Fed Chair Bernanke Says Bond-Buying Not ‘A Preset Course’

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Bernanke Says Bond-Buying Plans Not ‘A Preset Course’

Employing his clearest language yet, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said that reductions of the central bank’s $85 billion-a-month bond-buying program are “by no means on a preset course” and that the Fed could leave the program intact—or even increase purchases—if warranted by a worsening jobs market, inflation that refuses to move back toward the Fed’s 2% goal, or too-tight financial conditions.

On the other hand, if the economy performs better than the Fed expects, the central bank could start pulling back on bond purchases more quickly, Mr. Bernanke said in remarks prepared for delivery to the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday.

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  1. I think that they should stop playing with the money all together. Get people jobs! Lower the involvement and let your average Joe have a chance at making there life great! I am a small business owner and things just get harder and harder everyday!

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