Excerpts: ‘On Desperate Ground’ Review: Victory in Retreat The hubris of MacArthur, rather than the fighting, was the main cause of casualties at the Chosin Reservoir By Mark YostSept. 27, 2018 6:01 p.m. ET In a somber ceremony at Honolulu’s Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in early August, the remains of 55 U.S. troops who fought […]

David Maxwell Comment:  “Did Kim really say this?  This is being reported by the Japanese press so it has to be taken with a grain of salt.” Kim Jong-un Refuses to Submit Nuke Inventory to U.S. Byenglish.chosun.comView Original North Korean leader Kim Jong-un refused to hand over an inventory of his nuclear facilities until a […]

The Ugly Terror Truth About Jamal Khashoggi: By Dan Greenfield The Ugly Terror Truth About Jamal KhashoggiPosted: 15 Oct 2018 11:48 PM PDTIn high school, Jamal Khashoggi had a good friend. His name was Osama bin Laden. “We were hoping to establish an Islamic state anywhere,” Khashoggi reminisced about their time together in the Muslim Brotherhood. “We believed […]

ISIS ‘Leader’ Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Reportedly Orders 320 Of His Followers To Be Killed For Disloyalty Buried in the news of Hurricane Michael, the correction in the U.S. stock market, and the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, was a story posted to the October 11, 2018 edition of the DailyMail about turmoil and chaos within the Islamic […]

“NEEDED–AN EMP MANHATTAN PROJECT” GRAHAM-PRY ARTICLE Inboxx Peter Pry via 9:59 AM (4 hours ago) to me THE HILL: Ignoring EMP threat is a death sentence for AmericansBY DR. WILLIAM R. GRAHAM AND DR. PETER VINCENT PRY, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR — 10/16/18 08:30 AM EDT 111THE VIEWS EXPRESSED BY CONTRIBUTORS ARE THEIR OWN AND NOT THE VIEW OF THE HILL     © […] ‘No warplane to take off’: Russia’s S-700 missile system can cover entire planet – party leader Published time: 15 Oct, 2018 17:48 Get short URL ·          ·          A leading Russian politician may have just revealed the biggest Russian military secret. Or just invented a non-existent weapon system while ranting about how powerful the country […]

Choosing The Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff Lieutenant Commander Daniel R. Green, U.S. Navy Reserve, Ph.D.Bym.usni.org9 minsView Original The process of selecting, vetting, and nominating a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is often viewed as highly idiosyncratic—revolving around “politics” (however defined), rotation among the military services, or simply trying to choose […]

Who Killed Jamal Khashoggi? And Why? Khasoggi’s Sources Inside The Kingdom Are Likely Being Rolled Up -Or Running For Their Lives    Excerpt: One can also surmise the Khashoggi’s sources inside the Kingdom have been rolled up and are likely being tortured for additional information.  And, we’re not talking water-boarding.      Karen Elliott House […]

Who Will Replace Mattis? Foreign Policy · by Lara Seligman · October 15, 2018 Report Trump signals in an interview that his defense secretary might be out. U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis speaks to members of the press before a press briefing at the Pentagon on Aug. 28. (Zach Gibson/Getty Images) Rumors have circulated for months that U.S. […]

Excerpts: Watchdog Exposes Pentagon’s Cyber Struggles The Hill · by Jacqueline Thomsen · October 14, 2018 Defense experts are seizing on a stunning federal report highlighting cyber vulnerabilities in U.S. weapons systems, calling it an embarrassing wake-up call for the Pentagon. A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released this week found that nearly all of the weapons systems it tested […]

Excerpt: ISIS is Doubling Down on The Philippines Bynews.siteintelgroup.com4 minsWednesday, 10 October 2018  Rita KatzView Original In August, I wrote an analysis on an increasingly evident aim by the Islamic State (ISIS) “to establish a more substantial base in the Philippines.” My assessment was based on recent events in the country, the most notable of which being the […]