The Annual Taurids Meteor Shower Is Hiding Asteroids That Could Wipe Out ENTIRE Continents Experts Warn

The Annual Taurids Meteor Shower Is Hiding Asteroids That Could Wipe Out ENTIRE Continents Experts Warn
    Tim Collins wrote in the May 25, 2017 edition of The DailyMailOnline, about a subject that I have written about several times in this blog.  He warns that, “a comet which lights up the light sky with hundreds of fireballs could be hiding doomsday asteroids.”  That dire warning is “the finding of a team of researchers who have been investigating the annual Taurids Meteor Shower.  And, they are warning the cosmic fragments of ice and rock could be large enough to wipe out entire continents,” here on Earth.  “One of these fragments could hit Earth in 2022, 2025, 2032, or 2039,” according to researchers from the Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Science, who have been tracking these fragments.
     The researchers “have found two asteroids, called 2015 TX24 and 2005 UR, which are part of a previously undiscovered branch of the Taurids’ debris,” Mr. Collins wrote.  “The Earth only passes through this potentially dangerous branch once every few years, causing greater numbers of shooting stars.  The space rocks measure 650 feet to 900 feet (200 to 300 meters) across; and, have been registered on the International Astronomical Union’s list of “potentially hazardous” asteroids.  But, the Czech team is concerned that the hidden debris field may contain even larger objects.”
    Mr. Collins notes that “in a paper published on Arxiv, the study’s authors wrote:  “Since asteroids of sizes of tens, to hundreds of meters pose a threat to the ground, even if they are intrinsically weak, impact hazard increases significantly when the Earth encounters the Taurid new branch every few years.”
     “Further studies leading to better description of this real source of potentially hazardous objects, which can be large enough to cause significant regional, or even continental damage on Earth; are therefore, extremely important,” the study’s authors
     “The biggest ever, documented explosion, a blast in Russia the size [equivalent to] of 186 Hiroshima bombs that was felt as far away as Britain and the U.S. –= has been blamed on the Taurid meteors,” Mr. Collins wrote.  “Known as the Tunguska event, the blast happened after a large fireball was seen crossing the Siberian sky on June 20, 1908.  An eruption six miles above the ground [a little higher than Mount Everest], flattened 80 million trees and left charred reindeer carcasses,” scattered across the remote landscape.  “The blast is thought to have been produced by [the result of a] Taurids comet, or asteroid, hurtling through the Earth’s atmosphere at over 33,500 miles per hour,” Mr. Collins wrote. “Whatever caused the event, likely entered the atmosphere at 9, to 19 miles per second; and would have been extremely fragile, [thus] destroying itself roughly 6 miles above the [surface] of [the] Earth.”  The edge of space is about 120 miles up, so, the time needed to reach the explosion point, once the comet/asteroid entered our atmosphere at 6 miles above the ground, would have taken anywhere from as much as just under 14 seconds, to less than 7 seconds.  In either case, there would have been little time to contemplate anything, had this ‘rock’ hit a heavily populated area.
     “If a Taurid object large enough to make it through the [Earth’s] atmosphere in one piece struck the ground, the damage would be catastrophic,” Mr. Collins wrote.
 The body of evidence and scholarly thought is accumulating, that Earth could well be facing a potential existential, catastrophic event by way of a stealth asteroid or comet — by 2030 — just 13 years from now.  
     Best-selling author Graham Hancock has been pounding the table if you will, about the increasing chances that a potential planet-killing asteroid, or comet may be on a collision course with Earth; by the year 2030; and, we may not see it coming.  Many scholars used to poo-poo Mr. Hancock’s warnings, arguing that the noted author was an outlier and on the fringes of science and ancient archaeology.  But, that view has certainly changed in the past couple of years, as more and more astronomers, cosmologists, archaeologists, and others are coming around to Mr. Hancock’s view of this potential threat.  Indeed, the Daily Mail Online’s Christopher Stevens wrote in the April 28, 2017 edition of the publication, that “the announcement in an obscure scientific journal this month [April], vindicates 20 years of maverick research and best-selling books by eccentric [ancient history] archaeologist, Graham Hancock.”
Mr. Hancock has long argued that mankind has suffered from a kind of intellectual and historical amnesia, which has left significant gaps in our knowledge about Earth’s ancient past — including, past comet, or asteroid strikes that caused widespread, and catastrophic damage.  Mr. Hancock has done yeoman’s work, devoting years of research to examine these past asteroid/comet strikes; and, he has concluded that a potential planet-killing asteroid or comet IS — even now — is on a collision course with Earth.  And he warns, that we may not see this killer rock until it is practically upon us, because it is ‘hidden’ within the Taurid meteor stream.  
     British astrophysicist Victor Clube and renowned Scottish astronomer Bill Napier, agree with Mr. Hancock, that a potential planet-killer comet or asteroid that we have yet to see — is likely on a collision course with Earth. 
     It was Mr. Hancock’s research for his newest book, “Magicians Of The Gods,” that prompted him to step up his warnings that we could well be facing a catastrophic, existential event in thirteen years or so. if we do not address gaps in both our ability to see these asteroids/comets in the Taurid meteor stream; and, have developed the technology and the means to either divert the comet/asteroid’s course, and/or, blast it into smaller, less threatening pieces.
     In a September 10, 2015 editorial for the Daily Mail Online, Mr. Hancock warned that “within the next 20 years, a comet big enough to end life on Earth as we know it — with hit our planet — triggering epic floods, tsunami’s [several hundred feet in height] and existential devastation.”  Mr. Hancock has done extensive, historical and archaeological research on this issue, which became the basis for his newest book.  In the 2015 editorial, Mr. Hancock wrote, “around the world, from Alaska, to Indonesia, more than 200 ancient myths tell of a civilization brought to an end by flood and fire.  Compelling scientific evidence, which began to emerge only in 2007, indicates that these stories, such as Noah  and his ark, is based on hard fact.”
     Mr. Hancock wrote that, “a cataclysm rocked our planet 12,800 years ago, causing mass extinctions of large animals such as the mammoth and sloth bears; and, all but wiping out our own human race.  An entire episode in the human story was rubbed out, a chapter not of unsophisticated hunter-gatherers — but, of an advanced technology.  Remnants of that civilization struggled on, sustained by a few individuals who knew the secrets of the former age.  To their primitive contemporaries, it appeared that they possessed magical holy powers — they are what I call………….The Magicians Of The Gods.”
     “These magicians left a message for us — not a metaphorical, spiritual message; but, a direct, and urgent warning:  What happened before, can happen again; and, what destroyed the [their] world…..can destroy ours.  Those warnings have gone unheeded for millennia.  Now, we have the scientific evidence to decode them; but, it is almost too late.”
     Mr. Hancock goes on to discuss the period between 10,000 B.C. and 9600 B.C. — which geologists call — Younger Dryas.”  Many different ancient societies and communities all over the Earth have references to a catastrophic event that changed our planet considerably and caused extinction across a wide swath of the globe.  “But,” he writes, “it was the Ojibwa people of the Canadian grasslands, whose legend seems most credible, almost scientific today.  Their storytellers remember a comet called Long-Tailed Heavenly Climbing Star — which swept through the skies, scorching the Earth; and, leaving behind a ‘different world.’  After that, [event]” Mr Hancock notes, “survival was hard work.  The weather was colder than before.  And the Ojibwa believed that this [hardship] was just a foretaste of an apocalypse to come.  They [the ancient texts] spoke of a dark prophecy, foretold by their medicine men.”  “The star with the long, wide, tail — is going to destroy the world someday……when it comes again.”  That, was 12,800 years ago, when the Taurid meteor stream approached Earth’s neighborhood.  Mr. Hancock, among a growing body of others, is warning that planet Earth will once again be entering this Taurid meteor stream sometime around the year, 2030.
     “The Magicians of the Gods had a message for our times; and, it is one we cannot afford to ignore,” Mr. Hancock warns.  “The explosive power of the Younger Dryas comet……was, in the order of ten million megatons, or two million times greater than the biggest nuclear bomb ever detonated — and, 1,000 times more powerful than all the atomic devices stockpiled on Earth.”
      “All we can know for certain,” Mr. Hancock concludes, “is that in around 15 years [at the time he wrote the article, now 13 yrs.], the Earth will once again cross the Taurid meteor stream, that vast highway of cosmic debris, right at the place where the biggest, and most numerous fragments that currently exist are collected [concentrated].  Some of them are three times the size of the asteroid that hit the Earth 65 million years ago, setting off a global firestorm, and bringing about the demise, or extinction of the dinosaurs.  This is when the risk of a collision is most severe.  This is when the prophecy of the Ojibwa people is set to come true.  The star with the long tail is going to destroy the world someday  — when it comes in low again.”
     Is it foreordained that history is going to repeat itself and we are going to suffer some kind of catastrophic, existential asteroid/comet strike in the 2030 time-frame?  Of course not.  But, those who would quickly dismiss Mr. Hancock’s warning could be the equivalent of an ostrich sticking its head in the ground.  And, if Mr. Hancock, who has good company on his thesis and warning — is right — are we prepared to meet that kind of threat and the answer to that question is a big NO!.  NASA  and others are working on the technology, means, and methods to divert, or otherwise disrupt a potential planet-killer from striking Earth; but, none of these options are available now, nor will we have an adequate defensive plan in place till after the 2030 time frame — unless of course more resources, talent and money is dedicated to significantly speed up the research and development.  And, much of this comet/asteroid avoidance plan and success is dependent on us having significant warning and time to react.  In a scenario where the killer asteroid/comet is hiding among the Taurid meteor debris — we would need a whole lot of luck and divine intervention to prevent a catastrophic impact.  It would be until we have a defensive system deployed in orbit — that we will at least have an option to avoid such a terrible, black-swan event.  In a perfect world, we need to develop, deploy, exercise, and test such a space-borne, anti comet/anti-asteroid architecture.  At our current budget, priority and emphasis, etc., etc., we won’t have something that far along till the mid-2030s, if then, barring some kind of disruptive, technological leap-ahead.  It is where we currently are; and the pace that we’re on; and, not where we need to be.  What I do not know; and what was left unsaid, is what are the odds that Mr. Hancock is right?  Right now it would seem, Mr. Hancock’s view is gaining significant ground.  V/R, RCP


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