The Hermit Kingdom Hermetically Sealed:  Putin Sends Troops To Border With North Korea, Move Follows Earlier Moves By China — Puts North Korea In A Quarantine-Type Vice
     Russian troops have joined the post-Easter parade to hermetically seal — well, the hermit kingdom of North Korea.  Will Stewart, the Daily Mail Online’s Moscow-based correspondent, writes on the publications website this morning (April 20, 2017) that Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the Russian military to deploy troops and equipment along their eleven-mile border with North Korea.  Putin’s move comes just days after China deployed some 150,000 troops and equipment along its border with North Korea.  With the DMZ, and South Korea to the south, and now Chinese and Russia troops to its East and West — Kim Jong-Un’s country is for all practical purposes — hermetically sealed.  Mr. Stewart adds that Russian  “railway trains loaded with military equipment,” were observed “moving towards the Primorsky region via Khabarovsk  The movement of military equipment b different means of transport to [the] southern area is being observed across [the] Primorsky region over the past week,” said Russian military veteran Stanislva Sinitsyn.  Mr. Sinitslva called the deployment a “preventatve, but necessary measure.”
     These deployments by China and Russia would almost certainly not occurred if POTUS Obama had still been in office.  POTUS Trump”s decision to order cruise missile strikes on Assad’s forces in Syria — after their use of chemical weapons on the civilian populace — restored some of the U.S.’s strategic credibility that had been lost under POTUS’s Obama’s watch.  As I wrote at the time of the Syrian strike, ‘the Dictator’s Ball is over.’  Strategic Resolve, has thankfully replaced Strategic Patience; and, now America’s adversary’s will once again have to respect the fact that we are no longer led by a POTUS who worries more about climate change — than geographic change; and, rouge states developing a robust nuclear arms arsenal.  One wonders how these deployments are being viewed in Pyongyang; and, if someone in Kim Jong-Un’s [I call him ‘Dr. Evil’] decides that it is time for the Kim family regime to end.  As someone in Beijing’s leadership might say — “We do indeed live in interesting times.”  The Sword of Damocles hanging over Dr. Evil… hanging by a thread.  V/R, RCP

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