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Budget Fight At The OCO Corral

Conclusion: Pentagon attacks on the House budget gimmick are highly hypocritical.Political leaders in the Pentagon want to use OCO funds for their own non-war operations, but have gone into full attack-dog mode when House Republicans proposed doing the same. Pentagon leaders even wrote a now infamous memo outlining how they would play “hardball” by going […]

Framing A Defense Reform Agenda For 2017

The 28 page report can be downloaded in PDF at this link: content/uploads/2016/04/ Framing-a-Defense-Reform- Agenda-for-2007.pdf Mackenzie Eaglen@MEaglen April 19, 2016 | American Enterprise Institute SHAREMark as favorite Framing A Defense Reform Agenda For 2017 publication/framing-a-defense- reform-agenda-for-2017/ Defense, Foreign and Defense Policy Font SizeAA Key Points The Pentagon’s two civilian workforces now outnumber the active duty military. Meanwhile, […]

SOCOM Gets Boost In Obama Budget, But Base Closings Loom

Excerpts: Obama’s spending plan calls for allocating $10.8 billion to SOCOM, headquartered at MacDill, according to Lt. Cmdr. Matt Allen, a SOCOM spokesman. That represent a 3.2 percent increase from the current budget, Allen said. That may not seem like much of bump, but weighed against the total military spending request, it’s huge. The president […]

Oil Pops, Stocks Rock; Fed Meeting Language Wed. Afternoon; Chances Of Recession Rising

Oil Pops, Stocks Rock; Fed Meeting Language Wed. Afternoon; Chances Of Recession Rising       Today had all the ingredients for an ugly day for the U.S. stock market; but, the opposite happened.  Overnight, Asian markets tanked, with the Shanghai Composite once again leading the retreat lower — closing down -6.38 percent, while […]

Defense Reform Bill Is Biggest in Decades, But More Remains to Be Done Defense Reform Bill Is Biggest in Decades, But More Remains to Be Done By Justin T. Johnson About the Author Justin T. Johnson Senior Policy Analyst for Defense Budgeting Policy Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign and National Security Policy On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, President Obama quietly signed into law one of […]

Arguments For Cutting National Security Spending

The debate about the U.S. national security budget often devolves into issues that are not actually relevant to U.S. national security. Comparing U.S. fleet size or military budgets against other countries is an interesting analytical exercise, but not a rational basis for budget determinations. Many of these arguments do not make sense upon closer inspection. […]

Week Ahead: Defense Policy Bill, Take Two

Excerpt: Another option if Republicans don’t attempt to override the veto is to draft a new version of the bill that’s in line with the budget deal’s funding levels. Many Republicans are insisting on the override route, and some say they are in the “ballpark” of having enough votes. Either way, the House and Senate […]

What Is The Greatest Threat To U.S. National Security?

What is the greatest threat to U.S. national security?  September 2, 2015 New York Times The Opinion Pages Updated September 2, 2015 3:31 AM From left: James Comey, F.B.I. director; Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; President Obama Jonathan Ernst/Reuters; Zach Gibson/The New York Times; Susan Walsh/Associated Press Last month, Gen. Joseph Dunford, […]

Defense Bill At An Impasse, But A Solution Is Within Reach

July 29, 2015, 02:00 pm Defense Bill At An Impasse, But A Solution Is Within Reach pundits-blog/defense/249636- defense-bill-at-an-impasse- but-a-solution-is-within-reach By Former Sen. Jim Talent (R-Mo.) and Mackenzie Eaglen, contributor 94416  3

Slimming Down the Pentagon

Excerpts: This new freedom would come with responsibility. The top brass in each service would be personally on the hook for cost overruns and delays, subject to an annual fine of 3 percent of the cumulative cost overrun (assessed from its general research and development budget). All these reforms are worthwhile. Needless to say, the […]