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The Cyber And Information Space: A New Formation In The Bundeswehr  The Cyber And Information Space: A New Formation In The Bundeswehr ANALYSES 2017-04-12 Justyna Gotkowska On 5 April a new organisational structure was formed as part of the Bundeswehr: the Cyber and Information Space (Cyber-und Informationsraum, CIR). It holds the same rank as the Joint Support Service and the Joint Medical Service, which function […]

Leveraging History: What Britain’s Decline & America’s Rise Can Tell Us About China’s Future

The 32 page report can be downloaded directly here:   Dave Maxwell:  It is worth downloading just to see the graphic especially the title page graphic which I think is pretty cool and instructive.    Leveraging History What Britain’s Decline and America’s Rise Can Tell Us About China’s Future By Jerry Hendrix, View Original April 7th, […]

Russian Military Analysis: A Blog On The Russian Military Russian Military Analysis A BLOG ON THE RUSSIAN MILITARY The Russian Defense Budget and You MARCH 17, 2017 MICHAEL KOFMAN4 COMMENTS IHS Janes’s story “Russia announces deepest budget cuts since 1990s” got a lot of attention this week, claiming the Russian defense budget will be reduced by $1 trillion rubles or 25%. It is also wrong and has […]

A High-Tech Call To Arms: Mobilizing The Masses In The Twenty-First Century

The revolution shall be tweeted….. Dave Maxwell:  Nate Finney shows why we should be thinking critically about complex problems – even including fantastical ideas. I am reminded of LTG Sam Wilson’s 9th planning suggestion for special operations: 9.  By its very nature, Special Operations planning places a high emphasis on initiative, intuition, and daring.  Get […]

The Secret Source Of Putin’s Evil

The Secret Source Of Putin’s Evil Vanity Fair · by Peter Savodnik · January 10, 2017 By Sasha Mordovets/Getty Images. Henry Kissinger recently compared Vladimir Putin to “a character out of Dostoevsky,” which apparently delighted the Russian president. That’s not entirely surprising. No Russian writer encapsulates the many incongruous feelings and forces-cultural, spiritual, metaphysical-still coursing through the post-Soviet moment better than Fyodor Dostoevsky. […]

Fascinating Article: ‘Evoking Kissinger On China And North Korea’

Comments just below are by/from Dave Maxwell: Fascinating article – “merging Kissinger insights with Trumpian instincts.”   As an aside Joe’s writing and mentioning “Trumpian instincts” makes me think that the foundation for Trump International Relations theory is going to be “instinct based theory” rather than based on traditional international relations theories.  If he is […]

CIA/FBI Dispute – Russian Involvement In U.S. Election Suggests Politically Motivated Leak By CIA’s Brennan

Comment from one of my blog followers: “The surfacing of the FBI’s disagreement with CIA over whether or not Russia sought to help Trump is a good sign that the CIA’s report was politically motivated (by Obama’s former National Security Advisor, John Brennan) to help Clinton build a narrative that she only lost because of […]

Questions Congress Should Ask The Defense Secretary Nominee

Questions Congress Should Ask The Defense Secretary Nominee · December 6, 2016 DECEMBER 6, 2016 | WALTER PINCUS President-elect Donald Trump has called his chosen Defense Secretary, retired Marine General James Mattis “the real deal,” but after January 20, will President Trump, an amateur when it comes to national security issues, follow the advice of the 66-year-old, […]

Did I Help Create A Monster? Tom Ricks On LTG. Michael Flynn

Did I Help Create A Monster? A Confession Foreign Policy · by Thomas E. Ricks · November 30, 2016 A few years ago, I took an action that may have helped bring to prominence Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who is now set to become Donald Trump’s national security advisor. Let me explain. Around Christmas of 2009, I got […]

Two Top Officials Flee Pyongyang’s Beijing Embassy

It is getting interesting.  RCP Two Top Officials Flee Pyongyang’s Beijing Embassy | | | 프린트 메일로보내기내블로그에 저장 One ministry official was once in charge of Kim Jong-un’s health Oct 06,2016 Two high-ranking officials from the North Korean embassy in Beijing – including a man who had overseen leader Kim Jong-un’s health care – defected […]