How Man Will Merge With Machines: Elon Musk Thinks We Will Eventually Become ‘AI-Human Symbiotes;’ 2045 – The Year Humans Become Immortal

How Man Will Merge With Machines:  Elon Musk Thinks We Will Eventually Become ‘AI-Human Symbiotes;’ 2045 – The Year Humans Become Immortal
     Well, Elon Musk is anything but boring.  In a recent interview with the venture capital firm, Y Combinator, the billionaire entrepreneur and visionary speculated that the “best outcome’ between humans and robots/artificial intelligence (AI) would be a merger of the two.  “Such a scenario would stamp out the possibility of an evil AI dictator,” he argued — though I do not know how he can be so sure of that opinion.  He called the eventual human/AI merger, AI/Human Symbiote.
     Cheyenne MacDonald writes in the January 10, 2017 edition of the DailyMailOnline, that Mr. Musk believes these two systems/entities can be merged — “like improving the neural link between the cortex and your neural digital extension of yourself, which already exists — but just has a bandwidth issue.”    Mr. Musk told Y Combinator that “these two systems, the primitive brain that controls your instincts, and the thinking part, respectively — work well together and it would be extremely unusual find someone who wished to get rid of one of them.”  Well, I don’t agree.  As progress is made in this area, and with respect to the super-soldier on the battlefield, I think you could easily see or envision a nation-state attempting to create a ‘Terminator,’ on the battlefield. Of course if they did create such a killing ‘machine,’ they had better be sure that this machine/AI killer, can’t boomerang or turn on their creators; and/or, that someone else, after ‘capturing’ one of these entities, cannot reprogram these battlefield weapons to attack their benefactors.
     Mr. Musk argued that the merger of the human race with AI, including the parts of the brain that control instincts and our thinking, “would solve the control problem” and we wouldn’t have to worry about some evil AI dictator, because we would all be AI collectively.  That seems like the best outcome I can think of.”
     Mr. Musk has previously stated that “humans will eventually need to achieve symbiosis with ‘digital super-intelligence,’ in order to cope with the advancing world — but, cautioned that this might be the toughest of all the challenges in merging the human and AI.”
2045 – The Year Man Becomes Immortal
    Author, computer scientist, inventor, and Futurist Ray Kurzweil, is a very fascinating man; and has written seven books, five of which went on to become best sellers, including his first book in 1990, The Age Of Intelligent Machines,” the 2004 work, “Live Long Enough To Live Forever,” and the 2006 best-seller, “The Singularity Is Near.”  He has a daily blog you can get emailed to you for free everyday if you are interested —, which I have been receiving daily for the past decade or so,  Mr, Kurzweil that we’ll be able to reverse engineer the brain by the middle of the next decade /mid-2020s; and, by 2030, computers will be capable of human-like intelligence.  These two milestones will enable man and machine/artificial intelligence to merge together, something he calls — the Singularity.
     In a February 10, 2011 interview with Time Magazine’s Lev Grossman, Mr. Kurzweil explained that “singularity isn’t just an idea.  It attracts people, and those people feel a bond with one another.  Together, they form a movement, a subculture/community.”  And, “once you decide to take singularity seriously, you will find that you have become part of a small, but intense, and globally distributed hive of like-minded thinkers known as — Singulartarians.”
     “In addition to the Singularity University, which Kurzweil co-founded, there’s also a Singularity Institute For Artificial Intelligence, based in San Francisco,” Mr. Grossman wrote.  Peter Theil, former CEO of PayPal, and an adviser to POTUS-elect Trump, is also an adviser to Mr. Kurzweil’s Singularity Institute.  
     Pretty fascinating stuff.  And, one has to assume not all for the good.  Just as the Internet and Worldwide Web has greatly enriched our lives, the darker angels of our nature saw an opportunity and took advantage of the vulnerabilities tbat exist in the digital universe.  One should expect that a different set of bad actors will do the same in artificial intelligence, and the merger of man and AI.  But, just as we are ‘managing’ the threat/s in cyber space, I believe that something similar will emerge with respect to AI and an eventual merger with the human mind.  I just don’t think I will be around long enough to see it/live through it; but, it should be one hell of a ride.  V/R, RCP

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