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Our Endangered Nuclear Weaponeers: No More Nukes Means No More Experts, & Their Talents Have Kept Us Safe

Our Endangered Nuclear Weaponeers No more nukes means no more experts, and their talents have kept us safe. May 30, 2013, 7:12 p.m. ET By J. DOUGLAS BEASON It takes a nuclear weaponeer to stop a nuclear weaponeer. And I should know. In the 1990s, I designed nuclear bombs at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. In […]

North Korea ‘Supplies Arms To Terrorists’

North Korea ‘Supplies Arms to Terrorists’ North Korea continues to give military assistance to terrorist organizations around the world under new leader Kim Jong-un, an American academic claimed Wednesday. At a seminar at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, Prof. Bruce Bechtol of Angelo State University, a former analyst at the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, […]

Interview With SecDef Hagel Enroute To Singapore

Media Availability With Secretary Hagel Enroute to Singapore 05/31/2013 06:44 AM CDT Presenter: Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel May 30, 2013 Media Availability with Secretary Hagel enroute to Singapore SECRETARY OF DEFENSE CHUCK HAGEL: I wore my best red socks for Joe Morton. But I know that it might be interpreted, Joe, as a little […]

The Drone War Is Far From Over

OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR The Drone War Is Far From Over By AKBAR AHMED Published: May 30, 2013 WHEN people in Washington talk about shrinking the drone program, as President Obama promised to do last week, they are mostly concerned with placating Pakistan, where members of the newly elected government have vowed to end violations of […]

Defense Lawmakers Considser Changing Rules Of Terror War

Excerpt: Before Obama’s speech, Michael Sheehan, head of special operations and low-intensity conflicts at the Pentagon, told Congress he sees no need to change the current rules of war. “At this point we’re comfortable with the AUMF as it is currently structured. Right now it does not inhibit us from prosecuting the war against Al […]

Sequestered: The Strategic Implications Of A Freefalling U.S. Defense Budget

May 30, 2013 Sequestered: The Strategic Implications of a Freefalling U.S. Defense Budget DOV S. ZAKHEIM The sequester is upon us and, contrary to the Obama Administration’s “Chicken Little” predictions, the sky above America remains both blue and firmly in place. The Administration had come only belatedly to that fear-mongering strategy after months of conspicuous […]

DoD’s Strategic Review Likely To Last Several More Weeks

For Full Article, Go To DefenseAlert DoD’s Strategic Review Likely To Last Several More Weeks Posted on May 30, 2013 The Defense Department’s ongoing Strategic Choices and Management Review could take weeks longer to complete than originally anticipated, according to Pentagon officials. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel set a May 31 deadline in a […]

Cyber May Be Biggest Threat, Hagel Tells Troops

———- Forwarded message ———-From: American Forces Press Service Date: Fri, May 31, 2013 at 7:53 AMSubject: Cyber May Be Biggest Threat, Hagel Tells Troops You are subscribed to American Forces News Articles for U.S. Department of Defense. This information has recently been updated, and is now available. Cyber May Be Biggest Threat, Hagel Tells Troops […]

Big Enough For All Of Us: Geo-Strategic Competition In The Pacific Islands

A view from Australia. BIG ENOUGH FOR ALL OF US: GEO-STRATEGIC COMPETITION IN THE PACIFIC ISLANDS 16 MAY 2013 | ANALYSIS | BY JENNY HAYWARD-JONES China’s growing engagement in the Pacific Islands has fueled talk of great-power competition in the region. But viewing China’s activities in the region in geo-strategic terms is inappropriate and […]

Commander Says U.S. Army Is Back In The Pacific

COMMANDER SAYS THE ARMY IS BACK IN THE PACIFIC By AUDREY McAVOY May. 31 3:39 AM EDT Lt. Gen. Francis Wiercinski, commander of U.S. Army Pacific, poses for a portrait in Fort Shafter, Hawaii on Thursday, May 30, 2013. The outgoing top Army commander in the Pacific says his service is back in the […]