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Israel Suspected In Blast At Syrian Missile Base

Israel Suspected In Blast At Syrian Missile Base Israel has sought to limit the transfer of weapons to Hezbollah, and is suspected of attacking several Syrian military targets that may have held weapons for the group. layout/set/print/World/ Security-Watch/2013/1031/ Israel-suspected-in-blast-at- Syrian-missile-base A Free Syrian Army fighter carries his weapon as he moves towards his position […]

Putin Dissolves Task Force For Missile Def. Coop. NATO

Putin Dissolves Task Force for Missile Defense Cooperation with NATO Oct. 31, 2013 Russian President Vladimir Putin has nullified a 2011 order that created an interagency working group inside the Kremlin that focused on fostering missile defense collaboration with NATO, the Voice of Russia reported on Thursday. The Russian leader also revoked a April 2012 […]

Iran Official Says Direct Flights To U.S. To Begin Soon

ICCI Official Says Direct Iran-US Flight to Start in Near Future Code: 80881152 (3618512)  | Date: 30/10/2013 |  Time: 00:37 Qom, Oct 29, IRNA – The  first direct Iran-US plane flight after the victory of the Iranian Islamic  Revolution will take place in near future, a member of Iran Chamber of Commerce  and Industries […]

Espionage And America: Rules For Spies

THE ECONOMIST Espionage and America Rules for spies America will not and should not stop spying. But a clearer focus and better oversight are needed to restore trust Nov 2nd 2013 THE first rule of spying is not to get found out. Stealing a foreign country’s secrets necessarily involves telling lies and breaking their laws. […]

NSA Blowback: Germany Ups Counterintelligence Mission

 SPIEGEL INTERNATIONAL 10/31/2013 NSA Blowback Counterespionage Pushed to Step Up By Jörg Diehl The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution faces growing pressure to step up its counterespionage measures. Amid the continuing NSA scandal, the German intelligence community is being pushed to do more to counter US spying. But with limited resources and […]

Preparing For A North Korean Collapse

Preparing for a North Korean Collapse EAST ASIASECURITYNORTH KOREA October 31, 2013 By Michael Miner 10/31/preparing-for-a-north- korean-collapse/?all=true How the international community might fulfill its responsibility to prepare for the unthinkable. Question: Can the U.S. Legally Shoot Down A North Korean Rocket? A North Korean Refugee Dilemma North Korean Threats Deepen Southern Nuclear Insecurities Get […]

Gen. (ret.) Hayden: U.S. Intelligence & The ‘High Noon’ Scenario

Michael Hayden: American Intelligence and the ‘High Noon’ Scenario   The hardworking folks at the NSA surely must feel a little like Marshall Will Kane.   The hardworking folks at the NSA surely must feel a little like Marshall Will Kane. By Michael Hayden             While I was at the CIA, I grew concerned over America’s […]

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish Defense Cuts

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish Defense Cuts By MICHAEL P. NOONAN blogs/world-report/2013/10/31/ pentagon-cuts-can-be-penny- wise-and-pound-foolish October 31, 2013 RSS Feed Print Comment (0) inShare While there are some that think the defense budget today is too small and that “more” (money, troops, equipment, etc.) is the answer, that seems more aspirational than realistic in the current fiscal and political […]

PLA-Backed Video Claims U.S./U.K. Using Hong Kong To Infiltrate/Destabilize China

See the article and video at the link below.

Victor Davis Hansen/The Wages Of Presidential Deception

HANSON: The Wages of Presidential Deception By Victor Davis Hanson The Washington Times Wednesday, October 30, 2013 By 1968, President Lyndon Baines Johnson was finally done in by his “credibility gap” — the growing abyss between what he said about, and what was actually happening inside, Vietnam. “Modified limited hangout” and “inoperative” were infamous euphemisms […]