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NSA Chief Gen. Keith Alexander Speaks About PRISM At Black Hat 07/31/general-keith-alexander- speaks-about-prism-at-black- hat/tab/print/ July 31, 2013, 2:22 PM ET NSA Chief Keith Alexander Speaks About PRISM at Black Hat LAS VEGAS-General Keith Alexander, head of the U.S. National Security Agency, Wednesday provided additional details to support the contention that PRISM, the NSA’s controversial intelligence gathering program, was a vital tool in thwarting 54 terrorist […]

NSA Statement On XKeyScore/Data Mining Program

NSA Statement on XKEYSCORE Statement on 30 July 2013 As the IC and NSA have stated previously, the implication that NSA’s collection is arbitrary and unconstrained is false. NSA’s activities are focused and specifically deployed against – and only against – legitimate foreign intelligence targets in response to requirements that our leaders need for information […]

SecDef Hagel Statement On Strategic Choices And Management Review

IINSTP Informal Institute for National Security Thinkers and Practitioners – News from the Associate Director, Security Studies Program July 31, 2013 Statement on Strategic Choices and Management Review By Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel http://www.realcleardefense. com/printpage/?url=http://www. 2013/07/31/statement_on_ strategic_choices_and_ management_review_106730.html WEDNESDAY, JULY 31, 2013 As prepared for delivery Good afternoon. Earlier today, I briefed key […]

New German Cemetary In Russia: Still Burying Eastern Front Dead

SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL 07/31/2013 New Cemetery in Russia Germany Still Burying Eastern Front Dead By David Crossland Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge After spending two decades recovering almost 800,000 soldiers in Eastern Europe and Russia, Germany will open its last war cemetery in Russia on Saturday. The work isn’t over, though, as the war graves commission has located […]

Former CIA Dir. Woolsey Warns Of Existential Threat To America (EMP)

For Immediate Release July 31, 2013 http://www. 2013/07/30/jim-woolsey- electromagnetic-pulse-emp-is- existential-threat-to-america/ PRESS RELEASE FORMER CIA DIRECTOR WOOLSEY WARNS OF EXISTENTIAL THREAT TO AMERICA Washington, D.C.: On July 29th, President Bill Clinton’s former Director of Central Intelligence, R. James Woolsey, led a panel discussion on the growing – and perhaps imminent – threat of a natural […]

U.S. Outlines NSA’s Culling Of Data For All Domestic Calls

IINSTP Informal Institute for National Security Thinkers and Practitioners – News from the Associate Director, Security Studies Program Dave Maxwell: Also be careful with this since it references the Guardian’s release of the classified briefing on the NSA program. There will be no avoiding this. I am sure Greenwald and the Guardian released this information […]

Took Profit Today In Advance Of This Afternoon’s Fed Announcement

Took Profit Today And Reduced Equity Exposure Heading Into This Afternoon’s Fed Announcement I had spread myself too wide and since I was up 23% as of today (since Jan. 1), I liquidated many positions and now have about 35% of the portfolio sitting in cash. I want to see how the market reacts to […]

XKeyscore: NSA Tool Collects ‘Nearly Everything A User Does On The Internet

Does this tool have the capacity to do what the article alleges below? Maybe; but, there is no way — even with sophisticated data-mining tools that NSA or any other agency would have the time, personnel, assets, infrastructure nor wherewithal to do what the Guardian alleges. Collecting against the ‘black and gray’ internet is getting […]

Manning’s Enablers: The U.S. Army And Our Schools

Manning’s Enablers The US Army — and our schools By RALPH PETERS Last Updated: 1:10 AM, July 31, 2013 Ralph Peters Yesterday, military judge Col. Denise Lind found Wiki-leaker Pfc. Bradley Manning guilty on five counts of espionage, as well as multiple counts of theft, computer fraud and military infractions. Giving Manning every benefit of […]

Sold My Remaining Position In TSRX; Bought VICL

Sold My Remaining 3k Shares of TSRX at $13.60; Bought 4k Shares Of VICL Great run with TSRX. Bought 5k shares originally at the low $6 — sold 2k shares about a week ago at $11.75 and sold the remaining 3k shares this morning at $13.60. Bought 4k shares of VICL