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There Is Mysterious ‘Undocumented Technology’ Hidden On Intel Computer Chips, Researchers Say

There is mysterious ‘undocumented technology’ hidden on Intel computer chips, researchers say author Jasper Hamill           Thursday 28 Mar 2019 3:06 pm Computer experts have claimed that the chips which power most of the computers in the world are hiding mysterious and ‘undocumented’ technology. Analysts from Positive Technologies alleged that Intel chips and processors contain an […]

A Look At Alleged Raiders Of North Korean Embassy In Madrid

David Maxwell Comment: “What is missing from this group’s agenda is a serious consideration of unification and the establishment of a United Republic of Korea (UROK).   The only way we are going to see an end to the north Korean nuclear and missile programs, the conventional threat to the South and the human rights […]

Russian Advisers Will Stay In Venezuela ‘As Long As Necessary,’ Moscow Vows

Russian Advisers Will Stay in Venezuela ‘as Long as Necessary,’ Moscow Vows 2 hours ago         Valery Sharifulin / TASS Russian military advisers will stay in Venezuela as long as needed, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said, a day after U.S. President Donald Trump called on Moscow to “get out” of the […]

Mystery Deepens Over Raid At North Korean Embassy In Madrid Allegedly Led By ‘Oswaldo Trump’

Mystery deepens over raid at North Korean Embassy in Madrid allegedly led by ‘Oswaldo Trump’ | The Japan Times · by No Author · March 28, 2019 MADRID – The mystery over a commando-style assault on North Korea’s embassy in Madrid, allegedly led by man who had an Uber account in the name of “Oswaldo Trump,” deepened Wednesday […]

‘How Is Yoda?’: An Appreciation Of Andy Marshall

‘How Is Yoda?’: An Appreciation Of Andy Marshall · by Andrew Krepinevich Andy Marshall Last year while in Japan for a meeting with senior defense and military leaders, the question most often posed to me was, “How is Yoda?” The questions were in reference to the nickname given to Andrew Marshall, arguably the foremost defense strategist […]

Secretive Group Seeking To Oust Kim Jong-un Claim North Korea Embassy Raid

David Maxwell Comment:  “I can say with some certainty that Adrian Hong and his “team” were not trained or advised by professionals in the intelligence or special operations communities.  No one would have advised them to use “fake weapons” in a raid on a north Korean embassy.  If this group did conduct this action It […]

An ‘Iran/Syria Belt & Road’: A Far-Reaching Geopolitical Strategy Unfolds

An ‘Iran/Syria Belt & Road’: A Far-Reaching Geopolitical Strategy Unfolds      The title above comes from Tyler Druden’s March 26, 2019 article which he posted to his blog/website, Mr. Druden begins, “As the U.S. tries to consolidate its strategy of weakening and confronting Iran, the contours of an important geopolitical strategy, launched by Syria […]

Andrew Marshall, Pentagon’s Threat Expert, Dies at 97

Andrew Marshall, Pentagon’s Threat Expert, Dies at 97 The New York Times · by Julian E. Barnes · March 26, 2019 Andrew Marshall in 2018. He ran the Pentagon office concerned with future threats for more than four decades, becoming a repository of strategic thinking for numerous administrations.CreditLexey Swall Andrew Marshall, a Pentagon strategist who helped shaped American […]

United States Space Command Commander Announced

  United States Space Command Commander Announced 03/26/2019 05:17 PM EDT IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. NR-068-19 March 26, 2019 United States Space Command Commander Announced The President has nominated to the Senate Gen John W. “Jay” Raymond as the Commander, United States Space Command (USSPACECOM). If confirmed, Raymond will lead the soon-to-be established USSPACECOM, which will […]

North Korean Embassy Attack Suspects Fled To U.S., Spanish Court Says

Excerpts:   According to new documents unsealed on Tuesday, the perpetrators of the attack included a U.S. citizen and another resident. The leader of the plot fled via Lisbon to Newark, N.J., and offered stolen material to the FBI in New York. “We have no comment,” Martin Feely, a spokesman for the FBI’s New York […]