Ukraine Security Service Arrests ISIS Leader

The SBU announced the arrest of the Islamic State field commander. Who is he?
45 minutes ago
[Albar Shishani (photo of SBU)]
Albar Shishani (photo of SBU)
The Security Service of Ukraine reported<> the detention in the Kiev region of a senior member of the Islamic State terrorist group, Albara Shishani. He was called the deputy minister of defense of the group. What is known about him?
The SBU does not give the name given to the detainee at birth. Earlier it was reported that under it, a Georgian citizen, Kistin Caesar Tokhosashvili, was fighting for IS. He joined the group in 2013, the newspaper Kommersant wrote<> .
Tokhosashvili became the right-hand man of his fellow villager from the Pankisi Gorge – the “minister of war” of the group , the newspaper wrote. The terrorist Umar al-Shishani (Tarkhan Batirashvili), who was called the right-hand man of the IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was killed<> in Syria in 2016 during a US aviation raid.
/ ** / / ** / [Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi] <>
IG recognized the death of the former leader of al-Baghdadi<>
According to<> the Meduza publication, between 100 and two hundred natives of the Pankisi Gorge fought in Syria . Many of them held high positions when Umar al-Shishani headed the military ministry of the group. After his death, they began to lose their posts, wrote Kommersant. In 2017, the publication also reported the death of Albar Shishani.
He arrived in Ukraine in the summer of 2018 , using a fake passport, he will report to the SBU. According to intelligence agencies, while in Ukraine, he continued to coordinate the activities of intelligence agencies of the IG. Now the terrorist is under extradition arrest. Where it will be issued is not reported. The SBU said that he was detained jointly with the Georgian Ministry of the Interior and the US Central Intelligence Agency.

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