Breaking News: Malaysian Flt 370 Likely Crashed Near Bay Of Bengal, Indian Ocean; Sabotage or Act of Terror Likely

Breaking News: Classified Analysis Shows Malaysian Flight 370 Likely Crashed Into Indian Ocean On One Of Two Flight Paths

CNN is reporting that classified analysis done jointly by the U.S. and Malaysia strongly suggests that Malaysian Flight 370 likely crashed into the Indian Ocean on one of two flight paths. It appears that the plane was commandeered or deliberately sabotaged in some manner. The New York Times is reporting that Flight 370 “showed sharp changes in altitude before crashing — climbing sharply to as high as 45K feet — well above the approved limit for the Boeing 777-200. The plane then sharply descended unevenly to 23,500 feet — below normal cruising levels, as it approached the densely populated island of Penang, one of the country’s largest — near the Bay of Bengal, India.

Michael Forsythe and Michael Schmidt in their New York Times article this evening note that the Malaysian Government shared the radar track with U.S. authorities — leading to the discovery of the facts noted above.

An examination of the data received from the Rolls Royce engines shows that the plane descended 40K feet in the space of one minute; though some investigators suspect the data is not correct — most believe the descent — even a sharp one — would have taken more than one minute for a plane of that size.

Mr. Forsythe and Mr. Schmidt note that this new information comes after Malaysian military radar, added significant new information about the flight immediately after ground controllers lost contact with the aircraft.

The sharp, erratic movements of the aircraft and the deliberate diversion from its scheduled flight path strongly suggest either a hijacking and/or, some kind of confrontation in the cockpit occured. An Asian-based pilot of a Boeing 777-200, who spoke to the New York Times on the condition of anonymity, said “an ascent to 45K feet, well above the planes safe limit of 43,100ft — along with a depressurized cabin — could have rendered the passengers and crew unconscious.”

The sharp altitude changes would be expected if the pilots became disabled, — after the planes autopilot was disengaged. Changes in weight distribution on the plane — as fuel burned off — would make the plane descend and climb repeatedly — though a change in course would be harder to explain.

It would seem that some kind of struggle occurred in the cockpit; and, there had to be some absolutely terrifying moments for the passengers and crew before losing consciousness.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims. Hopefully, we will learn if this was an act of terrorism; or, a deranged act by a member of the crew, or someone among the passengers. What a terrible nightmare of a tragedy. V/R, RCP


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