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The Wars of Today And Tomorrow: A Conversation With Douglas Lute

The Wars of Today And Tomorrow: A Conversation With Douglas Lute  Feb 18, 2017  GSSR  Europe, In The News, International Security, Military & Defense  0 By: Will Chim, Reporter Photo Credit: United States Institute of Peace (USIP) This month, the United States Institute of Peace hosted a discussion event with Douglas Lute to discuss “the wars of today and tomorrow”. […]

BREAKING NEWS: Pentagon May Propose Sending U.S. Conventional Ground Combat Forces Into Northern Syria To Speed Up Fight Against ISIS

If approved, and we’re a long way from that…..I think — the deployed warfighter will need more intelligence support.  RCP, From: CNN Breaking News <> Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2017 16:41 To: Subject: Breaking News The Pentagon might propose that the US send conventional ground combat forces into northern Syria for the first […]

Detachment A: Clandestine Special Forces Missions From Berlin To Iran

Detachment A: Clandestine Special Forces Missions From Berlin To Iran By Det-a Book Authors, View Original February 6th, 2017 It was the early 1970’s, at Andrews Barracks in Berlin, where a stern looking Special Forces Sergeant Major paced down the hallway for roll call. Daily army accountability formations are normally held outside, but due to the […]

The Blackwater Of Jihad

The Blackwater Of Jihad By Rao Komar, Christian Borys, Eric Woods, View Original February 10th, 2017 Heavily armed and expertly kitted with body armor and ballistic helmets, the men can be seen defending bunkers, storming buildings, and even posing by whiteboards giving tactical lessons. Though the titles of these YouTube videos are written in Russian Cyrillic, their background […]

The Colonels Shaping Trump’s Middle East Policy

Excerpt: These are “not guys who stopped paying attention to the Middle East when Obama came into office,” Pollack said. “They are well aware that Iran-backed militias are not attacking the US [in Iraq]. That is not lost on midlevel officers.” The issue, Pollack said, is how much influence they will have. “These are really […]

What Are U.S. Forces Doing in Yemen In The First Place?

Excerpt: What explains the exceedingly modest payoff that America gets for the $600 billion-plus dollars that congress annually funnels to the Pentagon? It’s ludicrous to suggest, as Exum does, that the problem lies with timid and slow-moving civilian officials who have “denied subordinate commanders the flexibility to exploit opportunities they saw on the battlefield.” No, the […]

Yemen Withdraws Permission For U.S. Antiterror Ground Missions

This will hurt our knowledge and situational awareness of the ‘battlefield,’ and obviously hurt our intelligence collection and analysis of what is really going on — ‘inside the ropes.’  And, it necessarily make U.S. intelligence more dependent on 2nd and 3rd party intelligence.  Intelligence sharing with Saudi Arabia will be more magnified.  V/R, RCP, […]

Current, Former Officials Spar Over Approval Of Special Ops Raid In Yemen

David Maxwell:  Neither Obama or Trump should be “blamed” for this and this “debate” is unhelpful.  It was absolutely wrong for Spicer to invoke the staffing process in the Obama administration to imply that since according to him the mission was approved so as to imply this was Obama’s responsibility just as it is unhelpful […]

Misplaced Blame On Trump For Yemen Raid Ignores Deeper Problems

Misplaced Blame On Trump For Yemen Raid Ignores Deeper Problems The Hill · by Christopher D. Kolenda, opinion contributor · February 2, 2017 Some U.S. military officials, Reuters reports, blame President Trump for approving a military raid “without sufficient intelligence, ground support or adequate backup preparations.” This is wrong headed, potentially damaging to civil-military relations, and masks deeper […]

The Percolating Proxy War In Yemen

  IISS Strategic Comments r The Percolating Proxy War In Yemen The formation of a large coalition by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to intervene in Yemen reflects both precedent and strong motivation. Saudi Arabia and the UAE have long been involved in Yemen. In the 1960s, the Saudis fought a brutal war […]