The U.S., U.K., & France Strike Bashar Assad’s Syria — For Gassing His Own Civilian Population; Mr. Assad, Red Lines Mean Something In A Trump Administration

The U.S., U.K., & France Strike Bashar Assad’s Syria — For Gassing His Own Civilian Population; POTUS Obama’s ‘Strategic Patience Has Been Replaced With…….’Strategic Resolve!’
     Mr. Assad, Red Lines mean something in a Trump administration — ‘Strategic Patience,’ has been relegated to its proper place – the dustbin of history.  Any ‘leader’ who would gas his own people, including women and children, is someone who must be punished and deterred.  Otherwise, evil will continue to flourish; and, despots elsewhere could well follow suit.
     Overnight, the U.S. the U.K., and France joined together to launch missile strikes on two Syrian chemical weapons facilities, and two of Assad’s command posts — one in Damascus, and the other in Homs, which was the victim of the horrific gas attack that killed 60 civilians last weekend.
     I guess it would be safe to assume that the ‘agreement’ that POTUS Obama and his team brokered which ‘resulted’ in Assad giving up his chemical weapons — WASN”T WORTH THE PAPER IT WAS WRITTEN ON.
     Red Lines matter.  The requirement to follow through on that Red Line when it has been violated…….matters.
     Strategic patience, vacillation, leading from behind, focusing on climate change — while your adversaries focus on geographic change….matters.
     As, of course Congress always shows its most hypocritical self in these kind of situations.  They decry POTUS Trump as reckless, and shooting from the hip, without a plan, or getting their approval.  But, history shows that these same Congress men and women DO NOT WANT to vote to approve or disapprove such action.  They do no want to be forced to take a position — as usual.  They’d rather throw popcorn and insults at the POTUS for not seeking their approval or disapproval, and for lack of a plan as to what comes next.  Otherwise, if they actually had to vote, they would be on the hook/record, and would then be held accountable for that vote.  No, they decry not being asked to vote; and, get to criticize the policy, while shielding themselves from hard decisions.  No profiles in courage there.
     Under POTUS Obama, our allies no longer trusted us; and, our adversaries no longer feared us.  Vladimir Putin seized the Ukraine, Iran and North Korea became even more assertive, and China built artificial islands in the South China Sea, announced the creation of an Air Defense Identification Zone, and planted its flag in the Arctic and elsewhere.
     Dictators and despots abhor being confronted with strength; and, weakness, vacillation, and ‘strategic patience,’ may as well be a strategic honeypot for malcontents.
     The U.S. strike on Syria and Assad’s forces, was mandatory; and, it is highly likely it would not have taken place under an Obama presidency.  Last night was a measured response, and a powerful one — in terms of the message it sent.  If there was any doubt after the first U.S. strike on Syria early in his term, the strike last night reinforced his message:  evil personified will be confronted; and, it will be punished.
     The U.S. and POTUS Trump have exchanged Strategic Patience………For Strategic Resolve!.  RCP,

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