Japanese Report To Say North Korea Has Miniaturized Nuclear Warheads

David Maxwell Comment:  “On the one hand we should be suspicious of both the Korean and Japanese press as they are noted for sensational reporting without all the factsmthough in this case it appears the Yomiuri is reporting an assessment from a Japanese defense report,
On the other hand we should not be surprised if north Korea has developed miniaturized nuclear warheads.  The north has proved to be very innovative and has often surprised us with its advances.
But I have not seen any other reporting on the development of this capability.  If we know of this capability I am sure it is highly classified.”

Japanese report to say North Korea has miniaturized nuclear warheads: newspaper

Reuters · by 1 Min Read · August 21, 2019

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan will upgrade its estimate of North Korea’s nuclear weapons capability in an upcoming annual defense report, saying it seems Pyongyang has already achieved the miniaturization of warheads, the Yomiuri newspaper said in an unsourced report on Wednesday.

That compares with the assessment in last year’s report in which the government said it was possible North Korea had achieved miniaturization, the Japanese daily said without citing sources.

The government is planning to approve the report at a Cabinet meeting in mid-September. The report will maintain the assessment that North Korea’s military activities pose a “serious and imminent threat”, the Yomiuri said.

Reporting by Chris Gallagher; Editing by Paul Tait

Reuters · by 1 Min Read · August 21, 2019

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