Russian Game Changer in Syria


Russian Game Changer in Syria



Vladimir Putin is a former head of the KGB who rules Russia with an iron hand. Stalin is his hero. And deception is his middle name.

In baseball jargon, the United States is in the cellar. We are no longer a military power to be feared and respected. President Obama is looked on as not only weak, unconcerned, unknowledgeable and without a plan of action for any of the crucial hot spots around the world, he is also appears to be in cahoots with and a junior member of those who characterize themselves as our enemies.

He makes a deal with Iran who has already crumpled and tossed its copies into the waste basket, ignoring its commitments while demanding at the same time for the world to get on the stick to fulfill all its responsibilities outlined in the agreement. North Korea looks us in the eye while planning to loft a satellite into space on the head of an intercontinental missile. China sails its modern fleet into Alaskan waters, ignoring our pleas to get out. Cuba signs a treaty with us resuming ambassadorial contact, initiating unfettered travel between both countries, the resumption of business ties and billions of American dollars to spend all the while continuing its brutalization of its citizens. We are expecting, tongue in cheek, for Switzerland, a landlocked European nation, to demand a shipment of nuclear submarines for its navy. In short, we have dropped like a stone from our once proud status of the world’s leader and fighter for freedom and democracy.

Now let’s go to Israel. Since the inauguration of President Obama, Israel has been besieged by forces and nations on every border. We now find that Putin has sent his military and air force to join with the elite Iranian Republican Guards to fight for Assad in Syria. This changes the game in that area. Both Iran and Russia are not only intruders in that nation, they are both overtly hostile to Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu will be making a trip to Moscow to try to convince Vladimir Putin that his move into the Middle East is not a good idea. Good luck to Bibi. He’ll need it. Putin is a former head of the KGB who rules Russia with an iron hand. Stalin is his hero. And deception is his middle name.

But here we have Iran holding all the cards. Its Muslim forces will use the Russians for as long as it takes to turn Syria into an Islamic state ruled by the Koran. As soon as this is accomplished the Russians will become the targets of all the militias under the control of the Iranian Mullahs and the Russkies will be either exterminated or sent crawling back home as they did in Afghanistan in 1989. And look how well the Russians handled the Muslim Chechens. They will be easy pickings for Iran and its Muslim hordes.

All told, the United States under President Obama is considered weak and under militarized to offer any threat to the militants of this world. Our leader is either unprepared to face reality or is part of the plot to steer our nation to mediocrity. His past relationships with the likes of Rev. Wright, William Ayres together with the influence of his childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis have to be considered as possible causes of his poor batting average as our leader. Are the whisperings of him being a Manchurian President becoming a shout? Only time will tell.

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