The Brexit Party’s Stunning Victory Is Just The Beginning; Prepare For A Revolution In British Politics; Nigel Farage Says: “We Are Here To Stay; And To Change [British And European] Politics For Good.”  “The Sick Man Of Europe — Is Europe”

The Brexit Party’s Stunning Victory Is Just The Beginning; Prepare For A Revolution In British Politics; Nigel Farage Says: “We Are Here To Stay; And To Change [British And European] Politics For Good.”  “The Sick Man Of Europe — Is Europe”
     Pro-Brexit member of Parliament, Nigel Farage, had a May 27, 2019 Op-Ed in London’s The Telegraph, with the title above. Mr. Farage’s bottom line up front:  “We are here to stay; and to change [British and European] politics for good.” I refer you to The Telegraph for Mr. Farage’s full article.
     Mr. Farage begins, “The Brexit Party has made history. We have won elections to the European Parliament within six weeks of being launched. British politics has never seen anything like it. It took the Labor Party 45 years to win the popular vote in a national election. The Brexit Party has achieved it within 45 days, despite the major parties massively outspending us.”
     “The Remainers want to spin the results to claim they “really” won,” Mr. Farage wrote. “Few people will be fooled by the democracy deniers,” he colorfully adds. “The clear message of the European elections is that the main political parties have [repeatedly] failed to deliver the Brexit that 17.4M voted for three years ago.”
     “These results should be a big wake-up call to the Conservatives and Labor,” Mr. Farage observes. “This is what happens when you keep breaking your promises to the people, and destroy trust in democracy. But, will Westminster listen?”
    “The fantastic results for the Brexit Party is only the beginning,” Mr. Farage contends; and, I think he is right. “Our great team of 29 MEPs [Mrembers of the European Parliament] makes us the biggest national party in the European Parliament,” Mr. Farage boasts. “They are high caliber men and women, with real life and business experience. We [the Brexit Party], now have a mandate to play a significant role in the Brexit negotiations.”
     Mr. Farage goes on to explain that his party “will be pushing for a clean Brexit, under WTO rules. We want to be [return to] a self-governing, independent democratic nation — reaching out to, and trading with the wider world, free to invest in our regions [without having to ask permission], and take back control of our laws, borders, and money. Theresa May, [who never fully embraced Brexit] has gone, but, the ghost of her terrible withdrawal agreement — remains. The Brexit Party,” Mr. Farage warns, “will oppose any attempt to impose a similar stitch-up that would leave the U.K., subject to EU rules.”
     “In six weeks,” Mr. Farage wrote, “the Brexit Party has signed up more than 100,000 paying supporters, and won the support [endorsement of millions of voters.  We have done it by putting forward a positive message about Britain’s future that has turned people’s anger over the betrayal of Brexit into new hope.”
     “The parties of the Westminster establishment are terrified of us,” Mr. Farage concludes. “The European election results show they are right to be. The Brexit Party is here to stay; and. change politics for good,” he ends.
The Sick Man Of Europe — Is Europe; The EU’s Election Results Show The Continent Is Far From Realizing Its Dream Of Becoming A Superpower 
     Josef Joffe had a great Op-Ed in today’s/May 28, 2019 Wall Street Journal, with the title above. Mr. Joffe is an Editorial Council Member at Die Zeit in Hamburg, and a Fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution. I refer you to yesterday’s WSJ for Mr. Joffe’s entire article. Mr. Joffe’s two takeaways from Sunday’s European Union elections: “First, the centrists — the moderate right and left — were decimated. For the first time since 1979, Christian Democrats and Social Democrats — the reliably pro-European bloc, no longer hold the majority in the 751-member European Parliament. Second, the far right — the European bashers and nationalists — scored big, increasing their take to about 170 seats. In Britain, the Brexit Party trounced both Labor and the Tories. In France, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally, out-polled President Emmanuel Macron’s party and its allies.”
     “The numbers mirror the shifting tectonics of European politics,” Mr. Joffe observes, “which are pushing against the “ever closer union” enshrined in the European Community’s founding treaties. It was a noble, and not wild-eyed dream. Relentlessly expanding from the original six member states to 28, the EU boasted everything that could go into the making of superpower.” But, the reality is far different as Mr. Joffe noted.
     “For all its splendor, Europe has not been able to transmute its magnificent riches into strategic muscle for three reasons,” Mr. Joffe argues: “1) As the rise of the nationalist right shows, the EU is suffering from deepening ideological divisions; 2) Loss of leadership, with Germany and France at odds of what is the right course for economic growth; and, 3) Europe’s pallid role on the global stage. To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher,” Mr. Joffe wrote, “Europe keeps punching below its weight.”
     “Rudderless, and rent by internal divisions, the EU is a bystander,” Mr. Joffe concludes.
     Two very thoughtful opinions about the sea change that is sweeping the European political landscape. Individual liberty and national sovereignty, ‘Trumps’ subordinating oneself and one’s nation — to a distant, disconnected, bloated bureaucratic entity in Brussels — who’s paternalistic stance and actions are feeding this nationalistic wave.  RCP,

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