National Nuclear Security Administration Highlights FY’17 Budget Request Press Release Feb 9, 2016 Budget Request Reflects Commitment to Maintain a Safe, Secure, and Effective Nuclear Deterrent; Prevent, Counter, and Respond to Global Nuclear Dangers; and Effectively Power the Nuclear Navy (WASHINGTON) – The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) today released […] Putin Is A Bigger Threat To Europe’s Existence Than Isis George Soros The best way for Russia to avoid collapse is by making the EU implode first – by exacerbating the migration crisis and stoking Islamophobia ‘Once Putin saw the opportunity to hasten the EU’s disintegration, he seized it.’ Photograph: Isopix/REX Thursday 11 February […]

Excerpts: Obama’s spending plan calls for allocating $10.8 billion to SOCOM, headquartered at MacDill, according to Lt. Cmdr. Matt Allen, a SOCOM spokesman. That represent a 3.2 percent increase from the current budget, Allen said. That may not seem like much of bump, but weighed against the total military spending request, it’s huge. The president […] North Korea’s Generals Could Turn Against Kim Jong Un by Gordon G. Chang  Feb. 11, 2016  3 min read  original Kim Jong Un is making a habit of killing off his most senior military leaders. He thinks that will keep them in line, but it could be making some very powerful enemies. Heavy are the […]

Deep Web Search Engines To Explore The Hidden Internet      Rakesh Krishnan writes on the February 10, 2016 online website, The Hacker News, about The Dark Web, “a vast section of the Internet which is hidden and not accessible through regular search engines and web browsers — the part of the Internet known […]

Global Stock Markets Fall Into ‘A Burning Ring Of Fire,  And They Are Going Down, Down, Down, While Panic And Contagion Spread       Burning Ring of Fire is the 1963 classic sung by legendary singer and songwriter Johnny Cash.  But, the lyrics to his song could well describe global stock markets right now, as […]

“You don’t want to overload the human with all that information. You want to give them exactly what he or she needs to make the decision,” said Prabhakar’s deputy, Steven Walker. You want the computer to keep track of all the complex actions by manned and unmanned systems, friendly and adversary; do an analysis; and […]

The next POTUS and SecDef have much more profound challenges, not the least of which is restoring faith and trust among our allies and at least respect — if not fear among our adversaries.  Without this — the below is meaningless.  RCP, Michael E. O’Hanlon | February 10, 2016 9:50am What The Next President Needs To […]

Taiwan: Vulnerable In Ways It Has Not Been Before 10 February 2016 10:50AM Taiwan’s incoming Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration is about to come face to face with unprecedented vulnerabilities in national security, thanks to a variety of factors which the new government is likely to find difficult to alter in the near future. For […]

Russia Redeploys 40 Combat Aircraft at Forward Airfields in Snap Drills © Sputnik/ Sergei Pivovarov Military & Intelligence 18:15 09.02.2016(updated 18:25 09.02.2016) Get short URL 11062130 Some 40 combat aircraft have been redeployed at forward airfields as part of the large-scale snap combat readiness drills. © Sputnik/ Michail Fomichev Russian Troops Exercise Detecting Enemy Aircraft […]