he Ultimate Spy Phone: $799 Black Phone 2 Can Encrypt Everything From Selfies, To Voice Calls — Reportedly Is Impossible To Track, Or Eavesdrop On

The Ultimate Spy Phone:  $799 Black Phone 2 Can Encrypt Everything  From  Selfies, To Voice Calls — Reportedly Is Impossible To Track, Or Eavesdrop On


     Mark Prigg, writing for the September 24, 2015 edition of TheDailyMailOnline, that “the Android-based Black Phone 2,” is a major step forward in providing a secure means of communicating on one’s cell phone — while maintaining anonymity.  He writes, “if you’re fed up of apps asking to access your private data; and, don’t want advertisers tracking your every move — there is now an answer.”  The Black Phone 2,  which went on sale September 24, 2015, — “fully encrypts by default; and, comes with a suite of secure features that let you make calls, and send texts that are impossible to eavesdrop on or track — and, are simple enough for the average user to use.”
      “Blackphone’s Android-based devices are built by Spanish manufacturer GeeksPhone, alongside security experts Silent Circle and Pretty Good Privacy (PGP),” Mr. Prigg writes.  “They run a special, heavily-modified version of Android — and, even come with their own app store for secure software.  The firm launched the original handset last year; and, told TheDailyMailOnline that the “range is for people who ‘want to stay private – without compromising on the features seen in the typical Android phones.’

     The new phone “has full encryption by default,’ Mr. Prigg writes.  “This is trying to do what Apple did for music with security’ said Bill Conner, President and CEO of Silent Circle.  “You don’t read the terms and conditions for your phone; and, you don’t look at the app settings .  What we’ve tried to give you in the personal control.  The launch of Blackphone 2 is a game changer for the mobile sector; and, for the way we provide individual and enterprise privacy,’ he added.

     Interesting.  Probably not bulletproof; but, probably good enough for 90 percent of the problem and users.  And, of course, the darker angels of our nature.  V/R, RCP


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