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Glen Greenwald Working On New NSA Revelations

Dave Maxwell: This is quite an interesting excerpt. I am sure that Scahill means “to fight” politically through peaceful means and is in no way calling for rebellion or the incitement of violence and violent resistance against “those in power” e.g., the US government. “There are so many stories that are yet to be published […]

ADM (ret.) Stavridis: Why We Need A U.S. Cyber Force

Why The Nation Needs A US Cyber Force By James Stavridis Boston Globe September 29, 2013 In the early 1980s cyber fiction film, “War Games,” a young hacker played by Matthew Broderick almost managed to start World War III when he accidentally nearly launched nuclear strikes against the Soviet Union. It seemed unlikely in those […]

No Deadline For Talks With S.K. On OPCON Transfer

IINSTP Informal Institute for National Security Thinkers and Practitioners – News from the Associate Director, Security Studies Program Dave Maxwell: At least the pentagon spokesman did not reject the possibility of an agreement on the OPCON transfer and actually provided an statement that seems somewhat optimistic to those of us who think the dissolution of […]

Nairobi Mall Attack: Urban Areas Are The Battleground Of The 21st Century

Excerpt: What does all this say about the future environment? Mumbai and Nairobi represent only one kind of threat that will exist in the urban, networked littoral of the future. Crime researchers John P Sullivan and Adam Elkus describe this as an evolved 21st-century form of “urban siege”. “There are several methods that terrorists and […]

Terror, Mass Shootings Don’t Mean More Danger

TERROR, MASS SHOOTINGS DON’T MEAN MORE DANGER By JESSE WASHINGTON – Sep. 28 10:21 AM EDT article/terror-mass-shootings- dont-mean-more-danger It almost feels these days as if there is no safe place – that after global jihad strikes a Nairobi shopping mall or a deranged shooter invades the Washington Navy Yard, the next target could very […]

When The FBI Spent Decades Hunting For A Soviet Spy On Its Staff

When the FBI Spent Decades Hunting for a Soviet Spy On Its Staff A Tip Provided By A Double-Agent For The KGB Set Off One Of The Most Self-Destructive Mole Hunts In FBI History By David Wise Smithsonian magazine, October 2013, history-archaeology/When-the- FBI-Spent–Decades-Hunting- for-a-Soviet-Spy-on-Its-Staff- 224930002.html One spring night in 1962 a short, stocky Russian […]

Adaptable & Resilient, al Qaeda & It’s Allies Keep Bouncing Back

See the article in The Economist at the link below.

NSA Examines Social Networks Of U.S. Citizens

Note the co-author of this piece is the one who did the video of Snowden in Hong Kong and was the one that Greenwald’s partner had met when he was making his mule run transferring their illegally obtained classified files between her and Greenwald. September 28, 2013 N.S.A. Examines Social Networks of U.S. Citizens By […]

DoD Brief On SecDef’s Planned Visit To South Korea/Japan

Department of Defense Background Briefing on Secretary Hagel’s Upcoming Trip to the Republic of Korea and Japan in the Pentagon Briefing Room 09/27/2013 06:15 PM CDT Presenter: Senior Defense Department Officials September 27, 2013 Department of Defense Background Briefing on Secretary Hagel’s Upcoming Trip to the Republic of Korea and Japan in the Pentagon Briefing […]

$22M Blimp To Fill Surveillance Gap re: North Korea

Excerpt: Asked whether he feared the surveillance blimp might provoke North Korea into an artillery strike on the craft, Baek said, “If they take military action by attacking it … it would be an act of provocation, and we would have to take appropriate action in response.” $22 Million Blimp to Fill Gap In Surveillance […]