Cuban Mystery Crisis Solved?  Is Vladimir Putin/Moscow Responsible For The Serious Illness That Has Afflicted 21 U.S. Diplomats In Havana?  Deliberate Attempt By Moscow To Sabotage Improving U.S./Cuban Relations?

Cuban Mystery Crisis Solved?  Is Vladimir Putin Responsible For The Serious Illness That Has Afflicted 21 U.S. Diplomats In Havana?  Deliberate Attempt By Moscow To Sabotage Improving U.S./Cuban Relations?
     Cuban mystery crisis solved?  Tom Leonard writes on the September 20, 2017 online edition of the Daily Mail that the cause of the mysterious affliction that has affected 21 U.S. diplomatic personnel in Havana, Cuba; and, crippled U.S. diplomatic operations there — remains a mystery.  But, I believe that U.S. investigators must consider the possibility that this ‘covert operation’ was/is a deliberate attempt by Vladimir Putin to sabotage improving U.S./Cuban relations.  More on that later.
     The mysterious illness that began manifesting itself in late 2016, has caused serious, and in some cases debilitating physical symptoms, including:  mild brain damage and permanent hearing or memory loss, persistent painful headaches, exhaustion, nose bleeds, exhaustion, and other debilitating symptoms.  Several Canadian diplomats were also similarly afflicted.  Despite months of treatment, “some of the victims are still struggling to concentrate, or even recall common words — evidence of long-term mental damage that has hardened the U.S. attitude towards Cuba,” Mr. Leonard wrote.
     While the cause of these debilitating symptoms has not been determined, there is strong circumstantial evidence pointing directly at the Cuban regime , according to Mr. Leonard and the Daily Mail — though, I believe Moscow is the more likely culprit.  “Most diplomats were affected in their homes — which were provided by the Cuban government; but, at least one incident occurred on the upper floor of the Hotel Capri, a historic high-rise building popular with tourists, where two [U.S.] diplomats were living,” Mr. Leonard wrote.  Of note, “no one else at the Hotel Capri made a similar complaint,” and, “the targeting, if indeed a weapon [or some kind of surveillance device] is involved, is so specific, that it affected only certain parts of certain rooms,” he added.
     The fact that many of the victims never heard any unusual/audible sounds during this time period, strongly suggests something either of a very high frequency emission origin — or ultrasound  — or a very low emission — infrasound origin.  “Of those,” Mr. Leonard writes, “experts say the most likely is ultrasound — which is employed, for example, in dog whistles — because it’s far simpler to channel into a light beam of energy.”  Ultrasound “has also [been] proven to produce [cause] some of the symptoms such as hearing loss and disorientation — as reported by U.S. diplomats who have been affected — and, in some cases can be fatal,” Mr. Leonard noted.

     Thus far, neither U.S, nor Cuban investigators have been able to determine what is causing the illness; and, the Cuban government is said to be distressed by these developments, because Havana genuinely wants to improve relations with Washington the Daily Mail has reported.  Cuban authorities have launched what they portray as an “exhaustive, high-priority, urgent investigation.”

     Meanwhile, U.S. investigators are examining the possibility “that the perpetrator could be some rouge Cuban government faction; or even Cuban intelligence, which may fear it will lose its influence if the country is not at daggers drawn with America,” Mr. Leonard wrote.  Another possibility being investigated is whether these symptoms and illnesses are the byproduct of a secret/covert Russian intelligence operation.  We certainly have clear evidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin blames the United States for the collapse of the Soviet Union — something he has called: “the greatest tragedy of the 20th century.”  Moscow has a long, historical relationship with Cuban intelligence; and, certainly a strong, on-the-ground presence in Havana.  And, Moscow has used sonic devices in a covert manner against U.S. embassy personnel in the past.  So, Russia certainly has the motive, means, and opportunity to have carried out such a covert operation.  Putin may well have decided to orchestrate some kind of operation/event designed to sabotage the improving U.S./Cuban relationship.  And, there is also the possibility that this was a Cuban, or Russian, or joint Cuban/Russian intelligence operation that “involved new technology that had a side-effect no one expected,” Vince Houghton, historian and curator of the International Spy Museum told the Daily Mail.

     Outside of finding some non man-made cause for this unfortunate, unfolding tragedy, I believe the most likely culprit is Moscow and Vladimir Putin, who does not want to see the U.S./ Cuba relationship improve/strengthen.  And, it is likely the result of a Russian covert, solo operation that was done without the knowledge and consent of Cuban intelligence — though some key Cuban intelligence operatives with a long history of loyalty to Russian intelligence could have been involved/assisted Moscow.  I have no proof of this possibility, it is just my best guess at the present time, and with the known information thus far.  V/R, RCP


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