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South Korea-Russia Air Incident: What To Know

Key point:   Regardless of whether the Russian-Chinese incursions were intentional, they are a reminder of how Japanese and South Korean interests could suffer if the U.S.-led security infrastructure erodes. Escalating regional rivalries could transform Northeast Asia from a hub of economic growth into one of geopolitical conflict. South Korea-Russia Air Incident: What to Know […]

Attorney General Barr Says Encrypted Apps Pose ‘Grave Threat’ To Safety

Attorney General Barr says encrypted apps pose ‘grave threat’ to safety The Washington Post · by Devlin Barrett · July 23, 2019 Attorney General William P. Barr has waded back into the debate about encryption. (Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post) Attorney General William P. Barr delivered a blistering critique Tuesday of encrypted messaging programs, saying they are preventing law […]

Putin And Xi Test A Budding Military Alliance In The Pacific — And Step Up Confrontation

Excerpts:   So what, exactly, were Russia and China up to with this exercise? For starters, this was a test of a nascent military alliance between Moscow and Beijing. In a statement Tuesday afternoon, the Russian Ministry of Defense said the operation was the “first joint air patrol using long-range aircraft in the Asia-Pacific region” […]

As Japan and South Korea Feud, China and Russia Invade Seoul’s Airspace, Bolton Scrambles, Kim Jong Un Laughs

Excerpts:   Bolton arrives at a time when “this intelligence-sharing agreement is in danger,” said Kim Tae-woo, former head of the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses. “He will say he is here to listen carefully, but he will also say we have to protect intelligence.” That’s a message that comes amid growing concern that President […]

Secretary Of Defense Esper Delegation Of Duties

  Esper Delegation of Duties 07/23/2019 06:21 PM EDT IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. NR-192-19 July 23, 2019 Esper Delegation of Duties Statement from Pentagon Chief Spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman: Following strong, bipartisan confirmation by the U.S. Senate, the President appointed Dr. Mark T. Esper to be the 27th Secretary of Defense. Secretary Esper has been sworn in […]

Senate Confirms Mark Esper As Next Secretary Of Defense; 92-8

The Senate just confirmed former Army LTC. Mark Esper as the next Secretary of Defense, replacing Jim Mattis. The vote was 92-8, with the 8 no votes coming from Democrats, and a majority of those no votes came from those Democrats running for POTUS. Mr. Esper will be sworn in at a White House ceremony […]

Pentagon Funding Request Reveals Classified Black Hawk Mission Over Wash D .C.

Pentagon funding request reveals classified Black Hawk mission over DC The Hill · by Ellen Mitchell · July 22, 2019 The Army is carrying out a classified mission involving Black Hawk helicopters flying over the Washington, D.C., area, the Pentagon has revealed through funding documents. The secret operation, included in the Defense Department’s annual reprogram request to Congress, […]

Kim Jong-un Inspects New Submarine That Could Increase Range Of Missiles

David Maxwell Comment:  “Dr. Bruce Bechtol provided this important and succinct analysis based on previous articles I sent out:” Upgrade to the Sinpo-class sub, which was a copy, variant, or upgrade of the Golf-class Soviet submarine.  Likely capable of getting close enough to Hawaii or Guam to launch a nuclear tipped SLBM from underwater.  This […]

South Korea Fires 360 Rounds Of Warning Shots At Russian Warplane

South Korea fires 360 rounds of warning shots at Russian warplane Los Angeles Times · by Associated Press · July 23, 2019 South Korean jets fired 360 rounds of warning shots after a Russian military plane violated South Korea’s airspace on Tuesday, Seoul officials said, in the first such incident between the countries. Three Russian military planes — […]

The Space Review: Why The Space Corps Needs To Use Naval Rank

The Space Review: Why the Space Corps needs to use naval rank · by Brent D. ZiarnickMonday, July 22, 2019 Former Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson was among those that apeared to want to shape the Space Corps in the mold of the Air Force, rather than have it create its own culture. (credit: U.S. Air […]