“The Guys Burnt Happily.” What Is Known About The Death Of Russian Military In Syria


“The guys burnt happily.” What is known about the death of Russian military in Syria

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Russian soldiers under Paolmira, May 2016

Russian soldiers under Paolmira, May 2016

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On Sunday morning, May 27, the Ministry of Defense confirmed the death of four Russian soldiers in Syria in the middle of last week. According to the ministry, Russian military advisers, who were in charge of the fire of the Syrian artillery battery, died as a result of the attack of “terrorists”. Two Russians were killed immediately, five more were wounded, two wounded later died in the hospital. At the same time, according to reports of Russian regional media and independent investigators, there were at least six dead. Their names and surnames are already known. Which of these six is ​​lucky to be “officially recognized” and why the Ministry of Defense understates the number of dead is unclear.

Radio Liberty tells us what is known about the dead and the circumstances of their deaths.

The Ministry of Defense reported the death of Russians only after notes in the regional media

The ministry’s message does not say when the battle took place, but even before its publication it became known that the events described took place on May 23: this date was called the site “Chita.ru”, which reported the delivery of dead bodies of soldiers from the Trans-Baikal Territory in a few hours Before the death of the military confirmed the Ministry of Defense. Later on May 23, other sources confirmed, for example, Novaya Gazeta, Kommersant and Komsomolskaya Pravda. Do not call the Ministry of Defense and the names of the dead.

Sources say 6 or even 9 dead

The first report on the death of Russians in Syria appeared in the public anonymous army in the social network “VKontakte” as early as 2.50 am on Sunday. The man who wrote it spoke about 5 dead and 18 wounded, four of whom are in extremely grave condition.

The Chita newspaper Vecherka on Sunday also wrote about five dead . In the next issue of the publication on the same day it was already spoken about 6 dead . “Novaya Gazeta” referring to an unnamed source also writes about 6 dead in battle Russians.

The figure of 6 deaths is also called the Conflict Intelligence Team . In addition to the 4 natives of Transbaikalia, experts at CIT believe , a May 23 native in Smolensk could die in the battle. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” writes about the sixth dead , who was from Bashkiria – he died after being wounded, already being in the hospital.

The France Presse news agency, referring to the human rights organization based in London, the “Syrian Human Rights Monitoring Center”, reported 9 Russian soldiers killed and 26 dead Syrian government army soldiers. Sources “IGIL” report about 23 killed Russians and Syrians, as well as about 50 prisoners.

Where did the deceased serve?

According to the Chita media, at least four of the dead served in the 200th artillery brigade located in the closed settlement of Gorny Ulyotovsky district of Transbaikal Region (ZATO Chita-46). The participation of this brigade in the fighting in Syria was known before: one of its servicemen, Private Alexander Berdyshev from Tyumen, published in his profile in “VKontakte” photos taken in the Syrian province of Latakia. One of the dead, whose name was called on Monday by Komsomolskaya Pravda, 31-year-old Alexander Filimonov, served, as his relatives say, in Chita.

Among the dead can be mercenaries “PMC Wagner”

About this, however, reports only one source – “Novaya Gazeta” . According to her anonymous interlocutor, “fighters” PWC Wagner “regularly guard the Asad oil rigs in the province of Deir ez-Zor.”

Where did the battle take place?

According to the source of the newspaper Kommersant, “in the military authorities,” the clash occurred on Wednesday evening in the vicinity of the settlement of Mejadin. This city is located on the monitored troops Assad west bank of the Euphrates River, just 40 with little kilometers from the village Hisham, space, next to which in February in a battle with the forces “of the Syrian democratic forces” and US military advisers were killed, according to various sources, up to several hundreds of Russian mercenaries from the “PMC Wagner . 

Who attacked whom?

The Defense Ministry’s official statement reads: “Several mobile terrorist groups attacked an artillery battery of government troops in the province of Deir ez Zor during the dark hours, while the Syrian military, together with seconded from the staff of the military advisers, took the fight by the Russians. The servicemen managed to destroy 43 terrorists and six high-cross-country vehicles with installed large-caliber weapons. “

Sources Kommersant describe the circumstances of the collision in a similar way, calling the same numbers of losses among the attackers: “The attack was swift and well prepared: the Syrian military did not immediately understand what was happening, and some even preferred to get out of the fire, which was conducted by militants from a dozen jeeps with large-caliber weapons installed on them, proceeding from the situation, the Russian military took command of themselves, in a short time deployed artillery and fired back.The fight lasted about an hour, during which time ichtozheny 43 militants and six cars. “

Kommersant and Novaya Gazeta also report that representatives of the “moderate Syrian opposition” could participate in the attack. According to the publication, her troops were transferred two days before the battle to the Deir ez-Zor area from the military base of the international coalition against IGIL at Et-Tanf. It is possible that they were representatives of those same “Syrian democratic forces” (also known as the “Syrian Free Army”), in which the Wagnerites tried to attack in February. The military correspondent Roman Saponkov assumes that what happened could be the result of the counterattack of the IGIL fighters after the rapid advance of the Syrian army in this region with the support of Russian artillerymen.

The directorate telegram-channel writes about the context of the battle: “In the last few days, in the desert areas of the provinces of Homs and Deir ez Zor have intensified as insurgents of the Islamic state, raiding the infrastructure of the Syrian forces, and the Syrian army with its allies, trying to clean remnants of jihadists on the west bank of the Euphrates. ” According to the channel referring to media close to the “Igil”, there were two attacks: one on a column of equipment in which the Russian military perished; the second – to the barracks of the Syrian military, as a result of which dozens of them were killed and taken prisoner.

In the report “Chity.ru” from the funeral of the dead, it is reported that the bodies of some of them were delivered to Russia in closed coffins, which relatives were not allowed to open. In comments to the report on the death of Russians in the public anonymous army, Oksana Makeyeva, a resident of Gorny, where the 200th brigade is stationed, writes that the dead “burned alive.” At the request of Radio Liberty to clarify the source of this information and the circumstances of the death of the Russian military, she did not respond.

The funeral of those killed in the fighting on May 23 near Deir ez-Zor: video

Names, surnames and age of the deceased

The media in Chita and the Trans-Baikal region cite the names and surnames of four military men who died in the battle of Meyadin.

The first of these is Sergeant Igor Alexandrovich Mikhailov , born in 1995. On July 18 he was to turn 23 years old. July 25, 2016 he had a son . May 28, Igor Mikhailov was buried in the Central Cemetery of Chita.

The second victim was the 32-year-old senior lieutenant Sergei Elin . Like Mikhailov, he was buried May 27 in Chita.

The third victim was a 22-year-old Vyacheslav Kravchenko (born December 1, 1995), a native of the village of Gavan, in the Kara district of the Trans-Baikal Territory. He will be buried in the harbor on 29 May. The military commissioner of the Kyrena district, Yuri Minin, responded to Chity.ru’s request to clarify the military rank and the part in which Kravchenko served, referred to the “ban to disclose any information.” From the profile of Kravchenko in the social network “Odnoklassniki” during May 28, the posts of his relatives disappeared, in which they grieve for the deceased, but the profile itself is still available .

The fourth dead, as the trans-Baikal publications write, is the 24-year-old Dmitry Vershinin from the village of Ureysk. Ureysk is a tribal village of Vershinins, founded, as follows from the “Encyclopedia of Transbaikalia” , by Cossacks A. Utyuzhkov and G. Vershinin. Dmitry Vershinin will be buried in Ureiska, as Chita.ru writes , on May 29.

The Conflict Intelligence Team investigates the names of two more dead Russians, whose deaths may be linked to the May 23rd death. This is Alexander Filimonov and the 25-year-old communications officer from Smolensk, Kirill Polishchuk .

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” talked with Filimonov’s relatives. According to the publication, Alexander’s body was brought to his homeland, in the city of Beloretsk in Bashkortostan, on May 26. The funeral took place on May 27. Relatives Filimonova also confirmed that the battle occurred on May 23 – this, they said, they were informed by the Ministry of Defense.

The total account of Russian losses in Syria

After the Ministry of Defense recognized the deaths of four Russian military in Syria, the total account of officially recognized Russian victims in this war is 51 people. 8 of them were killed in May: in addition to those killed in battle on the 23rd, four more Russian military lost in the air as a result of aviation accidents – two on May 3, when the Su-30 fighter crashed near the Khmeimim airbase and two as a result of the Ka-52 helicopter crash in eastern Syria . According to the official version, the cause of the crashes in both cases were technical malfunctions. According to unofficial data, the cause of the Ka-52 crash could be the shelling of MANPADS.

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