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POTUS Says Intel Dir. “Should Have Beeb More Careful”

Obama Says Intelligence Director Who Fibbed To Congress “Should Have Been More Careful” 31/obama-says-intelligence- director-who-fibbed-to- congress-should-have-been- more-careful/ Posted 2 hours ago by Gregory Ferenstein (@ferenstein) President Obama diplomatically defended embattled Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who is accused of lying to Congress about the existence of the National Security Agency’s spying program. “I think that Jim Clapper himself would […]

FEYE +7.7% Today; TKMR +11%; EVOK +4.4% Bucking Sell Off In Stocks

FireEye (FEYE), Tekmira Pharma (TKMR), Evoke Pharma (EVOK) All Up +4%       Shares of the cyber security firm FireEye (FEYE) are bucking the stock market sell off today, with shares up $5.39 or, 7.77% to $74.73 as the company released new products that provide email threat protection.  The company will report earnings on February 11.  […]

Ed Snowden’s Weasel Ways — The Potential Consequences Of His Actions

Edward Snowden’s Weasel Ways  — The Potential Consequences Of His Actions       Frank Snepp, has an article in the Los Angles Times today (Jan. 30, 2014) with the title above.  Mr. Snepp says that he was “the Snowden of his day, a disaffected ex-spy,” who he says —  “took his lumps. “Granting Edward Snowden clemency, as many have […]

Pentagon Intel Official Says China’s Hypersonic Weapon Poses Major Challenge

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON High Speed Threat Pentagon Intelligence Official Says Chinese Hypersonic Weapon Poses Major Challenge BY: Bill Gertz January 31, 2014 5:00 am China’s testing of a new ultra-high-speed maneuvering warhead represents a major threat to U.S. military forces, a Pentagon intelligence official said on Thursday. Lee Fuell, a technical intelligence specialist with the […]

North Korea’s Test Of Trustpolitik

Excerpt: And if the effort fails, Park will only be following in the footsteps of her father, former South Korean president Park Chung-hee, who justified his own landmark inter-Korean declaration with Kim Jong-un’s grandfather in 1972 by saying that “as long as you can touch an opponent with at least one hand, you can tell […]

Iran And North Korea: The Nuclear ‘Axis Of Resistance’

Other U.S. experts have pointed to other kinds of cooperation between the Islamic Republic and the Hermit Kingdom. Last March, the Washington Post reported that the two countries had cooperated on missile technology One such example is Iran’s development of its Shahab 6 missile, which has used North Korean technology for its boosters. The first reports of this cooperation go back […]

Stock Futures Point To Sharp Sell Off At The Open

Stock Futures Point To Sharp Sell Off At This Morn’s Opening Bell        As January goes, so goes the year in stocks?  That is a time honored development that some traders follow; but, it is more myth than reality — at least in the past two plus decades.  More about that later.  Stocks on Wall […]

“Honey Encryption” And Use Of Deception, Trickery To Fool Cyber Hackers

“Honey Encryption” And Use Of Deception, Trickery To Fool Cyber Hackers       Tom Simonite has an online article in this morning’s discussing the under use and under appreciation of using denial and deception to thwart cyber thieves and cyber espionage.  This technique, he argues, fools hackers into believing that the data  they are downloading, or stealing is […]

Sustaining The Nuclear Triad: Enduring Requirements Of Deterrence

Sustaining the Triad: the Enduring Requirements of Deterrence – Summary January 31, 2014   by PETER HUESSY January 30, 2014 A number of participants in the November 2013 conference in Kings Bay, Georgia put together a summary of many of the issues raised at the event and have made them available to me.  This is […]

SOCOM/ADM McRaven Speech To West Point Class Of 2015

A Sailor’s Perspective on the United States Army Admiral William H. McRaven, Address to Class of 2015, 500th Night 18 January 2014 document/d/ 1ZQv4ZvQm4m6PAMU8OYaB01FlGqx7l 0NH2F5kSB876Mk/pub Good evening. General and Mrs. Caslen, General and Mrs. Clarke, General Trainor, Col Brazil, Command Sergeants Major Duane and Byers, distinguished guests and most importantly Class of 2015. I […]