NDAA Prohibits U.S. Defense Cooperation With Russia


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U.S. Senate Prohibits Defense Cooperation With Russia

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December 09, 4:55 UTC+3
The overall US military budget for the next year will stand at almost $619 billion




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WASHINGTON, December 8. /TASS/. The US Senate passed the bill on the Pentagon’s 2017 budget Thursday, which prohibits military cooperation with Russia and allocates funds to support Washington’s allies in Europe.

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The overall US military budget for the next year will stand at almost $619 billion.

The bill is yet to be signed into law by outgoing US President Barack Obama.

White House request

Members of Congress committees on defense and military issues earlier said they had granted the Obama administration’s request to allocate $3.4 billion to strengthen the defense of its NATO allies in Europe. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said the measure was to “aggressive actions by Russia.” The document also cites terrorist threat and the inflow of refuges from the Middle East as reasons for allotting the money.

Limited Cooperation

According to the bill, any defense cooperation with Moscow will be limited until the Secretary of Defense, in coordination with the Secretary of State, “provides a certification” that Russia stopped “to illegally occupy Crimea, to foster instability in Ukraine, and to maintain an aggressive posture towards its regional neighbors.” In addition, US lawmakers insist on full implementation of the Minsk accords and a ceasefire agreement for southeastern Ukraine.

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