Putin’s Way:  Russia Liquidating Witnesses To The Shoot-Down Of Malaysian Flight MH17 Over Ukraine In July 2014, Killing All 298 Passengers/Crew On-Board — As Netherlands Announces Suspects Will Be Prosecuted In Dutch Court

Putin’s Way:  Russia Liquidating Witnesses To The Shoot-Down Of Malaysian Flight MH17 Over Ukraine In July 2014, Killing All 298 Passengers/Crew On-Board — As Netherlands Announces Suspects Will Be Prosecuted In Dutch Court


     Surprise, surprise, behavior that The Godfather’s Don Vito Corleone would love, Vladimir Putin is attempting to ensure that justice is never served in the July 17, 2014 shoot-down of Malaysian Flight MH17 over Ukraine, killing all 298 passengers and crew on-board.  Will Stewart wrote in the July 5, 2017 edition of the Daily Mail Online, “Russia is seeking to ‘isolate,’ or ‘liquidate’ key witnesses to the shooting down,” of the civilian airliner.  Mr. Stewart notes that “the key figure [living witness, Colonel Vasily Geranin was secretly taken into custody last month, in an operation suspected of being run by Putin’s Federal Security Service (FSB), according to a voluntary Ukrainian group probing the crash.”  The Russian FSB is the principal security organization in Russia, and is the principal successor to the Soviet Union’s KGB spy entity.  Colonel Geranin is, or was at the time of the shoot-down, a high-ranking member of Russia’s Main Intelligence Agency (GRU), Moscow’s principal foreign military intelligence entity.

     Colonel “Geranin is seen as a ‘key witness,’ and ‘possible accomplice,’ in the downing of MH17,” according to open source intelligence investigation agency, InformNaplam.  According to InformNapalm’s website, the entity is a volunteer organization that conducts investigations and reports on “events concerning the war against Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea, and the terrorist activities of the Russian special services,” and those/militants not officially associated, but sympathetic to Russia’s Ukraine activities.

     These allegations, come just days ahead of the third anniversary of the MH17 shoot-down; and, as the Netherlands is about to establish a formal tribunal to hold accountable those deemed responsible for the shoot-down. Colonel Geranin’s “voice is alleged,” to be the one “heard on an ‘incriminating,’ intercepted mobile call with [pro-Russian] rebel leader Igor Bezler, in the immediate aftermath of the plane’s downing by a Russian-supplied Buk missile complex, in pro-Moscow, rebel-held, eastern Ukraine,” Mr. Stewart wrote.  In addition to the intercepted mobile cell phone call, photographs “of a Russian military engineer posing with the Buk missile launcher believed to have been [the weapon] used to shoot-down,” flight MH17, Mr. Stewart noted.  The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), headquartered in Kiev, “alleges that Geranin, — a high-ranking member of Russia’s GRU — ‘personally supervised’ Belzer.”

     Colonel Geranin has never spoken publicly, nor given his version of events and what happened to Dutch investigators; and, with his recent ‘arrest’ by Putin’s FSB — he likely never will.  Mr. Stewart notes that Colonel Gernanin was recently detained in Russia “for allegedly possessing illegal munitions, including parts of a grenade launcher, and retrospectively fired from the GRU.”

     Russia, of course, has banned/blocked the Dutch/U.N. investigation into the MH17 downing; and, refused to provide the investigation access to any potential witnesses, or potential investigated-related material.  Mr. Stewart adds that “another key player, Russian Major General, Sergey Dubinsky – accused of relocating the Buk missile complex [unit, in the immediate aftermath of the shoot-down], is in hiding; and, has refused to give details of his knowledge of the incident.”  As Don Vito Corleone/Marlon Brando said to his son Michael in the Godfather, “make him an offer he can’t refuse.” the offer being ‘do as I say, or I will kill you.’

     Russia of course has a long, sordid history of putting to death those they deem as a threat to the regime; or, perhaps as bad, sending opponents to the gulags of Siberia.  Vladimir Putin is no different; and, has followed in the footsteps of Stalin and other brutal Russian leaders, who are quite comfortable in acting like Don Vito Corleone.  And, why shouldn’t he/Putin?  Indeed, despite a solid evidentiary trail leading directly to Russian President Putin — with respect to the assassination of a former KGB and FSB agent, and Putin critic, Alexander Litvineko in Britain in November 2006 — Putin has suffered no consequences.  Litvineko, who had been living in London for six years, until his untimely demise, died after drinking a cocktail laced with Polonium 201 — after meeting with two of his former colleagues in a London hotel bar.  In a January 12, 2016 article in London’s The Guardian, “Fresh Evidence Suggests Litvineko Was Killed To Keep Him Quiet,” Alex Goldfarb and Anastasia Kirilenko wrote that “new evidence presented to the Litvineko Justice Foundation in London suggests he could have been killed to prevent him from testifying about Vladimir Putin’s links to Russian organized crime.”  The authors added that, “Jose Grinda Gonzalez, a Spanish prosecutor who investigated Russian mafia activity in Spain, had arranged to hear evidence [allegedly linking Putin to Russian mafia activities in Spain] from Litvineko in London in November 2006,”and just days after he was assassinated in London.  Despite all the evidence linking Putin personally, to Litvineko’s killing, Putin has suffered no real consequences.  One wonders if the recent assassination of a relative or North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un’s in a Malaysian airport terminal, happened in-part, because Un may have felt if Putin could get away with such a high-profile, high-risk assassination — and suffer little to no consequences — why couldn’t he/Un….do the same?

     Putin’s way, Un’s way, and Don Vito Corleone’s way, apparently are ‘winning,’ and ruling the day.  V/R, RCP

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