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Taiwan Warns Of Increasing Threat As Chinese Warships Conduct Drill Taiwan Warns Of Increasing Threat As Chinese Warships Conduct Drill Taiwan Sounds Alarm Over China Drills 02:08 · · · · By J.R. Wu | TAIPEI Taiwan warned on Tuesday that “the threat of our enemies is growing day by day”, as Chinese warships led by the country’s sole aircraft carrier sailed towards the island province of […]

Countering China’s Adventurism In The South China Sea: Strategy Options For The Incoming Trump National Security Team      Ross Babbage, who is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at Australia’s Center For Strategic & Budgetary Assessments (CSBA), and Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Forum Ltd.has just had his paper (88 pages) with the title above published by his organization — CSBA , and, is attached at the link above.      Mr. […]

Australia’s Intelligence Agencies Will Be Scrutinized; Undergo A Broad Review; Partial Results Due 1st Half Of 2017 from The Conversation for November 8 2016 – 5981&utm_content=Latest from The Conversation for November 8 2016 – 5981+CID_1de40f670931248e807141701136eae9&utm_source=campaign_monitor&utm_term=Intelligence agencies to be scrutinised Get our newsletter Intelligence Agencies To Be Scrutinized November 7, 2016 4.02am EST  Michelle Grattan ‎ Professor Michael L’Estrange will be one of three to conduct a review into Australia’s intelligence agencies. Alan […]

“Cyber Terrorism”: Hyperbole or Reality? | RealClearDefense

A view from Australia. “Cyber Terrorism”: Hyperbole or Reality? | RealClearDefense · by Ash CollingburnNovember 03, 2016 ‘Cyber terrorism’: hyperbole or reality? National security wrap Can France still afford its nuclear deterrence? Re-hyphenating the Indo-Pacific Cyber wrap X Story Stream recent articles ‘Cyber terrorism’ is a catchy term, and appears to have resonated publicly because of […]

More Signs Of Waining U.S. Influence In The Pacific Region: China And Malaysia Sign Wide Ranging Naval Co-Operation Deal

  Doubtful that this is what was envisioned with the ‘U.S. Pivot To Asia’  RCP FINANCIAL TIMES China And Malaysia Sign Wide Ranging Naval Co-Operation Deal Beijing denies it is trying to buy better relations with neighbours Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak, left, and China’s Premier Li Keqiang at the Great Hall of the […]

Islamic State Groups/Threat In Southeast Asia

Background on the group. We are a staff of retired military members with varying backgrounds. Several of us served in the US Army Special Forces and others served as Intelligence Analysts in the Air Force, Navy, Army or Marines. The ISIS Study Group has been created to help educate the American people on the threat […]

Francis Fukuyama On The Rise Of China, East Asia Tensions, And The Role Of The United States.

Two excerpts: But what is it exactly that gives the U.S. that advantage? Why has it been so hard for China, Korea and Japan, in spite of astounding economic growth, to have that sort of cultural impact? Certainly the cultures are extremely sophisticated and the level of education is very high. We are seeing some […]

New Aussie Film on Ukraine Civilian Bombings: A PR Disaster for The

  Russia Insider August 19, 2015 New Aussie Film on Ukraine Civilian Bombings: a PR Disaster for The US / EU It was only a matter of time until this set off a political bomb By RI Staff [Video here] One of the more extraordinary aspects of the Ukraine war has been the brutal […]

China Splits ASEAN

China Splits ASEAN BREAKTHROUGH By Elfren S. Cruz (The Philippine Star) | Updated August 9, 2015 – At the end of the recently concluded ASEAN Foreign Ministers meeting, it was clear that China has managed to split the ASEAN when it comes to the South China Sea issue. The deep division among its member countries, […]

Tokyo Ascending: Abe’s New Defense Strategy Summer 2015 Tokyo Ascending: Abe’s New Defense Strategy John Lee On January 5, 2015, in his first press conference of the new year, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared his country’s readiness to pursue a “proactive contribution to peace and stability” throughout the Indo-Pacific region. A phrase he had used a number of […]