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The Thucydides Trap

Excerpts:   Although China’s rise presents particular challenges, Washington policymakers should heed five Cold War lessons. Lesson 1: War between nuclear superpowers is MADness. Lesson 2: Leaders must be prepared to risk a war they cannot win. Lesson 3: Define the new “precarious rules of the status quo.” Lesson 4: Domestic performance is decisive. Lesson […]

Pentagon: China Ups Military Capabilities, Plans Base In Pakistan

Pentagon: China Ups Military Capabilities, Plans Base In Pakistan By: Mike Yeo, June 7, 2017 (Photo Credit: China Photos/Getty Images) MELBOURNE, Australia — China is continuing the rapid development of its military and power-projection capabilities, with Pakistan being touted as the likely location of its second overseas base, according to the Pentagon’s newly released report on trends […]

The War Algorithm: The Pentagon’s Bet On The Future Of War

The War Algorithm: The Pentagon’s Bet On The Future Of War By Colin Clark, View Original May 31st, 2017 Thinking about robots and war often brings to mind HAL, the apparently well-meaning but ultimately destructive computer in 2001, or the metallic creatures of death in the Terminator series.Today, however, the Pentagon wants to push the concept in a different […]

Bin Laden’s Son Steps Into Father’s Shoes As al-Qaeda Attempts A Comeback

Hopefully, this is a ‘like Father, like Son,’ story and this very misguided Islamic militant ends up with an American bullet between his eyes.’  RCP   Excerpts: Hamza bin Laden is hardly new to the Islamist militant world. His coronation as a terrorist figurehead has been underway since at least 2015, when longtime al-Qaeda leader […]

The Return of Marco Polo’s World And The U.S. Military Response

Very looooong essay/article.  But, if you have the time and inclination, it is rich and interesting, with much to think about.  RCP Dave Maxwell:   Below is the text of Robert Kaplan’s long essay.  The original with graphics, photos, and citations can be read at this link: We should read, ponder, and discuss this […]

‘Reset Your Life in an Hour’: Book Review Of ADM (Ret.) William McRaven, The Man Who Oversaw The bin Laden Operation

Reset Your Life in an Hour Never give up. Always maintain optimism. We’ve all heard these lessons before—but not from the man who led the bin Laden mission. John Nagl reviews “Make Your Bed” by William H. McRaven. Navy Seal trainees lock arms in the Pacific during Hell Week. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES By JOHN NAGL April […]

DoD Press Release: U.S. Strike Kills High Profile al-Qaeda Leader In Pakistan

U.S. Strike Kills High-Profile Terrorist Leader 03/25/2017 08:00 PM CDT IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. NR-110-17 March 25, 2017 U.S. Strike Kills High-Profile Terrorist Leader ‎The U.S. Department of Defense has confirmed that a U.S. counter-terrorism airstrike conducted March 19 in Paktika Province, Afghanistan, resulted in the death of Qari Yasin, a well-known al Qaida terrorist leader […]

Trump’s Foreign Policy, With the Press Distracted, Is Starting To Cohere

Trump’s Foreign Policy,  With the Press Distracted,  Is Starting To Cohere By CONRAD BLACK, Special to the Sun | March 21, 2017   Though it is hard to believe some days, the political atmosphere in Washington is slowly settling down. The Democrats drone tiresomely on, battering the piñata that there is no evidence that President Obama tapped candidate […]

China To Produce Ballistic, Cruise Missiles, Combat Aircraft With Pak

China To Produce Ballistic, Cruise Missiles, Combat Aircraft With Pak PTI Published Mar 17, 2017, 2:21 pm IST Updated Mar 17, 2017, 2:43 pm IST Masood Khalid, Pakistan’s Ambassador to China, said on Tuesday that Pakistan has deployed more than 15,000 troops to protect the CPEC.  Chinese president Xi Jinping and Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif. […]

The World On January 20, 2017: By Victor Davis Hansen

The World On January 20, 2017 March 14, 2017 3:31 pm / Leave a Comment / victorhanson by Victor Davis Hanson// National Review Red-blue tensions at home, mounting dangers abroad Most Americans are worried about our domestic crises. Obama left office after doubling the debt to $20 trillion. Near-zero interest rates over eight years have […]