North Korea Showed Off A Lot Of Missiles. What Might Be Its Targets?

Comments below highlighted in black are by/from Col. (Ret.) Dave Maxwell.

Dave Maxwell:  This is probably one of the best analyses of potential targeting by north Korea by a news organization.  There are very good graphics that unfortunately do not come through in an email message.  Please go to the link to view the entire article on the web page.  I have pasted the introduction below.

North Korea Showed Off A Lot Of Missiles. What Might Be Its Targets?

No one knows for sure what Kim Jong Un is thinking, but his propaganda provides clues to his nuclear strategy

Experts assumed Kim Jong Un had the capability to launch nuclear weapons even before last weekend’s test flight of a new missile that, on a normal, flatter trajectory, would have been capable of reaching Guam. But they don’t think he wants to fire them randomly.

“This notion that the program is unsophisticated is no longer true, and I don’t think the strategy is unsophisticated, either,” said Vipin Narang, an MIT professor who has written two books about nuclear strategy.

Narang said Kim’s blueprint appears to be derived from the playbooks of other countries that developed nuclear weapons, including Pakistan. The short version: repel and deter. He would hope to have enough nuclear firepower to repel a conventional attack from South Korea while deterring a game-ending nuclear retaliation by the United States.

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