Islamic State Beheads Russian ‘Intelligence Officer’s’ Head In Syria In New Gory Propaganda Video

Islamic State Beheads Russian ‘Intelligence Officer’s’ Head In Syria In New Gory Propaganda Video


     British newspaper The Independent, among other publications this morning (May 9, 2017) is reporting that the Islamic State (ISIS) “has beheaded a man who claimed to be a Russian intelligence officer in a gory new video which was released to coincide with Russia’s Victory Day celebrations marking the end of World War II,” Ms. Lizzie Bearden wrote.  I have not included the link to the video; but, if you so desire, just Google this story and it is readily available.  Ms. Bearden adds that “the lengthy video repeated the format [ISIS has] used in previous hostage executions [murders], including James Foley and David Haines — showing a prisoner identified as Evgeny Petrenko giving a ‘confession’ under duress.”  “The execution [murder] video, was released on ISIS propaganda channels on Tuesday, as a huge military parade rolled through Moscow to mark the anniversary of its victory over Nazi Germany in 1945.”

     The purported Russian intelligence officer “was shown dressed in a black jump suit, speaking with militants in a ‘prison’ — before kneeling in a desert and urging other Russian agents to surrender.”

     “The idiot believed the promises of his state [Russia] not to abandon him if he was captured,” Mr. Petrenko said, before being beheaded by a Russian-speaking ISIS militant,” Ms. Bearden wrote.  The officer “was shown supposedly confessing to infiltrate jihadi groups in the Caucus, Turkey, and Syria where he allegedly contacted Chechen militant Omar Shishani, who has since been killed in a U.S. air strike.”

     “The footage, released by ISIS’ al-Furat propaganda wing, included clips of several other Russian prisoners being beheaded and shot in past videos.  It also included footage of Russian airstrikes in Syria, and alleged civilian casualties, as well as of a Russian helicopter going down and protests against Russian President Vladimir Putin,” the Independent reports.

     “ISIS named Mr. Petrenko as a Federal Security Service (FSB) Colonel in a previous propaganda video released in September, threatening to execute the prisoner in a “message to the President of Russia and its people,” Ms. Bearden noted.

     Russian special forces, and no doubt, many Russian intelligence operatives have been in Syria for at least the past several years.  What is somewhat surprising is that it took ISIS this long to actually capture, and then behead a Russian intelligence, and/or special forces officer. There is certainly no love loss between ISIS and the Russia, as Moscow has been battling and killing militant Islamists in Chechnya for a decade or more.  And, Russia has a burgeoning militant Islamist population inside its borders that is likely to get worse over time.  Russia’s Muslim population is the fastest growing ethnic group in Russia; and, perhaps the only ethnic group that is showing measurable population gains.  Moreover, many Russians are very prejudicial against their Muslin cohorts, and Muslin discrimination is palpable.  So, this enmity isn’t going away anytime soon; and, more militant Islamic terrorist attacks inside Russia is a virtual certainty.  One would expect Mr. Putin to authorize retaliatory strikes against ISIS, wherever they are; and, with extreme prejudice.  V/R, RCP

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