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Libya Conflict: Russian Mercenaries From The Shadowy Wagner Group Are Spearheading The Battle For Capital Tripoli

Libya conflict: Russian mercenaries from the shadowy Wagner Group are spearheading the battle for capital Tripoli Libya has been divided since 2014 into rival military and political camps based in the capital Tripoli and the east The Russian mercenaries are fighting for Khalifa Hifter’s forces against the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) Agencies Published: […]

U.S. Officials Bracing For Imminent North Korea Test Of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile: Report

David Maxwell Comment:  “The conventional wisdom: there will be a test. But what are we not seeing? Isn’t Kim making a test seem too obvious? What else could he do?  Cyber attack?  Mobile missile launch from a location other than Sohae? SLBM test?  A Combination of tests? Or nothing at all and call the lack […]

The White House Wants New Research To ‘Deter’ Cyberattacks

The White House wants new research to ‘deter’ cyberattacks · by Andrew Eversden · December 20, 2019 A White House cybersecurity research strategy released earlier this month lays out several areas where the federal government should invest research and development funding as a way to deter cyberattacks. The strategy, called the “Federal Cybersecurity Research and Development Strategic […]

Op-Ed: If You Seek Peace With China, Prepare For War

Op-ed: If you seek peace with China, prepare for war · by Bruce A. Elleman and Sarah C. M. Paine, Naval War College · December 22, 2019 With the first live round fired at protesters in Hong Kong, the rest of the world must wake up to a resurgent and imperialistic China. Like Imperial Japan in its heyday, which […]

ISIS Is Rebuilding ‘Like Al-Qaeda On Steroids’ As Expert Warns Sleeper Cells Will Unleash ‘Decade Of Terror’ In Europe

ISIS is rebuilding ‘like Al-Qaeda on steroids’ as expert warns sleeper cells will unleash ‘decade of terror’ in Europe The Sun · by Jon Lockett · December 23, 2019 ISIS is rapidly rebuilding in Iraq after being transformed into “Al-Qaeda on steroids”, warn regional terror experts. The worrying news comes amid fears thousands of jihadis returning from the […]

How Trump Can Stop Kim Jong-un From Launching A ‘Christmas Gift’

How Trump can stop Kim Jong-un from launching a ‘Christmas gift’ New York Post · by Benny Avni · December 21, 2019 Kim Jong-un’s self-imposed 18-month moratorium on missile and nuclear tests is about to expire at year’s end. Unless sanctions are removed by then, the North Korean dictator is threatening a “Christmas gift” to accompany his traditional […]

CIA Opposed Chinese Explusions

CIA opposed Chinese expulsions Follow Us China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi stepped up Beijing’s war of words Friday. At a meeting, he labeled the U.S. the “troublemaker of the world” and falsely accused the U.S. of having a hand in the Hong Kong protests. (Associated Press) more > Print By Bill Gertz – The Washington Times – Wednesday, […]

Russia Covered A New Wave Of Telephone Terrorism; In Moscow Alone, Over 700K People Evacuated In Less Than One Month Russia covered a new wave of telephone terrorism In Moscow alone, over 700 thousand people were evacuated in less than a month · “Kommersant” from12/20/2019, 20:56 New large-scale wave of calls about bomb threats covered in December Russia. Only in Moscow were evacuated more than 700 thousand. Man of the court buildings, airports, railway stations, metro […]

The Navy Installed Touch-Screen Steering Systems To Save Money; 10 Sailors Paid With Their Lives

The Navy installed touch-screen steering systems to save money; 10 sailors paid with their lives Stars and Stripes Dakota Bordeaux had rarely traveled outside his home state of Oklahoma before he joined the Navy in February 2017. He’d certainly never seen the ocean. But only four months later, Bordeaux was standing at the helm of […]

Scientists Develop ‘Absolutely Unbreakable’ Encryption Chip Using Chaos Theory

Scientists Develop ‘Absolutely Unbreakable’ Encryption Chip Using Chaos Theory Forbes · by Davey Winder · December 20, 2019 Have scientists developed the future of encryption [+] [-]by applying the laws of physics? KAUST The trouble with encryption is that everyone needs it, and every threat actor wants to break it. Thankfully, current cryptographic techniques are still at least one step ahead […]