Seoul Asks Beijing To Hand Over North Korean Defectors

I hope POTUS Trump raised this issue while in China.  This is a crime against humanity and should not go without consequences.  RCP,
David Maxwell comments:  China needs to be sanctioned over this

​ if the defectors are returned to north Korea.  The defectors will end up in the gulags described in the previous message.
Seoul asks Beijing to hand over N. Korean defectors
South Korea has asked China to hand over North Korean defectors being held in Shenyang, Cheong Wa Dae said Sunday.
The issue was raised at a high-level meeting involving Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Danang, Vietnam.
The meeting took place prior to the summit between the leaders of the two countries on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.
China responded that it will “look into the matter,” according to the presidential office.
“We conveyed our message that opinions and human rights of defectors should be respected, and that the case should be handled in line with humanitarian principles,” presidential press secretary Yoon Young-chan said. “We also expressed our willingness to ask North Korean defectors’ thoughts and take over them if they want to do so. China said it will look into the matter accordingly.”
Diplomatic sources said Seoul brought up the issues about defectors, which China has found sensitive, in line with President Moon Jae-in’s principle on North Korean human rights.
According to the South Korean consulate in Shenyang last week, it received a report that 10 North Koreans face the risk of being deported after being arrested by Chinese police in Shenyang, Oct. 4.
The defectors included a three-year-old and others in their 60s.
The consulate said it contacted the Chinese authorities to verify the report and requested them not to return the defectors to the repressive state.
Beijing, however, said it has not been officially informed with any relevant reports. It added it will find out on its own whether the news is true.
Despite international concerns, China has been refusing to acknowledge North Korean defectors as refugees and has forcibly sent them back to their country.
China is believed to fear possible chaos from an influx of North Koreans on the Pyongyang-Beijing border if it grants refugee status to defectors.
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