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How Army Sgt. Berghdal Was Freed; U.S. Paid A High Price For His Release

THE HILL Saturday, May 31, 2014 GOP Lawmakers Blast Obama For Negotiating With Taliban by Kevin Cirilli Top Republicans on the Senate and House Armed Services Committee criticized President Obama on Saturday for negotiating with the Taliban in releasing five Guantanamo Bay prisoners for the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Trading five senior Taliban […]

Army Sgt. Berghdal Relased After Nearly 5yrs. In Captivity In Afghanistan

Secretary’s Remarks: Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl 05/31/2014 01:29 PM EDT Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl Press Statement John Kerry Secretary of State Washington, DC May 31, 2014 The responsibility to make sure all of our men and women in uniform return from battle, especially those taken prisoner and held during war, is deeply personal to me as someone […]

Ex-Bush Intelligence Official (R. Clarke) Says POTUS Bush/VPOTUS Cheney/SecDef Rumsfeld Guilty Of War Crimes

Utterly absurd and terribly irresponsible. About the most destructive thing someone of Mr. Clarke’s stature could say. By this same logic, POTUS Obama should be charged with murder for authorizing the assassination/drone strike of an American citizen overseas — who had not be tried, convicted, nor even indicted for crimes against the U.S. This is […]

When Did Snowden Go Over To The Russians?

When Did Snowden Go Over To The Russians? May 31, 2014 05/31/when-did-snowden-go- over-to-the-russians/ In three weeks, Edward Snowden will celebrate having lived one year in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Everybody familiar with espionage, particularly when it involves Russians, understands that Ed lives under the watchful eye care of Russian intelligence, as he has from the […]

Google Spells Out How To Be ‘Forgotton’ In Internet Searches Google Spells Out How To Be ‘Forgotten’ In Internet Searches google eye Google is legally required to delete search results in Europe that are deemed inappropriate or irrelevant. LONDON (CNNMoney) Google has launched a new online form that allows people in Europe to request that links about them be removed from search results if […]

Eight Ways In Which The U.S. Army Is Strategically Unique

ASHINGTON 5/30/2014 @ 12:36PM 2,452 views Eight Ways In Which The US Army Is Strategically Unique Comment Now Follow Comments lorenthompson/2014/05/30/ eight-ways-in-which-the-army- is-strategically-unique/ Loren Thompson I write about national security, especially its business dimensions. full bio → When President Obama addressed the graduating class at West Point on May 28, he was speaking to […]

Chinese General: U.S. Making ‘Important’ Mistakes; Treat China As An Enemy – And It Will Become One

Excerpt: In a clear sign that Chinese officials don’t trust the U.S.’s motives, Gen. Zhu told The Wall Street Journal that the “Chinese are not so stupid” as to believe that Washington wants to work with China, or that the U.S. government is truly neutral when it comes to territorial disputes between China and American […]

North Korea Kidnap Probe An Attempt To Divide Foes

NUKEWARS N. Korea Kidnap Probe An Attempt to Divide Foes: Analysts by Staff Writers Tokyo (AFP) May 30, 2014 reports/N_Korea_kidnap_probe_ an_attempt_to_divide_foes_ analysts_999.html North Korea’s surprise pledge to probe Cold War kidnappings of Japanese nationals is an attempt to divide its foes that could benefit its nuclear and missile programmes if Tokyo eases sanctions in […]

Afghans Dismayed At Future Without U.S./Foreign Forces

[ rfe/rl banner ] Afghans Dismayed At Future Without Foreign Forces May 30, 2014 by Frud Bezhan The Afghan government might have hailed the United States’ early timetable for a complete withdrawal from the country. But behind the scenes, many in Afghanistan are dismayed by the prospect of being abandoned by Washington — the country’s […]

Vostok Battalion, A Powerful New Player In Eastern Ukraine

[ rfe/rl banner ] Vostok Battalion, A Powerful New Player In Eastern Ukraine May 30, 2014 by Claire Bigg Rumors that battle-hardened Chechen fighters from Russia’s notorious Vostok Battalion are active in eastern Ukraine have been swirling for weeks. They unexpectedly materialized on May 29 when dozens of heavily armed men identifying themselves as members […]