U.S. Diplomats In Cuba Suffered Brain Injuries In ‘Sonic Attack’ — Some U.S. Diplomatic Personnel May Have Suffered Possible Damage To Their Central Nervous System

U.S. Diplomats In Cuba Suffered Brain Injuries In ‘Sonic Attack’ — Some U.S. Diplomatic Personnel May Have Suffered Possible Damage To Their Central Nervous System


     Mark Moore writes on this evening’s August 23, 2017 edition of the New York Post, reports that “a doctor who evaluated Canadian and American diplomats complaining about hearing loss and nausea while working in Cuba said they are suffering traumatic brain injuries and possible damage to their central nervous system, citing a CBS News report.”

     Previous reporting on this issue; and, posted on this blog, noted that U.S. intelligence, State Department Diplomatic Security, and the FBI have been conducting a months-long investigation in Cuba, about U.S. and Canadian diplomatic personnel suffering from a mysterious ‘illness,’ including severe hearing loss, persistent painful headaches, exhaustion, and other debilitating symptoms.  CBS News reported earlier this month that as many as eight or nine U.S. Embassy Cuba-based diplomatic personnel have had their tours cut short due to the severity of their symptoms/illness.  These symptoms began appearing near the end of last year/2016 CBS News reported.  

     Tia Chose, writing in the August 14, 2017 edition of Seeker.com, reported that “U.S. officials have concluded that American diplomats at the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba had been exposed to an advanced, [covert surveillance] device that operated outside the range of audible [human] sound; and had [deliberately/secretly]  deployed — either inside, or outside their residences.

     The harassment of U.S. diplomatic personnel in Cuba and Russia is nothing new; and, there is a long and rich history of both countries using covert listening devices, break-ins of residences, and all sorts of deliberate actions intended to undermine U.S. diplomatic personnel in the carrying out their missions on behalf of the U.S. Government.  One wonders if Cuban intelligence was solely responsible for this operation; or, whether there was Russian knowledge, complicity, or assistance.  Hopefully, U.S. intelligence and those liaison intelligence services are helping us in determining the answer to those questions — and, especially whether there has been any unusual meetings between Cuban and Russian intelligence personnel.  One would of course not expect any of these meetings to have taken place in Cuba — all the more reason we will need the help and assistance of liaison intelligence services; and, probably some luck, to get to ground truth on this.  

     This unfortunate ‘event’ also demonstrates how our diplomatic personnel stationed overseas, are sometimes unwittingly put at personal risk, while serving on behalf of the United States.  Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims of what appears to have been a deliberate, covert act — perpetrated by Cuban intelligence — at a minimum — and, perhaps Russian intelligence as well.  One thing for certain, if Russian intelligence were involved in any way, we should expect that Putin would have likely made such a decision; and, that Moscow would have taken great care to hide their involvement and activities.  I hope we are able to get to the bottom of this unfortunate saga — sooner, rather than later.  V/R, RCP 



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