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Secret Aircraft Appears Over Texas; Shaped Like A Kite

Secret Warplane Appears Over Texas Unknown to the public, shaped like a kite, sketching a contrail tens of thousands of feet in the air •David Axe & Robert Beckhusen & Matthew Gault in War is Boring Photographers have spotted what appears to be a previously unknown type of stealth warplane flying over Texas. Steve Douglass […]

DoD Brief By Senior Air Force Officials On Cheating On Nuclear Missile Proficiency Tests

News Transcript Press Operations Bookmark and Share E-Mail A Copy | Printer Friendly | Latest Transcripts Transcript Defense Department Press Briefing by Senior Air Force Officials on Results of the AFGSC Commander Directed Investigation into Allegations of Compromised Test Materials, and an Update on the Force Improvement Program in the Pentagon Briefing Room Presenters: Secretary […]

CIA Cuts Off Public Access To Its Translated News Reports

CIA Cuts Off Public Access to Its Translated News Reports Beginning in 1974, the U.S. intelligence community provided the public with a broad selection of foreign news reports, updated daily. These were collected and translated by the Central Intelligence Agency’s Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS), which was reconstituted in 2004 as the Open Source Center […]

America’s Secret Weapon To Stop Russia

America’s Secret Weapon to Stop Russia print/commentary/americas- secret-weapon-stop-russia- 10154 March 31, 2014 Robert Spalding III [2] Today Ukraine is threatened by a large Russian force on its border. The Crimea has been annexed by Russia, and Russian forces are consolidating their hold on the province. Despite assurances by the Russians that they have no […]

How James Schlesinger Changed The Pentagon – For The Better

Schlesinger was a “Giant.” RCP Opinion: How James Schlesinger Changed the Pentagon for the Better By: Stanton S. Coerr Published: March 31, 2014 9:53 AM Updated: March 31, 2014 9:53 AM 31/opinion-james-schlesinger- changed-pentagon-better James Schlesinger on the Feb. 11, 1974 cover of Time. James Schlesinger on the Feb. 11, 1974 cover of Time. James […]

Data Breaches Eroding Usefulness Of Current Personal Identification Methods (Social Security Number, DOB) — Argues New Thinking

Data Breaches Eroding Usefulness Of Current Personal Identification Methods (Social Security Number, DOB)– Argues New Thinking <a href=""Why Your Data Breach Is My Problem John Dunn had an online article in the March 28, 2014 Techworld, with the title above. He writes that “the number of personal records compromised by data breaches has reached […]

China Pledges Military-Tech Aid Package To Tajikistan

China Promises Multimillion Military-Technological Aid Package To Tajikistan DUSHANBE. March 31 (Interfax) – China is ready to render multimillion military-technological assistance to Tajikistan, Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan said on Monday. Tajik President Emomali Rahmon, who met with the Chinese minister paying an official visit to Dushanbe, said that China was a good neighbor and […]

The War That Russia Didn’t Fight

The War That Russia Didn’t Fight By Alexei Bayer Mar. 31 2014 00:00 Last edited 18:43 Wikicommons Karma is a belief that past actions return to haunt us. Once a bad deed is perpetrated, bad karma casts a shadow over the future, shaping it and inflicting inevitable retribution. The 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact between Nazi Germany […]

Pentagon Plans 3-Fold Cyber Security Staff Increase To Counter Attacks

Pentagon Plans Three-Fold Cyber Security Staff Increase to Counter Attacks Published time: March 29, 2014 13:17 General Keith B. Alexander, head of the National Security Agency (AFP Photo / Brendan Smialowski) The Pentagon plans to triple its cybersecurity personal over the next several years to bolster US national security, said Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Speaking […]

Did POTUS Obama Order A New Cyber Attack?

Did POTUS Obama Order A New Cyber Attack? airforcecyberorder www.fortunascorner Such is the provocative headline by an online article by Shane Harris in the March 28, 2014 edition of Foreign Policy, with the title above. Mr. Harris writes that “on June 21, 2013, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, (CJCS) Gen. Martin Dempsey, […]