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China’s Next Generation Internet Is A World-Beater (Faster & Secure)

New Scientist China’s next-generation internet is a world-beater Updated 13:08 11 March 2013 by Hal Hodson Magazine issue 2907. Subscribe and save The net’s new tiger, China, is creating a faster, more secure system that is way ahead of the West THE net is getting creaky and old: it is rapidly running out of space […]

Follow-Up To: The Secret Item Found In Every North Korean Home

Received from another Korean expert (I have a number of mentors on Korea) in response to the article and my comments below. Targeting the minds of North Koreans will be, in the end, the most effective force, kinetic or non-kinetic, in establishing a base for intellectual resistance to the Kim Family Regime. Transitioning that intellectual […]

Chuck Hagel’s ‘First Supper’

Defense News April 1, 2013 Chuck Hagel’s ‘First Supper’ As the new U.S. secretary of defense turns his attention to the defense industrial base, he should reach out to leaders of companies that provide our armed forces with the equipment required to underwrite national security. A good way could be by breaking bread in a […]

North Korean Nuclear Weapons Are A ‘Treasure’

Dave Maxwell: Nuclear weapons are probably the most important thing to the Kim Family Regime. In the regime’s calculus they are key to deterring outside attack, the provide the foundation for blackmail diplomacy, and the can be the source of hard currency. In my opinion there is almost no hope of coercing or co-opting the […]

The Secret Item Found In Every North Korean Home

Dave Maxwell: Another indicator of why we should and can develop and execute an effective ROK/US Alliance influence campaign (PSYOP/MISO) to target the north Korean population (and one that should also target the second tier leadership as well). The comprehensive plan is necessary now to achieve the effects at the unknown time in the future […]

Are Drone Strikes Killing Terrorists Or, Creating Them?

Hard to say; but, we do know that dead men tell no tales. And armed UAVs are going to proliferate — likely exponentially the next decade — IMO, our armed UAV “policy & use,” is too frequent & too easily defaulted to. Going to war, intervening militarily, etc. should be hard. Otherwise, as Grant once […]

U.S. Lawmakers: CIA Should Keep Armed UAVs

Defense News April 1, 2013 U.S. Lawmakers: CIA Should Keep Armed UAVs By JOHN BENNETT WASHINGTON ― Pro-military lawmakers and U.S. analysts want the White House to resist shifting the CIA’s armed unmanned aircraft program to the Pentagon, citing operational and legal reasons to keep the spy agency in the targeted-killing business. The Obama administration […]

War Game Exposes Gaps For U.S. Army

A little different take on this exercise identifying some different gaps in capabilities than previously reported. War Game Exposes Gaps for U.S. Army Simulated N. Korea Conflict Shows Need for Mobile Firepower, Vessels Mar. 31, 2013 – 10:26AM | By PAUL McLEARY | WASHINGTON — A recent U.S. Army war game against a North […]

U.S. Moves Stealth Fighters To South Korea

More demonstration of strength and resolve. ASIA NEWS Updated March 31, 2013, 10:03 a.m. ET U.S. Moves Stealth Fighters to South Korea By JULIAN E. BARNES WASHINGTON—U.S. F-22 stealth fighter jets arrived in South Korea on Sunday for joint exercises, U.S. defense officials said, the latest demonstration of advanced military capabilities meant to deter […]

U.S. Navy Chief Hints At Integrated Carrier Ops March 30, 2013 U.K., U.S. Look To Preserve Capabilities U.S. Navy Chief Hints at Integrated Carrier Ops By MARCUS WEISGERBER WASHINGTON ‹ The American and British militaries are examining ways to preserve critical warfighting capabilities honed over the past decade of fighting side-by-side in Afghanistan and Iraq, as combat operations wind down and defense […]