Update To: British ‘Roswell,” UFO Incident Was Likely A British Special Forces Prank On U.S. Soldiers As Payback For Capturing A Squad Of U.K. Special Forces And Subjecting Them To A Brutal Interrogation

I got significant push-back on the article and my comments from Dr. Mark Schneider, who I have great respect for.  He disagrees with me; and, provided the following comment:

“The vehicle landed in the forest without any visible means of propulsion. It knocked down branches from the surrounding trees which were found to be radioactive. The security forces not only saw it at close range but one of them touched it. The ground was measured at eight times normal background levels of radiation where there were indentation from the landing gear. It took off. The security forces suffered severe disruption of their electronic devices when it landed. It was tracked by the base radar. On the second day, the Deputy base commander saw it flying slowly through the trees. It generated a beam of light that hit the ground a foot from him, It also flew directly over the weapons storage area and emitted the same beam of light.

The security forces who approached the vehicle suffered serious health problems. The AF classified their medical records and never gave it to them.”

British ‘Roswell,” UFO Incident Was Likely A British Special Forces Prank On U.S. Soldiers As Payback For Capturing A Squad Of U.K. Special Forces And Subjecting Them To A Brutal Interrogation
     Occam’s razor — the problem-solving principal that the simplest solution tends to be the correct one — applies to Britain’s ‘Roswell.’ And, it applies to our own Roswell as well IMO.  While I am not convinced that we’re all alone in the universe, evidence strongly underscores that both the Roswell, New Mexico ‘UFO Incident,” in 1947; and, Britain’s ‘Roswell,’ which took place in the Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk in 1980 — BOTH had military origins. In the case of Roswell, this was just two years after the end of WWII; and, the dawn of the Cold War was just on the horizon. The U.S., having had the secrets to the atomic bomb stolen by Russia, imposed a ‘straight-jacket’ on classified programs, in an attempt to clamp down on Soviet espionage. Thus, when the U.S. conducted a classified military exercise in the Roswell, New Mexico area — high altitude drops, a nuclear test surveillance balloon, etc. – the U.S. had a cover story designed to keep the real purpose of the exercise secret from the Soviets. Unfortunately, the cover story only fed a heightened anxiety, i.e., H.G. Wells “War of the Worlds,” and the Roswell UFO story was born. While there are those who will never accept the fact that the Roswell incident was indeed nothing more than a classified U.S. military exercise, the evidence is overwhelming that’s exactly what occurred. Occam’s razor prevails.
     And now, more compelling evidence has just been released that Britain’s ‘Roswell,’ which took place in Suffolk/Rendlesham Forest in 1980, also had military origins. Jessica Green posted a December 30, 2018 article on the website of the DailyMail.com, noting that “Britain’s Roswell,’ the Rendlesham forest incident in Suffolk, has intrigued UFO enthusiasts since taking place in December 1980.” She notes that “on three separate nights just before the New Year, U.S. military personnel said they saw lights flying in the sky, descending into the woodland – the group was convinced they had seen an alien spacecraft.”
     But, new evidence now indicates that ‘Britain’s Roswell,’ was in fact a prank/hoax, perpetrated by the British SAS in retaliation for a previous incident whereby U.S. forces conducted a brutal interrogation of British special forces personnel. As Ms. Green notes, “British SAS forces regularly tested U.S. security by probing the perimeters of RAF Woodbridge in the English country, which allegedly stored nuclear weapons, and was believed to be a key [intelligence collection] target for Soviet agents. But, when SAS troops parachuted into the complex one night in 1980, they were unaware that the [U.S.] guards had upgraded their radar system. Their black parachutes were unaware the guards had upgraded their radar system. Their black parachutes were immediately detected, and the British [special operators] were hauled off for questioning.”
     “The SAS claimed to have been beaten by their captors — who refused to believe who they were, and repeatedly referred to them as ‘unidentified aliens,’ before being released 18 hours later, after British authorities intervened,” Ms. Green wrote. “Seething from the interrogation,” Ms. Green adds, “SAS soldiers vowed to take revenge.”
     British X-Files expert, Dr. David Clarke, who has been researching the story for three years told the DailyMail: “After their release, the troopers made no complaint at their rough treatment; but, were determined to get their own [revenge] back on the USAF for the beating they received. In particular, their repeated characterization as ‘aliens,’ sowed the seeds of a plan. They called us aliens right. We’ll show them what aliens really look like.”
     “As December [Christmas 1980] approached, lights and colored flares were rigged in Rendlesham Forest,” Ms. Green wrote. “Black helium balloons were also coupled to remote-controlled kites to carry suspended materials into the sky, activated by radio-controls. Taking place between December 26-28, 1980, military personnel from nearby RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge, witnessed strange lights in the woods, and hovering above the airbases — which were on high alert as the Cold War was at its peak.”
     “A great deal of nocturnal Christmas fun was had at the expense of the USAF — and the matter should have ended there,” according to a letter written to Dr, Clarke, reportedly by a former member of the SAS. “Unfortunately, a senior U.S.officer, (Lt. Col. Halt) led the U.S. contingent out into the forest on the second night, and took along his tape recorder. The hovering and whizzing of lights were sufficiently impressive for him to send a [formal] report to Britain’s Minister of Defense (MoD). Someone in London recalled the events of the previous August [the U.S. interrogation of the SAS personnel] and questions were asked. A few red faces — but also some satisfaction and amusement — followed. The USAF was reassured, at a very senior level, and no U.K. investigation was ordered — for obvious reasons.”
     Ms. Green notes that “Dr. Clark was contacted three years ago by ‘Frank,’ who claimed to be an SAS insider. He had seen Dr. Clark talking about Rendlesham on a TV documentary and ‘felt it was about time that the truth was revealed about the incident.” Dr.Clarke of the Center for Contemporary Legend at Sheffield Hallam University, said: “I investigated his incredible story by talking to trusted open sources in the British military, including some high-profile, former SAS troopers,” Ms. Green wrote. “What happened in that forest, according to ‘Frank,’ would be bread and butter for special operations soldiers trained to deceive and misinform whilst remaining invisible.”
    I find this information plausible, believable, and what is likely the definitive explanation of what happened at Rendlesham Forest nearly four decades ago. It is highly likely that both Roswell, and Rendlesham had military origins and had absolutely nothing to do with UFO’s, — sorry. I know — Elvis isn’t dead; the 1969 Moon Landing was faked; and, Roswell/Rendlesham were actual UFO incidents. As Albert Einstein once said: “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.” That certainly applies to these two most famous, or infamous ‘UFO-related’ incidents. Finally, there is one other quote that comes to mind: “The greatest hindrance to progress is not ignorance; but, the illusion of knowledge.” RCP, fortunascorner.com

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