islamic State militants if its pilot project in Syria shows signs of progress, a senior Defense official […]

Iran Quds Force Commander, General Qassem Suleimani Has Been Seriously Wounded In Aleppo, Syria – According To Persian Opposition Website AsIran        The commander of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards Force, also referred to as the Quds Force and/or, the IRGC, General Qassem Suleimani. was reportedly seriously injured, along with two other […]