An Infrared iPhone Case That Lets You See Through Walls And In The Dark

An Infrared iPhone Case That Lets You See Through Walls And In The Dark

Tim Moynihan has an article today(July 30, 2014) on the website, with the title above. He begins by noting that “there used to be a time when thermal-imaging aficionados had to walk around with goggles strapped to their faces. Those days are now over thanks to the FLIR One,” he writes. “The iPhone 5/5s case features two, side-by-side cameras on its backside: An infrared one, and a VGA one that adds a bit more detail to the blobby heat-mapped image,” he notes. “The case also has its own built-in battery, a 1400mAh unit that powers things for a couple of hours. That battery won’t charge your IPhone, but it does prevent the case from having to sip off the iPhone’s charge.”

Mr. Moynihan notes that “you use the case with a free app to scan things for theit thermal properties; and, capture those images if you want to — the app comes with some filters, panorama and time-lapse modes, and video-recording capabilities — if you’re primarily interested in its imaging skills.”

“Its main goal,” writes Mr. Moniyhan, “is practicality,” and not for intelligence agencies, law enforcement, private investigators, criminals, or snoops. But, clearly, and no doubt, it will be used for any and all of those purposes. According to FLIR, the case’s thermal-imaging capabilities can help pinpoint the position of pipe clogs, identify leaks before they damage wood and walls, find weak spots in your home’s insulation, see if there are raccoons hiding in your shrubs, and make sure your pet is still alive.

“This seems like the perfect case for camping,” writes Mr. Moniyhan, “as you’ll be able to figure out where the designated bathroom tree is, cheat at hide and seek, and avoid burning down the campground by determining whether the bonfire is truly extinguished. It won’t stop the bears from mauling you,” he adds, “but, you will be able to see them coming — and, get off the blocks faster than your friends.”

“As far as non-diamond-encrusted iPhone cases go, — it is very expensive,’ Mr. Moniyhan notes. “The FLIR One Case goes for $350; and, it’s available for pre-order now. The infrared camera case is slated to ship the first week of August, 2014.”

Every move you make, every step you take, every keyboard you use — I’ll be watching you. V/R, RCP


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