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Netanyahu Tries To Get Between Obama And Iran

Israel’s Netanyahu Tries to Get Between Obama and Iran Meeting at the White House on Monday Winging his way to Washington on Sunday for a meeting with President Barack Obama on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried to deflate the new spirit of diplomacy that’s blossomed between the U.S. and Iran. A post […]

al Qaeda Returns: The New Face Of Terror

Al-Qaeda Returns The New Face of Terror The West thought it was winning the battle against jihadist terrorism. It should think again Sep 28th 2013 |From the print edition A few months ago Barack Obama declared that al-Qaeda was “on the path to defeat”. Its surviving members, he said, were more concerned for their […]

SecDef At Korean DMZ, Says U.S. Will Not Cut Forces In Korea

Excerpt: Hagel told reporters that while the Pentagon is under pressure to reduce projected spending by nearly a trillion dollars over the next decade, the U.S. military had no plan to reduce the size of U.S. forces in Korea.”No, there’s never been any consideration of changing our force protection or force presence here in Korea […]

al Qaeda Plot Leak Has Undermined U.S. Intelligence

September 29, 2013 Qaeda Plot Leak Has Undermined U.S. Intelligence By ERIC SCHMITT and MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT 09/30/us/qaeda-plot-leak-has- undermined-us-intelligence. html?_r=1&&pagewanted=print WASHINGTON – As the nation’s spy agencies assess the fallout from disclosures about their surveillance programs, some government analysts and senior officials have made a startling finding: the impact of a leaked terrorist plot […]

Handover Of U.S. Command Of South Korean Troops Still Under Debate

IINSTP Informal Institute for National Security Thinkers and Practitioners – News from the Associate Director, Security Studies Program Dave Maxwell: I hate to beat a dead horse but can’t anyone in the press acknowledge and explain the real issue here? OPCON Transfer is all about dissolving the ROK/US Combined Forces Command and establishing two separate […]

Israel Arrests Iran Agent With Photos Of U.S. Embassy In Tel Aviv

So much for the thaw in U.S./Iran Relationship Shin Bet arrests Iranian spy allegedly sent to Israel by Revolutionary Guard By YAAKOV LAPPIN LAST UPDATED: 09/29/2013 14:07 Suspect found carrying photos of US Embassy in Tel Aviv. An Iranian agent was sent to Israel to set up a base for Iranian intelligence and terrorism networks, […]

Investment Portfolio +47.35%ytd. Heading Into Oct

Investment Portfolio +47.35%ytd — Heading Into October; Gov’t Shutdown; Non-Farm Payrolls Key U.S. stock indices fell about 1% across the board last week as nervousness abounds over a looming U.S. Government shutdown. A deal is needed by midnight tomorrow evening (Mon. Sept. 30) if we are to avoid this outcome. And, this isn’t even the […]

Terrorists Used New Tactic To Spare Some Muslims (In Nairobi Mall Attack)

Excerpt: “What this shows is al-Qaida’s acknowledgment that the huge masses of Muslims they have killed is an enormous PR problem within the audience they are trying to reach,” said Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, director of the Center for the Study of Terrorist Radicalization. “This is a problem they had documented and noticed going back to at […]

Interview With SecDef Hagel Enroute To South Korea

Some more context to the statement in the AP article I forwarded earlier: On your first question regarding the issues we’ll discuss in South Korea, always there — there are realignments of responsibilities that are constantly being evaluated. That was the whole point 45 years ago of the security consolitive [sic: consultative] meetings and why […]

The Real North Korean Threat

IINSTP Informal Institute for National Security Thinkers and Practitioners – News from the Associate Director, Security Studies Program This is obviously a problem that will affect unification and something that must be planned for. However, I doubt that we will ever see “the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification playing a central role in future […]