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China Doubles Amount Of Troops In Hong Kong The China Challenge :  The Hong Kong Front By GREG TORODE<>, JAMES POMFRET<> and DAVID LAGUE<> in HONG KONG Illustration by CHRISTIAN INTON Filed Sept. 30, 2019, 9:30 a.m. GMT Last month, Beijing moved thousands of troops across the border into this restive city. They came in on trucks and armored cars, by bus […]

How The Army Is (Not) Preparing For The Next War

Conclusion: The U.S. Army needs to train for the next conflict. Important parts of this training will and should take place at combat training centers like JRTC, where soldiers are given realistic situations and are placed in the mental state of conflict, requiring them to act quickly. But if our experience at JRTC is indicative […]

China ‘Set To Unveil New Nuclear Missile’ That Could Reach U.S. In 30 Minutes

Excerpts: The Dongfeng 41 is one of a series of new weapons Chinese media say might be unveiled during the parade marking the ruling Communist Party’s 70th anniversary in power. Others include a supersonic drone and a robot submarine. The parade will highlight Beijing’s ambition to enforce claims to Taiwan, the South China Sea and other disputed territories […]

In 2002, The U.S. Military Conducted An Iran War Simulation. Iran Won.

David Maxwell Comment:  “Actually Lt Gen Van Riper won.  The question is is whether Iran is as good as Lt Gen Van Riper.” In 2002, the U.S. Military Conducted an Iran War Simulation. Iran Won. The National Interest · by David Axe · September 24, 2019 As tensions escalate in the Persian Gulf region, it’s worth recalling a 2002 […]

Barron’s Feature Article On “The Future Of Biotech”

Barron’s Feature Article On “The Future Of Biotech”      Lauren R. Rublin has a feature article in this weekend’s (September 30, 2019) Barron’s, “The Future Of Biotech,” which is quite lengthy/several pages long — so, I will do my best to highlight the key points/takeaways. I refer you to this weekend’s Barron’s for the […]

Information Warfare And Neuro-Weaponry | The Strategist

Excerpts: We already know what the fabric of open society is made of: human relationships. Understanding how these are being warped and transformed by digital technologies, with or without an adversarial narrative attached, is the key to democratic resilience. A little-acknowledged strategic capability of great importance for Australia as it navigates its digital future will […]

Could Hong Kong Become Belfast?

Excerpts: And it could get worse. As was true with the rise of the IRA, frustration and anger among more radical activists is growing, heightened by what Amnesty International has described as “torture and other ill-treatment” of those arrested during the protests. A 19 September Amnesty report documented cases of Hong Kong police beating detainees, […]

Digital Technology And The Suppression Of The Moscow Protests POLITICS<> Digital technology and the suppression of the Moscow protests by Lincoln Pigman<> | Published 16.09.2019<> [cid:image001.jpg@01D57551.5953C2C0] Lincoln Pigman on how Russian authorities used digital technology to suppress Moscow protests The Russian elections of Sept. 8 attracted international attention to an extent that is unusual for a non-presidential poll. Russians voted nationwide, though what […]

Put Up Such A Fight In Captivity, Viet Cong Executed Him Out Of Frustration. He Was Last Heard Singing “God Bless America”. He Was Later Awarded The Medal of Honor

David Maxwell Comment:  “On this date Rocky Versace was executed by the Viet Cong.  One of the things I recall most in SERE school was Dan Pitzer describing Rocky in captivity (as well as the story of his release for propaganda purposes by Tom Hayden but that is another story).  There is no one who […]

How The U.S. Hacked ISIS

David Maxwell Comment:  “An incredible story.  I know we have many many “Neals” out there. We need to find them and turn them loose on these critical problems.  I know many will ask why we are making this public?  Old think is classify and compartmentalize.  But we need to tell these stories and educate the […]