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Putin’s Secret Services: How The Kremlin Corralled The FSB

Putin’s Secret Services How the Kremlin Corralled the FSB By Andrei Soldatov In April, a series of protests hit the Moscow region. They were neither overtly political—citizens were protesting toxic landfills in their neighborhoods—nor very numerous, comprising, at most, a few thousand people in a region of over seven million. At their peak, people took to the […]

Italy’s Crisis — And Europe’s: Italy’s President Rejects The Populist Election Winners, Setting Up A Clash Between Democracy And The European Union; Will Ita’l Leave?

Italy’s Crisis — And Europe’s: Italy’s President Rejects The Populist Election Winners, Setting Up A Clash Between Democracy And The European Union; Will Ita’l Leave?      We have a new ‘Sick Man Of Europe.’  As history has recorded, in the waning days of the Ottoman Empire (1908-1922), Tsar Nicholas, the last Tsar of […]

Chinese Robots Swarm The South China Sea: Beijing Is Well-Suited To Exploit Unmanned Machines Chinese Robo-Boats Swarm the South China Sea Beijing is well situated to exploit unmanned machines WIB SEA May 31, 2018 Robert Beckhusen China62 robots3 A video from late May 2018 shows a swarm of 56 small, unmanned boatsoperating in the South China Sea. While a rudimentary demonstration, it mirrors similar exercises performed by U.S. Navy boats practicing — […]

Threat Report 2018: Russia’s Military Doctrine Of Deception And Deniability

From Mark Kelton: “Russia’s goals are broad acknowledgement by Washington of Moscow’s revitalized role as a key player on the world stage, particularly in the Middle East; recognition that Russia has legitimate policy and security interests in former Soviet territories, the so-called ‘near abroad,’ to include Ukraine and the NATO-member Baltic states; an end to […]

How A Pentagon Contract Became An Identity Crisis For Google

How a Pentagon Contract Became an Identity Crisis for Google The New York Times · By Scott Shane, Cade Metz and Daisuke Wakabayashi WASHINGTON — Fei-Fei Li is among the brightest stars in the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence, somehow managing to hold down two demanding jobs simultaneously: head of Stanford University’s A.I. lab and chief scientist […]

Revolutionizing The Institutional Army

Excerpts: The Army required a radical change and that change is underway thanks to the leadership of Lieutenant General Ed Cardon. These decisions represent a revolutionary change in the Army’s modernization enterprise and parallel efforts must anchor the change into a credible and transparent organizational culture.   1. Fail Early, Fail Small, and Learn Fast […]

In Defense Of The CIA’s Moral Compass

In Defense of the CIA’s Moral Compass Steven A. CashFormer Chief Counsel to Senator Dianne Feinstein In a recent op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal, titled ‘At the CIA, Immorality Is Part of the Job’, a retired lawyer and former commissioner for Major League Baseball, Mr. Fay Vincent, opined about the CIA’s history and […]

How Spies Can Use Your Cellphone To Find You – And Eavesdrop On Your Calls And Texts Too

Excerpt: “I don’t think most Americans realize how insecure U.S. telephone networks are,” Wyden said in a statement. “If more consumers knew how easy it is for bad guys to track or hack their mobile phones, they would demand the FCC and wireless companies do something about it. These aren’t just hypotheticals.” How spies can use […]

Kim Jong-un ‘Nervous About Leaving North Korea’

The comments highlighted in blue below are by/from Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell; and, his contact info is at the bottom of this page.  RCP, David Maxwell Comment:  “My propaganda messaging theme would be you cannot be a respected leader in the international community if you are afraid to leave your own country.   President […]

Israel’s Nuclear Strategy: Enhancing Deterrence In The New Cold War

Israel’s Nuclear Strategy: Enhancing Deterrence in the New Cold War By Louis René BeresMay 29, 2018 “Oh ship of state, new waves push you out to sea….”—Horace, Odes By definition, as long as particular countries regard their nuclear status as an asset, every state that is a member of the so-called nuclear club is a direct […]