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Kim Jong Un Doesn’t Want North Korea To Be An ‘Economic Powerhouse’

David Maxwell Comment:  “Our logical mantra is if KJU makes the right strategic decision he can have a brighter future for the north.  This should make sense.  However, we need to think things through from KJU’s perspective and understand that the right strategic decision and a brighter future are both existential threats to the Kim […]

Pyongyang Possibly Preparing For ICBM launch

David Maxwell Comment:  “I think this is what everyone is expecting and Kim may be deliberately creating the conditions and shaping the environment for his “long con.”  We are going to get all worked up over this report and others that will come which of course may be exactly what Kim wants. The north has […]

China Just Weaponized The Smartphone: Here’s Why You Should Be Concerned

China Just Weaponized The Smartphone: Here’s Why You Should Be Concerned Forbes · by Zak Doffman · November 29, 2019 Getty “File sharing has never been simpler,” claim the developers behind the viral mobile app Zapya. “You can share files from device to device for free—Zapya allows you to seamlessly transfer massive files across multiple platforms.” It’s a compelling pitch—DewMobile, […]

Brotherhood In Combat: One Green Beret’s Thanksgiving In Iraq BROTHERHOOD IN COMBAT: ONE GREEN BERET’S THANKSGIVING IN IRAQ By Joe Kent | November 28, 2019   Slosh, plop, slosh, plop. The noise my boots made with every step seemed deafening. 20 or so Iraqi Special Forces soldiers and I were doing our best to be sneaky on our way to the target building, but it was […]

Just wanted to hope all my blog followers have a nice & meaningful Thanksgiving

I hope all of you have a nice and meaninful Thanksgiving. RCP,

U.S. Unveils Procedure To Shield Telecom Networks From National Security Threats

U.S. unveils procedure to shield telecom networks from national security threats · by David Shepardson3 Min Read WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States on Tuesday set out a procedure to protect its telecommunications networks and their supply chains from national security threats, saying it would consider whether to bar transactions on a case-by-case basis. FILE PHOTO: […]

Leaked Document Outlines All The Ways The Army Would Suffer If Congress Doesn’t Pass A Budget

Leaked document outlines all the ways the Army would suffer if Congress doesn’t pass a budget · November 26, 2019 cash rules everything around me Haley Britzky November 26, 2019 at 05:20 PM news Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy. (Andrew Harnik/Associated Press) An internal Army document obtained by Task & Purpose lays out the many ways […]

Champagne, Shotguns, And Surveillance At Spyware’s Grand Bazaar

Champagne, shotguns, and surveillance at spyware’s grand bazaar   The world’s leading surveillance and spyware companies gathered in Paris to meet growing demand from governments around the world. So Patrick Howell O’Neill went along. The conference: Milipol is the world’s biggest gathering of companies selling military technology. It’s like an Apple store for armies, aimed at selling […]

We Trust The Navy SEALs To Protect America. Trump Should Trust Them To Judge Themselves

We Trust the Navy SEALs to Protect America. Trump Should Trust Them to Judge Themselves TIME · by James Stavridis IDEAS Admiral Stavridis (Ret.) was the 16th Supreme Allied Commander at NATO and is an Operating Executive at The Carlyle Group. President Donald Trump’s interference on military justice is without precedent in American history, and represents a […]

A Navy Commander Will Have To Clean Up The SEAL Mess

A Navy commander will have to clean up the SEAL mess CNN · by Opinion by Mark Hertling Retired Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling is a national security, intelligence and terrorism analyst for CNN. He served for 37 years in the Army, including three years in combat, and retired as commanding general of US Army Europe and the […]