POTUS Trump; Frank Sinatra; North Korea; And A Marathon

POTUS Trump; Frank Sinatra; North Korea; And A Marathon
     POTUS Trump’s meeting in Singapore with North Korean dictator [I call him ‘Dr. Evil] Kim Jong-Un is a very historic moment in time; and, depending on how these talks ultimately conclude — could be the most historic agreement between two warring nations since the 1978 Camp David Accord Agreement between Egypt and Israel, brokered by then POTUS Jimmy Carter.  Granted, this is a marathon — not a sprint — and, there are likely some dips and valleys ahead.  But, this initial meeting between a U.S. President and the leader of North Korea — for the first time in history — could well end up being the watershed moment of the 21st century.
     Democrats and the overwhelming majority of the U.S. ‘media establishment,’ were right on cue, criticizing POTUS Trump for giving Kim Jong-Un a boost in stature, and a ‘pledge’ to stop U.S./South Korean war-games on the Peninsula, at least for now.  Media outlet after media outlet falsely claimed that the North Korean dictator gave nothing to the United States, or our Pacific allies — a gross oversight at best; and, in many cases, a deliberate attempt to mislead the American public.  Indeed, prior to the meeting in Singapore, North Korea had halted its nuclear testing; and, also released American hostages.  And, as part of the Singapore talks, Pyongyang also pledged to return the remains of the war dead from the Korean War.  There are probably some other things that may have been pledged as a result of these talks; but, to claim that POTUS Trump gave away the store is just plain wrong; and, once again shows that the American media and Hollywood so despises this President, that they are blinded by their ideology and hatred towards this man. As for the ‘wargames,’ they are held once a year and this year’s ‘wargames,’ just recently concluded.  We have another eleven months before the next wargames were to take place.  Everyone, take a deep breath here.
     As former Australian Prime Minister and current Asia Society Policy Institute President Kevin Rudd said on this morning’s CNBC Squawk Box, “it is because of this President’s unique style which has enabled us [the world] to get to this point; and, we need to give it time to see what details shake out of the tree,” as a result of this very historic meeting.  PM Rudd reminded the viewers that just “six months ago,” the headlines were filled with dire warnings of a potential nuclear war with North Korea.  Now, we may well be embarked on a process that could lead to de-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula; and, a peace and stability in the region we haven’t seen since the end of WWII.”
    PM Rudd said we need to view the North Korean nuclear program in “three boxes: 1) Missiles – short, medium, and long-range; 2) Nuclear material – accumulated weaponry they have already developed; and 3) Nuclear Supply Chain.”  “The logical place to start the negotiation process,” he added, “is with the missiles and work your way through each box,” and then of course a verification regime.
     When asked what China wants out of this, PM Rudd said he thought China would be pleased,  “Number one,” he said, “China does not want a large-scale conflict on the Korean peninsula — that’s bad, China would have to back North Korea under those circumstances; and, China might lose.  Beijing would of course like to see U.S. troops leave the peninsula; and, China would like to see an agreement that leaves North and South Korea divided.”  One thing Beijing fears is a united Korea, that is pro-U.S.
     When asked about the possibility that Kim Jong-Un no longer thinks his nuclear weapons are an insurance policy on his survival; but, could end up causing his demise — PM Rudd agreed that is a distinct possibility and could signal a fundamental change by Kim Jong-Un.  Intelligence reporting indicated that Un had taken POTUS Trump’s threats very seriously had had been altering his whereabouts much more than usual — because of a palpable fear of a U.S. military strike.
     With respect to all this Monday-morning quarter-backing, criticizing the Singapore statement as ‘thin,’ and lacking any real substance, PM Rudd disagreed and emphasized that when POTUS Reagan and Soviet Premier Gorbachev met in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1985, it wasn’t until six years later, in 1991, that the Soviet Union collapsed.  When POTUS Nixon went to China in 1972, we didn’t see normalization of U.S./China relations until 1979 [some seven years later].  We may be in a similar process now,” PM Rudd said, “of a much broader [new] normalization between Pyongyang and Washington.  There could also be some calculation by Un, that there is a different path to ensure his survival — and, that an historic agreement with the U.S. could be the better road — that has never been taken.  But, Un won’t reach that conclusion until all the bits of this process have been put together,  And, these ‘bits’ have to satisfy the other key elites in his regime, in order for Un to have the confidence to move forward down this road.  That’s going to be hard,” he said.
     Pretty thoughtful, as opposed to a lot of the ‘garbage’ coming from what used to be a sentient news media in the United States.
     As for the criticism coming from academia and the policy wonk community — I am reminded of Frank Sinatra’s line from his song on New York:  “I did it my way.”  Prior to POTUS Trump, every U.S. President and national security team failed to advance the ball down the field, and never really got to first base as the saying goes.  Now that POTUS Trump has done the ‘impossible,’ the criticism from this ‘community’ has been over-the-top, unjustified, and petty.  Indeed, it is, as PM Rudd said, mostly due to this president’s unique style, that we are where we are today.  Jealousy and shortsightedness abound.
     As for all the criticism that this statement was ‘thin,’ and lacked details — give me a break.  This is a marathon — not a sprint.  One thing you won’t see — as we saw with POTUS Obama — is a U.S. aircraft landing in the dead of night in Pyongyang, loaded with U.S. cash — and, no notice to the U.S. Congress or the American people.
     If you aim at nothing, you will hit it — one of my old bosses used to say.  No one, not POTUS Trump’s fiercest critic, nor his most staunch supporter, has any idea how this is all going to turn out.  But, if POTUS Trump succeeds in achieving an historic agreement with North Korea, I can with pretty strong conviction — predict the implosion of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee — should they not award POTUS Trump.  It, like the U.S. media, will be exposed as a fraud, part of the ‘swamp,’ just another liberal bastion.  Conservatives…..need not apply.  RCP, fortunascorner.com

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