Cyber Security Stocks “On Fire;” SRPT Surges Pre-Market; Bio Pharma Plays

Cyber Security Stocks “On Fire;” Bio-Pharma, Solar Stock Plays

      It has been a week or so since I gave an update on what I am investing in — in stocks.  With the massive cyber breach of Target’s IT network related to customer purchases — it is no surprise that cyber security companies are seeing their stock prices rise.

      FireEye (FEYE) had a really stellar day yesterday rising $6.58 or 11.18% to $65.45.  I have been writing about this company, as well as an investor since FEYE IPO’d about two months ago.  I wrote about it on this blog when it went public — and, I bought IPO shares at $40.  I have not sold and am staying long for now.  I also got an investment footprint in a FEYE competitor — Palo Alto Networks (PANW) which is also doing very well.  PANW shares closed yesterday up $2.28 or 3.76% to $62.90.  Staying long.  Barracuda Networks (CUDA) is another one I bought when it IPO’d — getting in — in the low $20.  CUDA closed yesterday up 44 cents or 1.29% to $34.59.  Staying long.  Fortinet (FTNT) shares closed up 57 cents yesterday or 2.73% to $21.47.  I think FTNT is a potential take-over candidate by one of the bigger cyber players.  Finally, in this space, yesterday, I bought shares of Inflobox (BLOX) because I think it as well could be a potential takeover candidate in the cyber security sector.  Shares of BLOX closed yesterday up 40 cents or 1.06% to $38.13.  I think this space is likely to continue to melt-up as well as undergo mergers and acquisitions.  Stay tuned.

      In the bio-pharma sector, I still own CellDex (CLDX), NSP Pharma (NPSP), Anacor   Pharma (ANAC), Organovo Holdings (ONVO), Tekmira Pharma (TKMR), and several really speculative — small bio-pharmas — Synthetic Biologocs (SYN), IsoRay (ISR), Mast Theraputics (MSTX), and Rexahn Pharma (RNN).  RNN lost 10% yesterday.  May hold or sell that one.

      Sarepta Theraputics (SRPT) is one bio-pharma that I have owned and sold several times.  I am currently not invested; but, that may change this morning.  GlaxoSmithKline backed away from SRPT’s only competitor in the Duschenne Muscular Dystrophy space — leaving SRPT as the last man standing.  Tat, along with the appointment of a new CEO is sending SRPT shares surging pre-market this morning up $3.31 or 16.57% to $23.29.  Shares closed yesterday at $19,98 — so, look for a very strong open this morning.

      Finally, two other stocks I own are doing well, Trina Solar (TSL) and InterCloud Systems (ICLD).

    Good luck whatever you do — and do your own due diligence.  You never bat 1000 when investing and you can and will lose money — as well as make it.  Be sure of your risk tolerance, time span, etc.  V/R, RCP

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