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Inside the Randy Culture of the CIA

Dave Maxwell: Be aware there are some graphic comments.  I am sure some spouses of members of the clandestine service will not be too happy at the dinner table tonight.  But if taken out of context this is an interesting line:   Let me explain. Case officers, the CIA personnel who handle intelligence-collection and covert-action operations, […]

Does Market Sell-Off Have Legs

Probably.  This equity run is one for the ages.  Until today, we were up 1% per week since Jan. 1, or, 7% in seven weeks — which would have translated into a 58% gain — had we continued.  This was an unrealistic and unsustainable pace, and stock gains had gotten well ahead of economic fundamentals.  I wrote yesterday about the […]

The Looming Certainty Of A Cyber Pearl Harbor

By Peter Hoekstra February 19, 2013 To state the painfully obvious, Washington is not a town filled with much unanimity these days. But on one subject there is common ground: the recognition of America’s vulnerability to and the threat from cyberattacks. The concern is so great that many argue it is only a matter […]

Connecting the Dots: N. Korea’s Nuke was Bought & Paid for by a Key End-User — Iran

Special to Global Information System / Defense & Foreign Affairs All intelligence indicators received and processed by GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs show that the nuclear weapon tested by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) on Feb. 12, was paid for, and intended for, the Islamic Republic of Iran. It was, in […]

North Korea’s Latest Test

Via – Well, it finally happened – North Korea finally set off another nuclear test, which wasn’t much of a surprise to be honest with you. After a couple of low-yield devices the North Koreans had plenty of reasons to continue testing – we’ll talk about that in a moment – and the world reacted […]

Thoughts on Gold, China and POTUS State of Union

GOLD BREAKING DOWN?      Dennis Gartman, Founder & Editor of The Gartman Letter is bearish on gold going forward — unless, you own it in Yen terms — and, not dollars.  He believes gold is in serious trouble in the short to mid-term and, says it is begining to break key technical support.  He looks for gold […]

Odierno: Active-Duty Army’s Size To Fall Below 490,000 Troops

Dave Maxwell: I have actually heard 350,000 to 390,000 mentioned (RUMINT only). Inside the Army – 02/18/2013 Cites ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of fiscal uncertainty Odierno: Active-Duty Army’s Size To Fall Below 490,000 Troops Dire warnings about the catastrophic impacts of sequestration aside, the Army’s chief of staff says he could stand to cut the service’s end […]

North Korea Uses Cash Couriers, False Names to Outwit Sanctions

Dave Maxwell: Thanks to our good friend Kim Kwang-jin for this. I happened to try to make some people understand this this past week but I am not sure people really understand the nature of this operation and the important of Department 39 to the Regime and the opportunities we can exploit by going after […]

McChrystal: Drones Are “A Covert Fix For A Complex Problem”

BY NEAL UNGERLEIDER | FEBRUARY 15, 2013 Retired General Stanley McChrystal gave a new interview on the CIA’s drone warfare program that will be released next week. About This Series Welcome to Fast Feed, the Fast Company reader’s essential source for breaking news and innovation from around the web–bite-sized and updated all day. Retired Gen. […]

Pigs Get Fat, Bears Get Fat, Hogs Get Slaughtered

Good morning to all.  With the stock market over fourteen thousand and within one percent (155pts.) of its all-time high set in 2007 — just before The Great Recession — money is flooding into stocks and off the sidelines and the giddiness is palpable.  The indicies are on a blistering pace right now in just […]