BREAKING NEWS: "CYBER INFO SHARING & PROTECTION ACT DEAD FOR NOW." China Data Indicates Broad Slowing Of Economy Jun. 17, 2018 7:58 AM Unlike events that happen in Las Vegas that has prompted the slogan, “anything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, things that happen in China do not stay in China. This is obvious from the huge amount of wealth fleeing the country […]

David Sanger Interviewed On CNBC On His New Book:  “The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, & Fear In The Cyber Age”      New York Times journalist and author David E. Sanger was interviewed on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning/June 19, 2019, about his new book: “The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, & Fear In The Cyber Age,” just out by Scribe […]

Ex-CIA engineer charged with massive leak to WikiLeaks By Josh Gerstein, View Original June 18th, 2018 Former CIA computer engineer Joshua Schulte was previously facing child pornography charges in federal court in New York. The indictment broadens the case to accuse him of illegally gathering classified information, damaging CIA computers, lying to investigators and numerous other […]

  Excerpts: There is little debate inside the government’s sprawling community of cyberwarriors and defenders that the United States needs to step up its game: It did not see the Russian hack of the 2016 election coming, or North Korea’s “WannaCry” attack last year, which crippled the National Health Service in Britain and rippled around […] Jerusalem Post Breaking News Former CIA head says he backs U.S. pullout from Iran nuclear deal By Yonah Jeremy Bob June 17, 2018 13:35 Share on facebook Share on twitter Ex CIA Director, retired General David Petraeus said on Sunday that he  welcomes the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. Speaking at an event in […]

President Trump directs Pentagon, Defense Department to ‘immediately begin the process’ of establishing ‘space force’ as sixth military branch By Michael Sheetz | @thesheetztweetz, View Original June 18th, 2018 President Donald Trump President Donald Trump declared Monday he would move to make a new branch of the military focused solely on space. “I am hereby directing the […]

The American Who Says He’s Been the Target of Five Air Strikes By Conor Friedersdorf, View Original June 18th, 2018 He was born Darrell Lamont Phelps. He grew up in Mount Vernon, New York, moved down to the city, tried his hand at comedy, and later converted to Islam, adopting the name of Bilal Abdul Kareem. […]

Five Global Stock Picks For Bargain Hunters      First, let me wish all the father’s out there a happy, enjoyable, and meaningful father’s day.     The title above is from Daren Fonda’s June 18, 2018 article in this weekend’s Barron’s.  Mr. Fonda, summarized his recent interview with Charles Pohl and Diana Strandberg, Investment Committee […]

Excerpts: Yet out of a reflexive secrecy about cyberoperations — motivated by an unwillingness to acknowledge both our vulnerabilities and our detection abilities — the United States never called out the Russians for what they were doing. Nor did we exact any punishment. That proved to be a huge mistake. If Mr. Putin thought there […]

Excerpt: Cyberattacks carried out by nation states such as Russia and North Korea increasingly are sophisticated and brash, said Mr. Stavridis, the current dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. A dedicated cybersecurity unit would help critical infrastructure operators, for example, prevent and respond to attacks that could cause widespread […]