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2 Of Internet’s Founders On What Has Become Of Their Idea, And Its Future

John Markoff has an article in today’s (Dec. 31, 2013) New York Times with the title above.  He asks the question, “Is 2014 The Year The Internet Is Reined In?  At issue is the technical principal that is the basis for the Internet, “any-to-any connectivity.”  That capability, adds Mr. Markoff, “has defined the technology ever since […] Reports U.S. Would Put Troops In Palestine, Seek Jonathan Pollard’s Release In Exchange For A Palestinian State

DoD Reports Kerry Would Put U.S. Troops In Palestine if Israel Agrees To A Palestinian State/Seek Freedom For Convicted Spy Jonathan Pollard      Brent Jordan, reporting for says that SECSTATE John Kerry has the framework of a ‘final deal’ that would reportedly create a Palestinian state, have U.S. troops stationed in the Jordan […]

SOCOM Leads Development Of ‘Iron Man’ Suit’

Not new news here.  The real question is — where are our peers/near-peers, and adversaries in this space.  China?  Russia? RCP From: “American Forces Press Service” <> Date: December 31, 2013 at 11:52:48 EST  Socom Leads Development of ‘Iron Man’ Suit Reply-To: You are subscribed to American Forces News Articles for U.S. Department of Defense. This information has […]

Behind The Volgograd Bombings: “Poised To Get Worse”

Behind The Bombings In Volgograd:  Situation “Is Poised To Get Much Worse”       Ilan Berman, the author of the new book, “Implosion:  The End of Russia And What It Means For America,” (I have a book review posted on this blog) has an Op-Ed in this mornings (Dec. 31, 2013) Wall Street Journal with the title above.       […]

InterCloud (ICLD) Systems Shares +8.56% Pre-Market; Trina Solar (TSL); KERX

InterCloud Systems (ICLD) Up 8.56% Per-Market; Trina Solar (TSL); KERX       As we enter the lastg trading session of 2013, shares of InterCloud Systems (ICLD) up $1.49 or 8.56% pre-market this morning and looks to be breaking out into a bull run.       I will likely buy back into shares of Trina Solar (TSL) this […]

Can A China-Russia Axis Bankrupt The U.S.?

No, I don’t think so — at least not in the next 25yrs or more. Diplomat:  Can a China-Russia Axis Bankrupt the US? According to Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi and Secretary of the Security  Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Platonovich Patrushev, 2013  was “a year of harvest” for Sino-Russian relations. It was […]

Tech Predictions For Businesses In 2014: Mobility, Wearables, Intelligent Assistants, Gestural Computing, Facial Recognition

I have written before that I am investing in wearable technology plays in 2014 — the sector is expected to grow exponentially from $5B to $50B next year.     KurzweilAI Newsletter Daily Edition ___________________________________ LATEST NEWS | December 31, 2013 ___________________________________ …………………………….. A step toward simulating a worm brain in a computer December 31, […]

Pot Shops In Denver Open Door To $578M In Sales In 2014

‘Smokeum if you gotem!’  And, are there companies on the NYSE/(S&P), NASDAQ that gets exposure to this sector for a possible investment/trade.  RCP Pot Shops in Denver Open Door to $578 Million in Sales  Toni Fox plans to open the doors of her Denver marijuana shop at 8 a.m. tomorrow to a line of customers […]

This Is It: North Korea’s Hidden Power System

Dave Maxwell: It is very unusual to see an article devoted to the Organization and Guidance Department.  Most of the pundits do not discuss it because they do not have the depth of understanding.  It is rarely mentioned in the mainstream media.  The Korean experts who have and continue to mentor me have always stressed […]

FAA Picks 6 Sites (U.S. States) For Drone Testing

FAA Picks Sites for Drone Testing By Reid Wilson and Brian Fung, Monday, December 30, 6:08 PM world/national-security/faa- picks-sites-for-drone-testing/ 2013/12/30/6df1372c-7187-11e3- 8def-a33011492df2_print.html The Federal Aviation Administration on Monday said it had selected sites in a handful of states to test unmanned aircraft systems, a crucial step in the integration of drones into the national airspace. The FAA selected teams based […]