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“Bad guy,” “rocket man,” Trump said about Kim Jong-un less than a year ago. And just a few months later, the DPRK leader became so good that the US president met with him on equal terms.

The insignificant talk of a possible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula was served by Trump as the greatest breakthrough in easing military tensions. The American-Korean maneuvers near the shores of the DPRK, which were frankly provocative, somehow stopped. They talked about easing the sanctions pressure on Pyongyang.

But all this is minor compared to the fact that South Korea went to rapprochement with North. There were several meetings of the two leaders. Mutual visits took place. And at the Olympics, two Koreas put together a single team. Economic relations are developing at a rather high rate. Begin to acquire a regular basis for the meeting of divided families and relatives who are on different sides of the 38th parallel. And the United States does not react to such a pace of convergence of the Koreas. Moreover, almost do not approve! But the matter can reach the point that Americans will be asked from the peninsula.

“Thedecapitating blows to Pyongyang come to nothing. The challenge is to cause unacceptable damage to a potential aggressor, the United States.

For Washington, this will be a serious geopolitical loss. The Korean Peninsula is of major strategic importance. Positions here of the THAAD missile defense system, the deployed air defense and air force grouping, a powerful land contingent, the US ships, almost always present at the naval bases of South Korea, represent a force capable of delivering a crushing first blow to both China and Russia. In peacetime, this is the most important springboard for the influence of the United States in all of Southeast Asia. And the United States resolutely suppressed any attempts to bring together or even simply normalize the relations of the South Korean leaders with their northern brethren. Immediately provocations began, mostly military ones, which translated the peace process that had begun into an aggravation. If it didn’t help,

What forced Washington to look silently at how the prerequisites for the complete loss of the strategic peninsula were nurtured? After all, if the peace process of integrating Koreas gains strength, the Americans will have to at least radically reduce their military presence here. Maybe Pyongyang abandoned the ideas of Chukhe and decided to follow in the footsteps of Russia, starting to build “market relations”? North Korea is included in the international system of division of labor? Is Kin Chen Eun ready to become an American satellite and in the future to provide the US with military bases in the country? Or at least by the will of Washington refuses to export rocket technology? No, nothing like that. The DPRK has so far refused only missile and nuclear tests. And due to the fact that they are no longer needed at this stage. Kim Jong-un said only the completion of the first phase of the creation of the nuclear missile forces of his country.

So what made the US stop its aggressive pressure on North Korea?

Lesson by Kim Jong-un

To answer the question, let us return to 2017, more precisely, on a moonless night from November 28 to November 29, when a ballistic missile was launched. What is special about it? Yes, the DPRK has launched missiles before, but the reaction was different – the laments of the leaders of the “global community” about the Korean threat and talk of new sanctions. This time, only another meaningless UN resolution condemning the test. Washington did not begin to push an aircraft carrier with escort ships to the shores of the DPRK and begin preparing new exercises to frighten North Korea. Blowed away like a punctured baby ball, only a shell resembling a rag remained.

And on the day that preceded the tests, the South Korean president made a phenomenal statement, the essence of which was reduced to peaceful proposals, including the termination of joint large-scale exercises with the United States off the coast of the DPRK. There is no doubt that the preparation of Pyongyang for the launch of the new ICBM was not a secret for Washington and, therefore, Seoul. From that moment on, the peace process began on the peninsula.

That night, the North Koreans experienced an intercontinental missile with a likely range of more than 12,000 kilometers. The ICBM has covered only 990 kilometers, but the apogee of its trajectory was more than 4,500 kilometers, and the flight duration was 57 minutes. Experts immediately estimated: if a rocket goes along a non-optimal trajectory with such parameters, then the warhead can fly more than 12 thousand kilometers. Intercontinental range, in the affected area are the entire territory of the United States and even Europe.

It is worth noting that such an ICBM does not pose a threat to nearby countries, since the dead zone, determined by the minimum distance to the target to be hit, is 2500–3500 kilometers. The combat unit of the new missile, called the Hwaseong-15, can reach 1000–1200 kilograms, which is quite enough for a monoblock thermonuclear warhead to accommodate 200–300 kilotons. It is clear that this is the first full-fledged Korean ICBM and its accuracy is unlikely to exceed that of the oldest generation of Soviet and American ICBMs — 2.5–3 kilometers of the standard deviation. But Pyongyang does not need more. Beheading and disarming attacks on highly protected point targets him to nothing. The task is to cause unacceptable damage to a potential aggressor – the United States. And for this purpose it is advisable to shoot at administrative-political and industrial centers – megalopolises with a huge area. If you roughly estimate the damage, you can say this: the destruction of two or three major American cities with the death of one or two million Americans and a high risk of the collapse of the United States as a state after such a disaster. Too much price for defeating small North Korea with a negligible political and negative economic result.

The American leadership probably realized at last that the joke with the DPRK was bad and won back. Now North Korea is a full-fledged nuclear missile power. And it doesn’t matter at all whether other countries admit it as such or not. The DPRK has a “nuclear missile cudgel”, whether to recognize it or not is the second question;

The lesson that Kim Jong-un taught the whole world is simple: the West understands only power and is ready to obey only it. Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Libya and Syria show that the conversation from the position of humanism is meaningless. For personal gain, Western elites will commit any crimes, sacrificing millions of lives. Financial capital is more important than human capital. The only thing the Western elites are afraid of is to be at gunpoint. And the ICBM is just the means that puts them under the inevitable blow. After all, the first missiles of the DPRK, in which case they will go to the largest administrative and political centers of the aggressor, where the main part of its elite is located, as well as its power tools. Someone can expect to sit in underground bunkers – the command posts of the strategic level. But these are units,

Kuzkina mother with a tank fist

A good example is the Caribbean crisis. At that time, the USSR had no parity with the United States. From the means of a nuclear attack capable of reaching the territory beyond the ocean, our country could really count on only 32 R-16 missiles and six outdated R-7 and R-7A. And at that time, 112 Atlas and 57 Titan-1 missiles were already deployed by the Americans. The USA had eight nuclear submarines of types “J. Washington ”and“ Eten Allen ”, each of which had 16 Polaris-A1 combat planes, altogether – 128 missiles with an underwater launch and a firing range of 2500 kilometers. The Soviet maritime component consisted of 22 diesel-electric submarines of the project 629 and eight atomic projects 658, each armed with three R-13s with a surface launch and a total range of 600 kilometers. Only 90 of these missiles. With the SOSUS system deployed and a powerful anti-submarine zone defense, created and tested back in the years of the Second World War to combat Hitler’s submarines, our sub-melt did not pose a serious threat to the American continent. Soviet strategic aviation, which had 160 Tu-95 and 3M, also had a minimum of chances to reach US targets both in combat radius and as a result of counteraction of the in-depth defense system of the North American continent, whose front lines of interception were located over Canada and even Greenland . This air defense our bombers had to overcome without fighter cover. Thus, by 1962, the United States retained an overwhelming superiority in nuclear weapons. And of course, there was no talk about any nuclear winter – there were too few of them to create conditions for its occurrence. Nevertheless, the American elite did not dare to conflict with Moscow precisely because they clearly understood that the first Soviet nuclear strikes would fall upon it, and the defeat of the USSR would not work anyway — megatons would not suffice. And then the tank armada of the Kremlin will say its word, having reached the coast of the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean Sea within two to three months. Europe will become Soviet, which means the end, with the physical, Western and transnational elites.

“TheAmerican elite will easily endure the loss of several million compatriots. This is an acceptable price for world domination.

With the emergence of nuclear parity between the USSR and the USA, with the creation of potentials capable of causing a nuclear winter on the planet, direct war between superpowers became irrational, meaningless.

It was great for the elites of the aggressor before the appearance of a nuclear weapon of global reach — they were sitting in capitals far from danger (and some even across the ocean) and were driving people to the slaughterhouse. The same USA did not regret to send to the World War a few hundred thousand compatriots to Europe, who in the majority died or were maimed. And all for the sake of the American elite to take part in the post-war division of the world. The elites of other countries were no better. True, some of them paid for it. The Russian, for example, as a result of the Great October Socialist Revolution, was expelled from the country, and partly destroyed, however, got off with a little blood, considering all its crimes.

После глубоких сокращений ядерных арсеналов России и США вероятность ядерной зимы ничтожна. А это означает, что ядерная война вернулась в область рационального. Условия, при которых США или Россия, начав превентивно ядерную войну, могут ее выиграть, то есть уничтожить противника физически и сохранить себя, существуют. При этом, с учетом реального состояния Сил стратегического сдерживания, как собственно СЯС, так и других компонент – ПРН и ПРО, в России и США можно уверенно предполагать, что Соединенные Штаты находятся в намного более выигрышном положении. А танковым кулаком, асимметричным ответом на ядерное превосходство противника наша страна сегодня не располагает.

It follows that, under certain conditions, the American elite can go for a preventive nuclear war against Russia. If you get the assurance that the retaliatory strike will not lead to victims among the authorities and transnational manipulators. This is possible if, on the one hand, the United States will be able to deliver guaranteed disarming and decapitating attacks, and the individual surviving and launched Russian ICBMs will be destroyed by the missile defense system, at least those that threaten the elite. It will easily endure the victims of the American population of several million people, as well as certain losses of economic potential. This is an acceptable price for world domination.

Hypercaliber for supervolcano

What should we do? It is impossible to follow in the footsteps of the USSR – a grouping of the Ground Forces, capable of guaranteedly defeating NATO and occupying Europe, cannot be created for economic, demographic or spiritual reasons. It remains the only way out – again to make a nuclear war irrational, meaningless for the aggressor.

Today, our country can not compete with the United States in the nuclear race quantitatively, Russia is not the USSR. We must look for an asymmetrical answer.

Russia’s superiority is that only we have the technology to create hypercalibre nuclear munitions – more than 100 megatons of TNT equivalent. Back in 1961, we had a product equivalent of 58 megatons, quite suitable for combat use. The creation of 40–50 such warheads for heavy ICBMs or ultra-long torpedoes ensures that zones that are critically dangerous for geophysical conditions in the United States (for example, Yellowstone Supervolcano, Pacific Coast Fissures) have at least a few units of such weapons in any situation. Such attacks are guaranteed to destroy both the USA as a state and the entire transnational elite. This again makes a large-scale nuclear war irrational and reduces the chances of its occurrence to zero.

Moreover, judging by the experience of the USSR, such a weapon will force the West to sit down at the negotiating table, renounce any sanctions and other forms of pressure on Russia. As observed today with respect to North Korea.

Международные отношения вернутся в нормальное русло. Наглядным примером служит история с гибелью брата Ким Чен Ына, отравленного нервнопаралитическим ОВ. Все как-то быстро об этом забыли, несмотря на то, что такая фигура исключительно полезна для Вашингтона в информационной войне с Пхеньяном. Отравители схвачены, но никаких санкций, информационного шума. Эта история хорошо оттеняется истерией вокруг дела Скрипалей. Сам экс-шпион никому не нужен. Он и его дочь живы и здоровы, их никто не травил. Но на фоне шумихи против России вводятся новые санкции. Будь у нашей страны оружие гарантированного уничтожения Запада, имей мы действительно национальную элиту, собственность которой, родня и потомки живут, учатся и работают в России, никогда никакой агрессор не посмел бы даже заикнуться.

Information on the creation in our country of torpedoes with a nuclear power plant, the only reasonable purpose of which could be the delivery of a particularly powerful multi-megaton class thermonuclear munition, as well as the adoption and deployment of the Sarmat ICBM that could potentially carry a monoblock warhead of similar power in the near future , gives hope that the weapons that make nuclear war irrational, are on the way.

Of course, the king-bomb is not a panacea. Threats of a hybrid war will continue. However, a large-scale nuclear danger for Russia and the world will be eliminated.

Konstantin Sivkov , 
Vice President for Information Policy, Doctor of Military Sciences

Published in issue number 41 (754) for October 23, 2018

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