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Blood Will Tell: “Crisis In The Red Zone;” One Wonders How Much Longer Humankind Can Continue To Dodge A Lethal/Global Pandemic

Blood Will Tell: “Crisis In The Red Zone;” One Wonders How Much Longer Humankind Can Continue To Dodge A Lethal/Global Pandemic      Richard Preston, a writer for The New Yorker, and best-selling author of numerous books on infectious diseases, bioterrorism, and the blockbuster best-seller, “The Hot Zone,”  has a new book out, “Crisis In The Red Zone,” which […]

A Thucydides Fallacy: The New Model Of Power Relations For Southeast Asia, the U.S. And China

Excerpts: In response, Bonnie Glaser — an American scholar and Asia observer — warned the region to “not draw a false equivalence between U.S. and Chinese actions.” Glaser suggested “the choice that Southeast Asia must make is not between the U.S. and China,” but “between a future in which there are shared rules and norms […]

When North Korea Tried To Shoot Down A Mach 3 SR-71 Spy Plane (And Failed)

When North Korea Tried to Shoot Down a Mach 3 SR-71 Spy Plane (And Failed) The National Interest · by Dario Leone · July 27, 2019 The only published and U.S. government-acknowledged missile firing at an SR-71 occurred on Wednesday Aug. 26, 1981. The SR-71, unofficially known as the “Blackbird,” was a long-range, advanced, strategic reconnaissance aircraft developed […]

Does The Huawei Debate Matter When All Roads In The Digital World Lead Back To The US?

Excerpts: In essence, a country that replaces its US-produced infrastructure with Huawei equipment would cut off an easy backdoor for US intelligence communities to spy on that nation. In reality, though, the Huawei debate is far less important than it would have been a decade ago. Today an increasing percentage of global communications flow through […]

Now They Own Our Weapons: What A Cyber-Fueled War Would Look Like

Conclusion (but read the entire scenario): Incredible fiction? We think not. We believe that were there a “kinetic,” or conventional, war today in which U.S. forces were opposed by Iran, Russia, China, or even to some extent North Korea, the Defense Department would be hampered in the execution of its operations and largely unable to […]

North Korea Is Not Only Firing Off New Missiles — It May Also Be Learning To Launch Them Faster

North Korea is not only firing off new missiles — it may also be learning to launch them faster · by Ryan Pickrell, Business Insider North Korea test-fired two suspected short-range ballistic missiles Thursday, which Seoul characterized as a “new type” of threat. US officials said North Korea appears to be shortening the time it takes […]

N. Korea’s ‘New’ Ballistic Missiles Similar To Russia’s Iskander

Excerpt: It is the first time that the military authorities have officially offered such an assessment, though experts have said North Korea has tested its version of the Iskander, a ground-to-ground short-range ballistic missile, since May. The two missiles were initially presumed to have flown 430 km and 690 km, respectively, but “further analysis conducted […]

South Korea Says North Korea Fires 2 Unidentified Projectiles Into Sea

Excerpt: Some observers say the North could intend to show the U.S. and others what would happen if diplomacy fails. Recently, North Korea was ramping up pressure on the U.S. ahead of the possible resumption of nuclear talks. North Korea is desperate to win sanctions relief, but U.S. officials have maintained North Korea must first […]

Beijing Strikes Ominous Tone, Saying Military Could Intervene In Hong Kong Beijing strikes ominous tone, saying military could intervene in Hong Kong The latest protests in Hong Kong appear to have touched a nerve in Beijing, where officials and state media have escalated rhetoric against the pro-democracy movement, accusing the United States of interference and ominously affirming the People’s Liberation Army’s ability to intervene at […]

Will Crypto Rogues Threaten The Geopolitical Order?

Excerpts: Here are some signs that U.S. policymakers should watch for; indicators that a geopolitical shift is changing the global monetary order through cryptocurrency technology: A U.S. adversary could convince other nations to use a state-based digital currency to conduct trade in the adversary’s major commodity export, such as oil. Another scenario would be an […]