FOX News, Citing A Financial Times Report, Says Navy ADM. (Ret.) Robert Harward Has Declined To Replace LTG. (Ret.) Flynn As NSC Adviser

FOX News is reporting this evening, Thursday, February 16, 2017, that retired Navy Admiral and SEAL, Robert Harward, has declined the offer to replace LTG. (Ret.) Mike Flynn as POTUS Trump’s new National Security Adviser (NSA).  Citing a Financial Times story, Fox News said that the negotiations between ADM. Harward and the White House broke down over ADM. Harward’s request that he be allowed to bring in his own staff — which would have required the POTUS to essentially fire most, if not all of the National Security Council staffers who had been brought in by LTG. Flynn.  So, it is uncertain what happens next.

Fox News is also reporting that POTUS Trump is backing away from earlier reports that suggested he was going to appoint Stephen Feinberg, Founder of Cerberus Capital Management to conduct a comprehensive review of the Intelligence Community.  POTUS Trump is now saying that with former Senator Dan Coates soon to be sworn in as the new Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Mike Pompaeo at CIA, and James Comey at the FBI, perhaps that review can occur without having to appoint an outsider to undertake what is surely to be a very challenging task.  V/R, RCP


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